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Wilhelm Zabel to Annie Miller and others, 60 acres In section 2. town 28. range 8.
Merritt M. Moorhouse to Frank L Templeton. warranty deed to 232 acres in section 7. town 27. range 2.
Orville Cain and wife to Ada M. Lawrence and husband, quit claim deed to 18 and 19 In Pierce addition to Wolcott.
James C. Nixon and wife to Elsie Cain, warranty deed to 6.03 acres In section 9, town 28. range 4. Transfers reversed.
(The Monon News Friday January 10, 1941)

Fannie E. Look to Mary Chamberlain warranty deed to e 1/2 of lots 16 and 18 Spruce street Monon.
David R. Sell and wife to Charles Foster, warranty deed to lot 6, block F original plat of Wolcott.
(The Monon Indiana News Friday January 17, 1941)

Charles K. Field and wife to Etta Arnold, warranty deed to lot 5 In Fox and Dibbeli addition to Wolcott.
Julius H. Wandrei and wife to Truman Westphal and wife, warranty deed to lot 90 and 91 In north addition to Reynolds.
Walter C. Garretson and wife to B. D. Hirt and wife, warranty deed to 80 acres in section 10, town 27, range 3.
Daniel H. Friend and wife to Ross Graham and wife, warranty deed to 62 acres In section 6. town 27 range 6.
(The Monon News February 14, 1941)

Evelyn B. Wilson and husband to Russell Graham and wife, part of lot 776in Raub's addition to Chalmers.
Belle Shorts and husband to Earle Shank and wife, quit claim deed to lot 92 in original plat of Chalmers.
Addison Clayton and wife to John A. Lee and wife, warranty deed to 12 acres in section 21, town 28 range 4.
Delbert A. Reynolds to Martin J. Ehlert, warranty deed to lots 63 and 65 in Bennett's addition to Monticello.
Ray Mommett and wife to Earl B. Mommett and wife, Idaville. quit claim deed to 380 acres In section 13, 14, 23 and 34 town 27, range 4
The Monon News January 24, 1941

Mary E. Reed and husband to Monon Lumber company lots 2, 14,16, 18 on Walnut street. Monon.
Edward L. Wilson and wife to Roy Lawyer. Monon s 1/2 of sw 1/4of section 1 township 27 range 5
Charles Crowell to Kirt Crowell and wife, warranty deed to 10 acres in section 25. township 28, range 2.
Merrell Holwerda and wife to Herbert P. Kelly, warranty deed to 80 acres in section 26, township 26, range 6.
Floyd J. Brown and wife to Henry Shively and wife, Rensselaer route 4, Warranty deed to S 1/2 of E 1/4 of section 7 township 28. range 4.
Lafayette Joint Stock and Land bank to George S. E. Brown and wife. Wolcott, warranty deed to N 1/4 of section 20, township 27. range 5.
Opal E. Hennen and husband to Cloyd L Dellinger et al. Wolcott, warranty deed to one-third interest In W 1/2 of  W 1/4,  of section15, township 26, range 5
Phillip A. Russell to National Petroleum company, gas and oil rights under 210 acres In section 5, township 28, range 4, and 448 acres In sections 5 and 6, township 28, range 4.
James Higgins to Harold Bowers and Clarence Stack et al, warranty deed to 40 aces in section 8, township 28, range 5
James Higgins to Clarence Stack et al, warranty deed to 145 acres in section 26, township 27, range 6.
The Monon News March 7, 1941

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