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Iowa is known as the "Hawkeye State" or the "Corn State"

The state capital, Des Moines, is located in Polk County





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13 Apr 2017:
Historical Info: Beginnings - 1852-1940 Agriculture; 1910-1940 Aviation and Radio; 1840-1940 Industry; 1829-1940 Lumbering; 1840-1940 Meat Packing; 1854-1940 Railroads; 1838-1940 Roads and Highways; 1823-1940 Transportation and Communication; 1844-1940 Telegraph; 1862-1940 Telephone
Historical Info: Government - Birth of the Republican Party; Political History: 1856-1940; Political Jurisdiction, 1804 - 1834; The Constitutional Convention of 1844; The Constitution of 1844; The Constitutional Convention of 1846; Iowa Under the Control of the Democrats
Historical Info: History - 1804-1940 American Exploration of Iowaland; 1940 Iowa History; 1940 The Struggle for Territory; Attempts to Settle Iowa Before 1833; Dramatic Episodes: 1838 - 1846; Iowaland Through Many Eyes; The Movement Toward Statehood; The Slavery Issue; Some Beginnings in Iowa
Historical Info: Miscellaneous - Cultural Attainments
Historical Info: Law & Order - First Penitentiary
Historical Info: Institutions - First Penitentiary
Iowa Geographical Features: 1840 Geology
Iowa Geographical Features: Bridges - 1840 Geology
People: People - 1836-1940 Dentists; 1820-1940 Doctors; 1838-1940 Druggists; 1673-1940 The Indians of Iowa; 1836-1940 Journalism in Iowa; 1836-1940 Lawyers; Prehistoric Man
People: Organizations - American Legion
Cities & Towns: Iowa City and Old Capitol
Military Data: Other Military Info - American Legion; Iowa And War
Military Data: Mexican American War (1846-1848) - The Mexican War
Military Data: Civil War (1861-1865) - The Civil War
Military Data: Spanish American War (1898) - The Spanish-American War
Military Data: World War I - The World War
Churches: Religion in Iowa
Native Americans: 1673-1940 The Indians of Iowa
21 Mar 2017:
Obituaries/Deaths: Iowa Deaths - Henry B. Kays
08 Mar 2017:
Military Data: Civil War - Roster And Record Of Iowa Soldiers In The War of the Rebellion - 19th Regiment - Enlisted Men - COMPANIES C (G-J); D (G-J); E (G-J); F (G-J); G (G-J); H (G-J); I (G-J); K (G-J)
22 Feb 2017:
Historical Info: Government - 1882 Constitution Of Iowa
17 Feb 2017:
Military Data: Civil War - Roster And Record Of Iowa Soldiers In The War of the Rebellion - 19th Regiment - Enlisted Men - COMPANIES C (A-F); D (A-F); E (A-F); F (A-F); G (A-F); H (A-F); I (A-F); K (A-F)
26 Jan 2017:
Military Data: Civil War - Roster And Record Of Iowa Soldiers In The War of the Rebellion - 19th Regiment - Enlisted Men - COMPANIES A & B

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