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Date: 1896-04-08; Paper: Indiana State Journal
A fire broke out in Peter Fox's stables in Monticello Saturday morning, but L.G. Guslavet was the greatest loser. The total loss was about $15,000.

Mr and Mrs Herbert Heltzel and son, Sammy entertained at a birthday dinner Sunday In honor of Mrs Anna E Brant, who was 80 years old Saturday A lovely two-tiered cake centered the table and Mrs. Brant received numerous gifts. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Cloyed Brant and Mr and Mrs Dale Wells of Gary. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Huff. Wabash: Mr and Mrs. Ralph Anderson and daughter, Hammond; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Huffman and daughter, and Mrs Ronald Allee and daughter. Crown Point: Mr. and Mrs M. J. Neilsen, East Chicago; and Nada Ehlert, Monon.
Monon, Indiana Friday November 14, 1941

Farm Home Entered, Robbed of Clothing, Two Radios, Food
The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Cizek. west of Monon was entered and robbed Sunday night while the family was attending a movie in town. Two radios, several articles of clothing, and all food in the refrigerator were stolen. The thief left no clue by which he might be identified. The News West Side correspondent writes that during the last three weeks residents of that community have reported seeing strange cars parked In front of homes and hearing footsteps and other noise at night.
The Monon News Feb. 7 1941

Saddlebags, Medicines of Pioneer Doctor in Home of Local Woman
The News Is indebted to Mrs. Floyd Brown for the  Information from which the following article is written. The picture shows a pair of saddlebags more than one hundred years old, together with fifty-seven of their original sixty vials. They were the property of Mrs. Browns great-great-grandfather. Dr. Job Ogborn. and are now owned by his grandson. A. E Ogborn. of Lafayette. In the picture may be seen several of the smaller instruments the doctor used.
Most of the vials contain more or less of the medicines left In them when Doctor Ogborn died. The News learned of the existence of the heirloom when Mrs. Brown brought it to Monon where a local physician was able to read forty of the faded labels These showed the forty to contain: Quinine, calomel, croton oil. essence of peppermint, alum, glycerin, gum opium. Dover's powder, blister ointment, cinnamon, capsicum, codeine, saloi, chloroform, choline, aqua ammonia. jallap, Ipecacuana, hydrastis. podophylin, santonine. zanziber, ammonal, bismuth subnitrate. palasim nitrate, tincture of oleh, soda bicarbonate, spirits of nitre. Hoffman's anodyne pasassim bromide, palassim chloride, tincture of gelsemium, sodium phosphate, amonia muriate, aromatic spirits of amonia. mercury with chalk, sugar of milk, camphor,
tincture of aconite and one labeled "Diphtheria compound", a special formulae. The pioneer medico was a recognized authority on diphtheria and the vial last named contained a remedy of his own compounding. The formulae also is in the possession of the grandson.
Doctor Ogborn was born August 24. 1821 in  Clairmount county. Ohio He died. February 11. 1814, at his farm home near Reynolds at the age of 93 years. His parents came to Indiana when he was but a young child, settling near what Is now Pine Village in Warren county. Here he grew to young manhood, attended public schools, and later took up and finished the study of medicine In the Louisville. Kentucky Medical College.
After completing his college course be returned to Indiana and was one of the earliest doctors In this section of the state. For more than 65 years long before and long after the Civil war, his practice extended over parts of White. Benton. Warren and Tippecanoe counties, which territory, because roads were few he usually covered on horseback. He did, however, have a buggy made, the seat of which was convertible Into a bed. This he used when the condition of roads permitted. He employed two drivers, one for daytime service, the other for night calls. The pioneer medico resided many years at Montmorenci, Tippecanoe county, before settling on the farm south of Mornon. He was an ardent Bible student and was known to have read the book through many times.
The Monon Indiana News Friday January 17, 1941

The nine-month-old mo of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Johnson, who reside south of Monon is in the Home hospital. Lafayette, where he underwent  bronchoscopic operation to drain an abcess. The child was convalescent from pneumonia at the time.
The Monon Indiana News Friday January 17, 1941

Excerpts from news in the News January 16, 1920

John Danford has installed an electric furnace In his blacksmith shop.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cooley, January 9, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Overton, January 13. a daughter.

The body of Mrs. Sarah Allen Haney. who was killed by a train at Lawrenceburg, was brought to the home of her nephew. Ira Gray. and services were held there Sunday.

Miss Bonnie Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brown, fell on a sidewalk In Chicago last week and broke her left wrist She was a teacher in the Home for the Friendless.

The body of Mrs. Ezra Clark, who died January 7 at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Myrtle Mead In Hammond, was brought to the home of her son, Leslie Clark, and services were held Saturday at the Methodist church. Burial In Weston cemetery.

Masons and the O. E. S. totaled new officers last Friday as follows: Masons—B. C. Wasser, W. M.; W A. McPherson, S. W ; C C. Middlestadt. treasurer; J. A. Camey, secretary; H. A. Tyner. S D.; John Curtis, J. D.; Fred Bigger. J S.; F. M. Dowell, Tyler Eastern Star—Alice Curtis.. W M; Alonzo Reed. W P.; Lavern Overton, A. M . Florence Dowell, secretary; Julia Fairchild, treasurer; Belle Jeal. conductress. Mary Reed, associate, Mary Gwin. chaplain; Cecile Dowell. marshal; Lela Banes, organist; Florence Hancock, Adah; Frances Curtis, Ruth; Bertha Friel. Esther; Maude Burroughs. Martha; Edith Kellogg. Electa; Elizabeth Day, warder; Jacob Day. sentinel.

Neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Tom McCormick at Nauvoo last Friday night and surprised them. The evening was spent In dancing and playing cards and a nice lunch was served. Among those present were William Zable. wife, and daughters, Minnie. Mildred. Emma, and Wilma; Roy Heltzel, wife, son Harold, and daughter Velda; Floyd Miller and family; Bert Eldrldge and wife; James Wiley and family; William Wacher, wife and little Marie; Leslie and Cecil Eldridge: Paul Wilson. Miss Esther Griggs; James Blackburn, wife and little Katherine; Horace Stiller and family; John Pereguine and wife; Bert Morris and wife and little Gertrude.
Source: The Monon News January 24, 1941

Beverly Joan, 17-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Marx residing on the Bailey farm northeast of Monticello, was rushed to the Riley hospital, Indianapolis, Sunday afternoon after she had swallowed a large-size open safety pin. X-ray pictures showed the pin had lodged in the esophagus the large and round end downward. An operation was performed to push the obstacle into the stomach and physicians were left in constant watch of its progress. It was believed no serious complications would arise.
The Monon News March 7, 1941

Miss Helen K. Higgins of Reynolds has filed objections to the probate of the will of her father. James Higgins. Who died February 25th at his home in Wolcott. The estate is valued at approximately $60,000 and includes a 697- acre farm near Wolcott and a residence in Wolcott the deceased purchased only a short time ago. The daughter has been appointed one of the two administrators of the estate.
The Monon News March 7, 1941

Ernest Bradley, teacher in Medaryville high school, is in a Valparaiso hospital with an injured back suffered Saturday when he was caught by a tree he was helping to fell on the farm of Ed Rockwell.
The Monon News Monon, Indiana Dec 26, 1941

Baker Will Probated
The will of Thomas Baker ol Monticello was admitted to probate in the White circuit court. December 18th. The instrument was dated September 14, 1939. and was witnessed by George Kassabaum and James H. Shafer. By Its terms, the son. Charles C. Baker  and Dorothy Deane Baker, husband and wife, receive the family home on West Harrison street. Monticello, and Dorothy Deane Baker also receives all personal property and the household goods.
The Monon News Monon, Indiana Dec 26, 1941

Rev.  Hargrave  In Hospital
Rev. William Hargrave of Lowell, former pastor of the Methodist church in Monticello, is a patient in Methodist hospital, Indianapolis, where he was taken following a cerebral hemorrhage. His condition Wednesday was reported as being encouraging and it is thought he will eventually recover. He will probably submit to an operation before leaving the hospital.
The Monon News December 19, 2009

News Articles taken From the Book The History Of White County, Indiana

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