Territorial Abstracts of the Acts and Resolutions

Passed at the Several Sessions of the Territorial Legislature of Iowa1840-46

* [3] Chapter 1 Charles Swasey and Hezekiah Swasey, minor heirs of Joseph Swasey, dec. .." were authorized to sell lands ... of Joseph Swasey..."by virtue of a pre-emption right ... perfected by the widow..." by the attorney... Thomas Cox, Speaker of the House of Rep. M. Bainbridge, Pres. of the Council. Approved November 23, 1840. Robert Lucas. Approved November 23, 1840. (p. 3)

* [4] Chapter 2. Commissioners appointed to "lay out and establish a territorial road from" Davenport in Scott County via Parkhurst, Camanche, Lyons and Charleston to Bellview in Jackson county. Willard Barrows of Scott County, Simeon Gardner of Clinton County and Charles Swan of Jackson County. Approved November 27, 1840. (p. 3 & 4)

* [5] Chapter 5. Sec 1. John H. Sullivan... authorized to vacate for re-survey so much of the town of Rockingham, in Scott Co., Iowa land below Des Moines St. and portion back of Fifth Street below Wapello Ave. and lots 1, 2, and 3 in block no. 1. Approved December 3, 1840.(p. 4)

* [5] Chapter 7. Sec. 1. John H. Sullivan and Adrian H. Davenport ... authorized to keep a ferry across the Mississippi river at the town of Rockingham. Approved 17 December 183 8 allowed 12 months to procure ... a horse or steam ferry boat ... Approved December 8, 1840. (p. 5)

* [7] Chapter 8. Section 1. Walter Terrill authorized to construct a dam across the Iowa river in Johnston Co. ..SW ¼, Sec. 3. Twp. 79N, R 6W ... Approved December 15, 1840.(p. 6)

* [7] Chapter 9. Sec 1. Divorce... Elizabeth Jones and Berry Jones, she to be called Elizabeth Massengill. Presented to the Executive, December 16, 1840. (p. 6)

* [7] Chapter 13. William Skinner and Henry J. Campbell, Lee Co. and Miram Kilboum of Henry Co. appointed commissioners ... to locate and establish a tern. road from Keokuk in Lee Co., up the Mississippi River ... to Montrose ... thence ... to Franklin ... thence to Tuscarora in Lee Co. , thence ... to Mt. Pleasant in Henry Co. Approved December 23, 1840. (p. 9)

* [7] Chapter 15. James Leonard, Oliver A. Crary, William H. Brown and Charles Swan to establish and keep a ferry across the Mississippi river at Charleston ... amended ... one year further (from Jan. 21, 1839) to "procure for said ferry a horse or steam ferry boat ... Approved December 23, 1840. (pp 9 & 10)

* [12] Sec 1. John Phillips and Nancy Philips (sic) of SD Terr. partial dissolution of marriage ... Sec. 2. Nancy Phillips "restore privileges ... to be able to contract and be contracted, sue and be sued, and released from all control or coercion ... of John Phillips. She to have control and guardianship of children, Eliza and Nancy Phillips. Presented to the Executive December 23, 1840. (p. 10)

* [ 12] Chapter 17. Sec 1. H. M. Koonts and William Doak Jr. authorized to execute a deed to R. A. Palmer... Henry M. Koonts, guardian of Workman Hughes, Martha Jane Hughes, and Andrew Jackson Hughes, minor children of Samuel Hughes, sen. and William Doak jr. guardian of Hugh, Nancy, Edmund and Samuel Doak, minor children of said William Doak, j r... deed for one acre of land ... purpose a burying ground ... now used in that way, of and from the NE ¼ Sec 34, Twp 68 N, of R4 W in Co of Lee. Terr. of Ia. Approved December 23, 1840. (p. 10)

* [13] Chapter 18. Sec. 1. Samuel Troxell, heirs etc. keep a dam across Big Sugar Creek, N ½ of NW ¼ of Sec 30, R 5W, Twp. 78 in sd co. (Lee). Approved December 23, 1840. (p. 11)Chapter 21. Sec. 1. Iowa Seminary established at Iowa City for both sexes in Johnson County. Corporators; Henry Murray, W. R. Harrison, Chauncey Swan, Jesse Brown, Samuel H. M'Crory, John Homer, Samuel C. Trobridge, W. B. Snyder, Pleasant Harris, David Switzer ... Approved December 30, 1840. (p. 12)

* [16] Chapter 21. Section 1. A seminary for leaming ... of young persons ... at or near Marion, Linn County. Luman M. Strong, J. W. Willis, Hosea W. Gray, Harvey B. Bumap, George H. Gray, A. Danish, D. A. Woodbridge, John Long, J. W. Margrave, J. C. Berry, Samuel Ross, George Greene and their associates ... with all the initiated members of the Marion Library Society to be called the 'Marion Lyceum' Approved December 31, 1840. (13 & 14)

Chapter 23. Section 1. A seminary of learning for the instruction of youth of both sexes ... to be known (as) `Fairfield Lyceum'... Samuel Shuffleton, Jeremiah S. Waught, E. B. Fitch, Charles D. Jones, Henry Temple, James F. Rice, Richard Irwin, William M. Lyons, Charles E. Emery, L. W. Sanders, David Laughery, J. H. Scott, J. F. Chambers, J. P. Check, C. W. David, G. M. Fox, T. G. H. Gray and their associates ... a body politic and corporate ... Approved December 31, 1840. (pp. 15-16)

* [21] Chapter 28. Sec 1. Luman M. Strong and Israel Mitchell of Linn Co. and John West of Johnson Co ... appointed commissioners ... terr. road from Iowa City by the way of Marion (seat of Justice of Linn Co.), the seat of Justice of Delaware Co. and the mouth of Elk Creek in Clayton Co. to the Mississippi River, opposite Prairie Du Chien... Approved December 31, 1840. (p. 18)

* [21 ] Chapter 29. Commissioners - part of road... David E. Blair, William Waddle, William Walter ... appointed to re-locate part of rd from Oquawka to Napoleon in Johnson Co. via Florence and Wappello in Louisa co, that lies between Florence and Oquawka. Approved January 7, 1841. (p. 19)

Chapter 33, Sec 1. Commissioners for road ... Thomas Hatfield, Robert Smith, Jr. of Clinton Co. and Samuel Higginson of Cedar Co ... appointed ... road to commence at Camanche, in Clinton Co. thence westerly crossing the Wabespinicon river at or near Oliver Alger's thence through the Goddard Settlement in said Clinton county to Tipton in Cedar County thence ... to Iowa City in Johnson Co...

Sec. 2. Commissioners, road from Lyons to Tipton. Arthur Smith and James Hall of Clifton Co. and Washinton Rigby of Cedar Co. appointed ... to view and locate ... road, commencing at Lyons in Clinton Co., ...to center of County crossing the Wabesipinicon at or near Sanbomton, thence to Tipton in Cedar Co... Approved January 7, 1841. (p 20-21)

Chapter 34 "...allow Joseph R. Brown, and also the administrators of Angus M. Anderson deceased ... one year from the passage of this act, to provide and keep good and sufficient flat boats for the use of their respective ferries (refers to Sec. 4 of the above act). Approved January 8, 1841 (p. 21)

Chapter 35. Section 1. William St. John ... authorized to keep a ferry across the Mississippi river, opposite fractional Section 14, Twp. 76N , R 5W, Co of Muscatine for the term of 20 years ... Approved January 8, 1841. (p. 21-22)

Chapter 37. Section 1. William E. Curts, of Washington County, Azariah Gregg of Des Moines County and Adam Richie of Henry county appointed commissioners to ... establish a road commencing at Washington, the Co. Seat to Washington County, thence .. to Richie's mill in Henry County, to intersect the territorial road ... from Burlington to Mount Pleasant, at or near John Sleeth's in Des Moines Co.

Sec 2. William Chambers Jr. of Muscatine Co. Joseph K. Snyder, of Cedar Co. and Gideon H. Ford of Jones County appointed commissioners... commencing at Moscow, Muscatine Co ... best route to Tipton ... thence to Pioneer Grove in Cedar Co., thence to the Wabesipinicon bridge in Jones County.

Sec. 3. James Hall of Clinton Co, Washington A. Rigby of Cedar Co and A. Cowles of Linn Co ... appointed commissioner ... commencing at Sanbomton in Clinton Co. and running west ... to intersect the terr. road from Davenport to Marion, at Pioneer Grove ... best route to Ivanhoe in Linn County. Approved January 9, 1841. (pp. 23-24)

Chapter 38. Anson Newbery of Jackson Co, Eli Goddard of Clinton Co.,, and Solomon Knott of Cedar Co ... appointed commissioners ... commencing at ... Charleston thence ... to Tipton or until it intersects a Terr. Road running to Tipton, the county seat of Cedar Co. Approved January 9, 1841. (pp. 23 -24)

Chapter 39. Sec 1. John S. Faber ... keep a ferry across the Mississippi River at Faber's Landing in the county of Jackson in the two. 87 N, R 4 E of the 5th principal meridian. Limits - Commencing at Faber's Landing and extending ½ mile above not to extend into the mouth of the Tete des Morts..and one-half mile below said landing he and heirs were given two years from the passage of the act. Approved January 9, 1841. (pp. 24-25)

Chapter 40. Sec. 1. G. W. Austin, J. R. Rockafeller and William Thompson of Louisa Co. to locate a road in Louisa Co., commencing at the Mississippi River at or near the mouth of the Iowa River, thence ... through Harrison and Fredonia to the Terr. Rd running from Oquawka to Iowa City.

Sec. 2. Gabriel Walling of Louisa County, Richard Lord of Muscatine County and George W. Hawkins of Johnson County ... appointed commissioners .... road from Black Hawk in Louisa county by Grandview, ....intersect the ... road from Burlington to Iowa City in twp. 77 N R 5 W in Johnson Co.

Sec. 3. Philip B. Harrison, John Minton and Joseph Biffington of Co. of Louisa appointed commissioners ... road from town of Florence, thence to residence of George Kees, thence to residence of William Biffington, sen. thence to the line of Washington to Wappello.

Sec. 4 George Humphrey, Perry Morrison and Joseph Newell, of Louisa county ... appointed commissioners... terr. road ... beginning at BlackHawk, thence nearest to courthouse of Louisa county crossing the Iowa river directly opposite said courthouse, thence best to the county line by Hope Farm, and intersects Terr. Road running from sd. Co. line via Mount Pleasant, to the Missouri line.

Sec 5. County Commissioners to keep a ferry across Iowa river. Louisa Co., citizens to cross free ... Approved January 9, 1841. (pp. 25-26)

Chapter 43. Commissioners of Road. E. C. Fairchilds of Washington Co., Alexander Winsel, of Jefferson County and Jesse Belknap of Van Buren County ... appointed ... commencing in Washington County, where the north line of sd. county crosses the military road leading from Iowa City to Mount Pleasant, thence to Washington, Co. seat ... thence to Brighton in said Co, thence to Fairfield .... Jefferson County.. thence to Iowaville in Van Buren Co., thence ... a point on the southern boundary of the Terr. Approved January 9, 1841. (pp. 27-28)

Section 3. Lewis W. Day, Richard B. Davis, Almond Fairchild of Washington Co ... commissioners to ... establish a Terr. Rd. comencing at 20 mile stake from Iowa City on road leading from Burlington ... best ground south side of Iowa River to a point where... military road ... from Iowa City to Mount Pleasant crosses same... Approved January 9, 1841. (p. 27-28)

Chapter 48. Section 1. John Hillis, William Wilson of Co. of Lee and John C. Fletcher of Co of Des Moines ... appointed commissioners... a Terr. Road from Burlington ... best route to Lloyd's ford, thence to Fort Madison, thence to Monitors, thence to Keokuk, thence to mouth of the Des Moines ... or as near the mouth as can be ascertained ... Approved January 13, 1841. (pp. 33-34) A previous act, July 27, 1840, repealed and this replaced it.

* [37] Chapter 52. Section 1. "An act to incorporate the First Regular Baptist Church of Davenport" C. G. Blood, Hiram Brown, John M. Eldridge, Nelson J. Swarthout and A. S. Beatty and their associates ... Approved January 13, 1841. (pp. 35-36)

Chapter 53. Sec. 1. Commissioners - road from Dubuque to Camp Atkinson" Calvert Roberts, Samuel L. Clifton and Joseph Hewett appointed ... road commencing at town of Dubuque, running thence on the nearest and best route to Camp Atkinson. (p. 35)

Chapter 54. Section 3. "That Alfred Gebard, John Lee of Henry County and William Rankin be appointed ... and that Alfred Hebard be appointed surveyor... Approved January 13, 1841. (p. 36) Section 1 of this act repealed act approved July 29th 1840.

Chapter 55. Section 1. Elias Smith and Co ... authorized ... to keep a ferry across the Mississippi River, at the town of Nashville, Co of Lee for ... eight years ... No court, board of county commissioners shall authorize any other person ... to keep a ferry within limits of town ofNashville, or ½ mile above and same below said town ... three years to procure a good and sufficient horse or steam ferry boat. Approved January 13, 1841. (p. 37)

[45] Chapter 56. Section 1. Richard Irving and Alfred Colvin, heirs etc ... to erect a dam across Big Cedar Creek in Jefferson Co. at or near ... point where terr. road leading from Fairfield, sd. Co, to Keosauqua, in Van Buren Co. Approved January 13, 1841. (38)

Chapter 57. Sec. 1. Dr. Fullenwider, Wesley Swank, and James Clark ... appointed ... best route from Burlington to the town of Blackhawk on the Iowa river, commencing at the north end of Water St., upper end of Burlington, thence to the house of James Clark, thence to the town of Blackhawk. Approved January 13, 1841. (p. 38.)

* [46] Chapter 58. Section 1. Nicholas Jefferson of co of Jackson, Anson Cowles of Linn, and Stephen B. Gardner, co of Johnson ... appointed to lay out, survey and establish a terr. road from Bellview in Jackson Co., to Iowa City, in Johnson Co. or nearest and best... Approved January 13, 1841. (pp. 38-39)

Chapter 62. Section 1. Andrew F. Russel of Scott Co. and Norman Seely of Jones Co and Ross M'Cloud of Linn Co ... appointed ... road from Davenport in Scott Co. to Marion in Linn Co. via Seely's Mills, in Jones co. thence up through the timber of the Waubespinicon river ... to Marion...

* [53] Sec. 2. William Smith, sen. of Dubuque County, and A. Hostuttee of Jones Co and Samuel P. Higginson of Cedar Co. ..appointed... road from West Liberty in Muscatine Co. to Tipton in Cedar Co. thence to Seeley's Mills in Jones Co. thence to Edinburgh, CO seat of Jones co. thence most direct ... to intersect the military road in the direction of Dubuque ... Approved January 13, 1841. (pp. 44-45)

Chapter 63. Section 1. Ellenborough incorporated ... near mouth of Pine river in Muscatine Co ... Sec. 2. That Albert Miller Lea and all other person becoming members of the Ellenborough Immigration and Ferry Company ... made ... a corporation and a body politic ... continuous succession for 30 years ... Sec. 3. A. M. Lea to receive subscriptions of stock, not exceeding two thousand shares etc. Approved January 14, 1841 (p. 47)

* [56] Chapter 64. Section 1. William Miller of Cedar Co., Andrew F. Russell, of Scott Co and William A. Warren of Jackson Co. appointed commissioners to re-locate the seat ofjustice of Clinton Co. Sec. 2 ... to meet at house of Abraham Folcks in Clear creek precinct ... Approved 14 January 1841. (47)

Chapter 66. Judah Leaming ... authorized to erect a dam across Big Cedar Creek, at or near a place known as Learning's ford, in Locust Grove precinct in sd. Co. and to erect mills and other machinery ... Approved January 13, 1841. (48)

Chapter 67. Joel Leverich of Linn Co., James L. Kirkpatrick of Jackson Co., Mahlon Lupton of Jones Co .... appointed commissioners ... road from Marion in Linn Co to Bellview in Jackson Co running from Marion ... to the Wabespinicon river, where the military road from Dubuque to Iowa City crosses ... thence to Edinburgh, county seat of Jones ... thence ... to Bellview. Approved 14 January 1841. (p. 49)

Section 8. The... board of commissioners ... authorized ... to pay Abner Bead, one of the commissioners.... a reasonable compensation for his services reparing to Bellview to perform duties assigned ... Approved January 15, 1841. (p.49)

Chapter 71. Section 10. That the superintendent (of the peneteniary) is hereby authorized to pay to Wells and Wilson of Fort Madison ... for work done on the peneteniary. Approved January 15, 1841. (pp. 689-69)

Chapter 73. Sec. 1. Names of Commissioners to relocate county seat ... Jesse Yount of Dubuque, Eli Goddard of Co. of Clinton and Thomas Denson of Co of Jones ... appointed to re-locate seat of Jackson Co .... Approved January 15, 1841. (70)

Chapter 74. Henry L. Stout, John W. Finley, Isaac E. Norris, Lewis L. Wood, James H. Warren and E. Lockwood and their associates .... a body politic and corporate, by the name.. "Presbyterian Church of Dubuque." Approved January 15, 1841. (pp 71-72)

Chapter 81. Section 1. Samuel and John B. Crawford heirs authorized to construct a dam across Skunk river in Henry Co., SE ¼ section 31 ... privilege of running a race from a point in said quarter section so as to intersect said river at a point in the NW ¼ of Sec 32. all in Twp. 72N, Range 7W... Approved January 15, 1841. (pp. 76-77)

Chapter 83. Silas Deeds, his heirs .... authorized to erect a dam across Skunk river, in Jefferson County... NE ¼, Sec. 36, Twp. 73, R.8 W .... Approved 15 January 1841. (p. 78)

Chapter 84. Joseph Ehle and Isaac Ramsey, their heirs ... erect and keep a dam across the English River at a point where the said Ehle and Ramsay have commenced building a mill ... County of Washington. Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 79)

Chapter 87. Sec. 1. Silvester Henry, John B. Smith and James A. Brown of Van Buren Co. appointed to relocate "so much of the territorial road commencing at Blackhawk in Louisa County via Mount Pleasant in Henry County via Bentonsport in Van Buren county in a direction to the Missouri line, as lays between Bentonsport and the residence of James Robbs of Van Buren ... Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 80)

Chapter 91. Sec. 1. The part of the town in Van Buren county known by the name of "Rising Sun" ...surveyed by Uriah Biggs shall ... be known by the name of "Pittsburgh." Approved January 14, 1841. Approved January 15, 1841.

Chapter 92. Sec. 1. William D. McBride, Elijah Purdom, Sen. and Suel Kinney appointed ... re-locate ... road commencing at Keosauqua in Van Buren Co, and running via Rising Sun and Philadelphia to Fairfield in Jefferson Co. ( ... if they should deem the ground suitable) as passes through the farm of the heirs of Joseph F. Wiscatee, deceased, approved January 15, 1841. (p. 85)

Chapter 94. Section 1. Peter Brewer, and other persons ... connected with him authorized to build a bridge over Skunk River at or near mouth of Long Creek three years time ... Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 86)

Chapter 95. Section 1. John Godden ... authorized to construct a dam across the Des Moines River in Van Buren County ... opposite the town of Rising Sun and below the mouth of Chequess Creek .... Charter for fifty years. Approved January 15, 1841. (pp. 86-87).

* [ 105] Chapter 96. Section 1. George Bumgardner of Muscatine Co, John W. Wilkerson of Cedar County and Harvey B. Bumap of Linn Co. appointed ... road from Moscow in Muscatine Co. to Marion in Linn, via Rochester, Antwerp, and Mason's Grover in Cedar Co. and Ivanhoe in Linn co. approved January 15, 1841. (p. 97)

Chapter 97. Section 1. George Key of Louisa County, James D. Spearman and John Milliford of Henry County ... appointed ... road commencing at Columbus City in Louisa Co., thence ... to intersect west line of Section number two, thence on the section line west of sections 11, 23 and 26 in township No. 71N, R 5W thence to Smith's Mills on Skunk River. Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 88)

Chapter 98. Section 1. Warren Dee of Des Moines county, John S. Stephenson of Henry county and Isaiah M'Manaman of Van Buren Co. appointed commissioners ... road from city of Burlington in Des Moines Co. to Smith's Mills and Salem in Henry Co. thence to Keosauqua, in Van Buren Co. and the Missouri line. Approved January 15, 1841. (pp. 88-89).

* [107] Chapter 99. Sec. 1. Hezekiah H. Gear, his heirs ... authorized to establish a ferry across the Mississippi river from the mouth of a stream called Tete de Morts in Jackson Co for one mile above said stream, fifteen years. Approved January 14, 1841. (p. 89)

Chapter 100. Section 1. John R. Sparks and his associates ... authorized to construct a dam across the Des Moines River in Van Buren County-on the SW ¼, Sec. 27, Twp 69, R. 9W ... Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 90)

* The next entry [ 109] Chapter 101. (p.91) is appropriations.

Sec. 6. R. W. Gray for services, recording clerk...
Sec. 7. J. N. Hetzel for two days services as assistant sec of council
Sec. 8. A. Patterson for stove and axe...
Sec. 9. J. S. David for rent of library room...
Sec. 10. Geo Beatty for expenses incurred an and time lost visiting York, PA for seals of Iowa and delivering same at secretary's office...
Sec. 11. Bridgman & Co. to Bridgeman and Partridge for articles of merchandise...
Sec. 12. M. B. Cox & Co. for articles furnished in fitting up council chamber ...
Sec. 13. John Johnson for labor and expenses in preparing council chamber...
Sec. 14. Secretary of the Territory...
Sec. 15. Charles Nealley for candles...
Sec. 16. H. W. Moore and Co. for envelope paper furnished ... legislature...
Sec. 17. Wesley Jones for paper furnished...
Sec. 18. Thos O'Neil for wood furnished for legislative assembly...
Sec. 19. S. A. Hudson for tinware...
Sec. 20. W. H. Ladd for tin and iron ware...
Sec. 21. Levi Hager for taking care of furniture, fitting up house of rep...
Sec. 22. John S. David ... rent of room for governor's office...
Sec. 23 John S. David claim assigned by A. O. David for visiting Cedar Co. in 1839, as special messenger for election returns.
Sec. 24. James G. Edwards ... for printing journals in pamphlet form of laws passed at session 1839-1840..
Sec. 25. James G. Edwards for paper furnished to both houses and printing...
Sec. 26. Sec. of Terr. for stationery, candles etc...
Sec. 27. Sec. of Terr. expenses coming from Saint Louis...
Sec. 28. Wm. Wagner for engraving seals of the different counties...
Sec. 29. Rev. Samuel Mazzuchelli for rent of building occupied by council...
Sec. 30. Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church for rent of building occupied by House of Rep...
Sec. 31. John H. McKenny for papers furnished and printing bills and daily journals
Sec 32. Joseph T. Fales for transcribing, indexing and preparing the journals of the house of rep.
Sec. 33. B. F. Wallace for transcribing and indexing and preparing the journal of the council for publication etc...
Sec 34. Charles Nealley for wood furnished the librarian and chopping same...
Sec. 35. W. Cowperthwait for repairing window...
Sec. 36. M. B. Cox & Co. for merchandise furnished librarian...
Sec. 37. John Johnson for work done for librarian...
Sec. 38. Evan Evans - David and Kitchen...
Sec. 39. David Hendershott for paste...
Sec. 40. H. W. Moore and Co for ream of ruled letter paper furnished house of rep...
Sec. 41. E. Lowe, postmaster, for postage of letters, papers, documents etc...
Sec. 42. John R. Woods for record the journal of the house of rep.
Sec. 43. Edward Langworthy, in trust for nine witnesses called before committee at Iowa city, room rent and Sheriff's fee...
Sec. 44. President of Council and Speaker H. R for extra pay to the president of the council and speaker of the house of representatives
Sec. 45. Stephen Whicher for mileage, attendance as witness and actual expenses...
Sec 46. Thomas H. Curts - A. S. Stoddard. for articles furnished for the use of the house of representatives and repairing woodsaw and horse...
Sec. 47. Members of committee appointed to visit Iowa City...
Sec. 48. Members of committee appointed to visit Fort Madison...
Sec. 49. John H. McKenny for printing in book for the laws of the present session.
Sec. 50. N. W. Springer...
Sec 51. John Clark

* [112] Sec. 52. A. L. Holland - Luke Hughs...Sec. 54. Jos BoylesSec. 55. Samuel MooreSec. 56. W. Annabal, the enrolling clerk of the council... Approved January 15, 1841. (pp. 91-92-93)


* [113] NO. 1. Francis Gehon be allowed sum of $350.00 in addition.. already received from said terr ... Approved January 15, 1841. (p. 96)

NO. 2. J. H. McKenny appointed Printer of laws of the present session ... Presented to the executive December 31, 1841. (p. 96)

NO. 4. That the secretary of the territory be authorized to pay Jesse Williams ... for seal for the office of auditor of public accounts ... Approved Janaury 15, 1841 (p. 36)


* [3] Chapter 1. Co. Section I....commissioners of the Co. of Linn authorized ... to relocate ... portion of the Terr. Rd ... from Iowa City to Prairie du Chien..passes through the town of Marion in Linn Co.Warner Lewis, Speaker of the House of Representatives. J. W. Parker, President of the Council. Approved 12st December 1841. John Chambers. (p. 111)

Chapter 2. Section 1. Marriage contract ... between John Haynes and Celia Haynes, last Mrs. Celia Farley .... hereby dissolved. Approved 21 December 1841. (p. 111)

* [4] Chapter 3. John Billips, John Bryerson and William Stotts appointed commissioners ... Terr. Rd. comencing at West Point thence to Franklin thence to the landing on the Des Moines river, opposite Saint Francisville, Missouri. Approved January 3, 1842. (p. 112)

Chapter 4. Section 1. Act to incorporate the Iowa City Mechanic's Mutual Aid Association.James N. Ball, and others ... a body corporate (name above). A. H. Haskill, A. G. Adams, Edward Lanning, L. W. Swafford, Thomas Comb, Francis Thompson, Thomas Richard, Abraham Burkholder and ... other persons ... (of) Iowa City... Section 2. James N. Ball, appointed president; Thomas Comb and Lewis Swafford, vice presidents; Edward Lanning, secretary; A. G. Adams, treasurer; until first Tues.. in January next ... Approved January 4, 1842. (p. 112-1153)

Chapter 5. Section 1. An act to legalize the election of George L. Coe, as judge of probate in the county of Louisa. Approved January 5, 1842.

Chapter 6. Section 1. William A. Donnall ... county of Lee, John Runnels ... county of Van Buren, Ira Tillitson, Jefferson (Co), appointed ... to locate ... Terr. Road from Keokuk ... to Ambrosia, Lee County thence to Winchester, Van Buren Co. Thence to Fairfield in Jefferson Co. Approved January 11, 1842. (p 114)

Chapter 7. Section 1. Julian Ellis, Henry Co., Thomas Small, Jefferson Co. and Beriah Haworth of Washington Co., appointed ... Terr. road from Deed's mills on Skunk River in Jeff. Co by way of Brighton in Washington Co ... the house of Beriah Haworth in sd. Co. , Western City in sd. Co., thence ... to the west boundary line of the Territory. Approved January 11, 1842. (p. 115)

Chapter 8. Section 1. Isaac Butler and Preston Scott of Linn Co, J. L. Kirkpatrick of Jackson Co appointed ... to establish a Terr. Rd. from Marion in Linin Co. to Bowers and Wood' mill at the falls ... south fork of the Maquoketa, thence to intersect the Terr. Rd..from Bellview to Iowa City ... Twp 85N. Range 2E of the fifth principal meridian. Approved Janaury 11, 1842. (p. 115)

Chapter 9. Section 1. Martin W. Smith ... authorized to establish and keep a ferry across the Mississippi River at the town of Le Claire in Scott Co ... ½ mile above ... for ten years. Approved January 11, 1842. (p. 116)

* [9] Chapter 10. Section 1. Joseph Ogilby, James Reece, Wm. H. Robbins, Benjamin Rupert, A. Cain, R. J. Laughling, M. Hooper, John H. Anderson, James McGreary, J. R. Harvey, D. S. Wilson, A Keesecker, C. Miller, J. M. Daugherty, J. Smith, Wm. D. Redman, Wm. Miller, P. C. Morehiser, Wm. Read, J. E. Nofis, Wm. Hooper, F. Yager, C. Pelan, R. F. Keeling, L. L. Wood, S. B. Johnson, Jacob Harmon and E. S. E. Davis and associates ... a body politic and corporate by name ... Mechanics' Institute of Dubuque ... Approved January 11, 1842. (pp. 116-117)

Chapter 11. Section 1. Joel Baily of Delaware Co, Edward Steel of Dubuque Co., Mahon Lupton of Jones Co ... appointed ... to establish a Terr. Rd. from county seat off Dealaware, to Dillon's mill, thence across the river ... west side of Makoqueta to falls of sd. river at the town of Cascade ... Approved January 18, 1842. (p. 117)

Chapter 12, Section 1. Pefiander Pollock and associates ... authorized to erect a dam ... Wabesipinicon River in Clinton Co., sd. Terr. SE¼, Sec. 8, Twp 80 N, R. 2E of the fifth principal meridian. Approved January 18, 1842. (pp.117-118)

Chapter 13. Section 1. ...marriage ... between Naomy Williams and Edward Y. Williams ... is dissolved and ... hereafter ... known by the name of Naomy Jones. Approved January 18, 1842. (p. 118)

Chapter 14. Secton 1. Jacob Lebo, Joseph W. Bigger, and Prior Scott of Linn Co ... appointed commissioners ... a Terr. Rd. from Thomas Lingle's Mill in Johnson Co. via Westport to Marion in Linn Co ... Approved January 18, 1842. (p. 118)

Chapter 17. Section 1. ...road surveyed by George Humphrey and Joseph Newell, commissioners, and Daniel Brewer, surveyor, 11 and 12 days of March 1841 ... Co. of Henry, beginning at post corner of Sections 36 and 25, Twp line 74N of R5W (at which point a Terr. Rd from Blackhawk to Mount Pleasant first intersects the line of Henry Co.) thence in a direction to Mount Pleasant till it interacts the NATIONAL ROAD ... Approved January 25, 1842. (p. 120)

Chapter 18. Section I ... marriage contract ... between Sarah East and... Hardman E. W. West ... is hereby dissolved ... Approved January 25, 1842. (p. 121).

* [ 17] Chapter 20. Section 1. ...Rachel Holcomb, administratrix of Milo Holcombe deceased ... authorized ... to sell real property ... of which Milo Holcomb, deceased, late of Washington Co., died seized NE ¼, Sec. 31, Twp 74, N of range 7W ... Sec. 4. 3/10s of retained by Rachael Holcomb. ...Approved January 25, 1842, (pp. 124-125)

Chapter 21. Jason Wilson... to construct a dam across Skunk River in Lee Co.. SE¼, Sec. 7, Twp 60, N of Range 4W ... Approved January 25, 1842. (p. 125)

* [ 19] Chapter 22. Section 1. Thomas S. Parks ... keep a ferry across the Mississippi River at any point on Sec. 7, Twp. 85, N of R. 6 E of the fifth principal meridian, in Co. of Jackson, for ... 10 years ... Approved January 26, 1842. (p. 126)

Chapter 23. Section 1. Nathaniel McClure, John B. Criswell and Amos Embria.. appointed ... road from Richmond in Washington Co., to intersect a road from Iowa City, to the Co line of Washington Co., at or near Nathaniel McClure's in Johnson Co .... Approved January 26, 1842. (p. 126-127)

Chapter 26, Section 1. Co. Commissioners of Van Buren Co ... granted a license to Jesse Wright and Henry Bateman of sd. Co. for five years ... Section 2 .... this act shall not be construed to prevent L. P. Harris ... from obtaining a license to keep a ferry. Approved January 28, 1842. (p. 128)

Chapter 27. Section 1. Robert M. G. Patterson .... authorized to establish ... ferry across the Mississippi river at or near the mouth of Nassau slough, in the Co. of Lee, for 10 years. .. Approved January 28, 1842. (pp. 128-129)

Chapter 28. Section 1. Williard Hammond, James H. Gower and Robert Gower and other persons ... may associate ... create a body politic and corporate ... known by the name..Washington Manufacturing Company.... Section 2 authorized to construct a dam across the Cedar River at Washington Ferry in Cedar Co Approved January 28, 1842. (pp. 129-130)

Chapter 29. Section 1. George Vincent, Wiliam G. Lee, Albert Sturgess, George B. Stover, Alexander Lee, John Cleaves, Henry F. McCully and William J. Case and associates ... a body corporate in law by the name of Washington College ... Approved January 29, 1842. (pp. 130-13 1)

* [25] Chapter 30. Section 1. John Cantril, William Cassady and William Brooks of Van Buren Co ... appointed commissioners ... establish ... a Terr. Rd. from Keosauqua to the southern boundary of the territory, 17, Twp 6 8N of R. (?), thence to Hales bridge on Fox river, thence to ¼ mile north of William Wooden's on the Wyaconda, thence to the southern line of the Terr. Approved February 2, 1842. (p. 132). Approved February 2, 1842. (p. 135)

Chapter 36. Section 1. Frederick Searborough and H. Bunk of Jackson Co. and Joseph D. Denson of Cedar Co ... appointed commissioners .... establish a Terr. Rd. commencing at Denson's ferry on the Wabespipinicon, thence to Milford in Jackson Co., thence to ... intersect the Military road from Dubuque co,somewhere in Twp 8 7N, R1 E. Approved February 8, 1842. (p. 132)

Chapter 37. Section 1. Sarah Wilson of Scott Co. and her husband John Wilson ... bonds of matrimony dissolved... Sarah Wilson, be henceforth known by the name of Sarah Smith. Approved February 8, 1842. (p. 135)

Chapter 39. Section 1. N. Seely and R. J. Cleaveland of Jones Co. and Charles Dallis of Cedar Co .... appointed commissioners ... certain portion of a road, Approved January 13th, 1841 running from West Liberty to intersect the road ... direction of Dubuque, laying between Red Oak Grove in Cedar Co and Edinburgh in Jones Co. Approved February 8, 1842. (p. 137)

Chapter 40. Section 1. That the bonds of matrimony ... between Nicey Hull and her husband Charles Cornelius Hull be and the same are herby dissolved; ...Nicey Hull ... to be ... known by the name of Nicey Livingston. Approved February 8, 1842. (p. 137)

Chapter 41. Section 1. That the marriage contract ... between Sarah Connelly and William Connelly ... is hereby dissolved ... Approved February 8, 1842. (p. 137)

Chapter 43. Section 1. William G. Smith and Vincent G. Smith ... authorized to keep a ferry across the Mississippi river at their landing on fractional Sec 24, Twp 87N, R4E of the fifth principal meridian and for one mile above said landing ... Approved February 10, 1842. (p. 138)

* [33] Chapter 45. Section 1. That the ... commissioners of Linn Co., if they deem expedient.. authorized to appoint S. W. Durham and B. C. McGonigal of Linn Co and William Be Harrison of Benton Co., commisioners ...

Terr. road from Marion in Linn Co to the Indian boundary in Benton Co via the Nation settlement and B. McGonigal's in Washington Twp. in Linn Co ... to Wm. B. Harrison, near said boundary line in Benton Co. Approved February 10, 1842. (p. 139)

Chapter 50. Section 1. "An act to authorize John R. Sparks and his associates to erect a dam across the Des Moines River," approved January 15, 1841 ... amended: Across the Des Moines River in Van Buren Co, in sd. Terr. SW ¼, Sec. 27, Twp 69, R9 W... Approved January 10, 1842. (p. 143)

Chapter 51. Section 1. William Smith, Senr., of Dubuque Co., William Jones of Jackson Co., and Thomas Denson of Jones County ... allowed the sum of three dollars each per day, for their services ... in locating the co. seat of Delaware Co... (this an) amendment ... approved July 24, 1842. Approved February 10, 1842. (p. 144)

* [39] Chapter 54. Section 1. Joseph Roberts, Henry Wilson and James Allen ... appointed commisioners to review and relocate ... part of Terr. Rd. established... "An act to locate and establish a Terr. Rd from Keokuk on the Mississippi River to Iowa City, (now Iowaville) on the Des Moines River ... Approved February 10, 1842. (P. 145)

Chapter 55. Section 1. David Walker, Roland Grant and Alexander Gilmore ... appointed ... to relocate ... part of road lying between Mrs. Casey's and Mr. Acorn's in Lee Co ... Approved February 10, 1842. (p 146)

Chapter 56. Section 1. Wm. Pickerell ... authorized to constuct ... day across Skunk River in Washington Co., ...at any point on SW ¼, Sec 20, Twp 74, R 8W... Section 4. Not to prevent Wm. Russell and Samuel Crippen from privilege of one half the water...

Section 4. Wm. Russell and Samuel Crippen ... authorized to erect ... a dam across a bayou on Skunk River ... where the county and territorial road leading from Washington to Brighton in Washington Co. crosses said Bayou on S ½ of NW ¼ Sec 20, Twp 74N, R. 8W. Approved February 10, 1842. (pp. 146-147)

Chapter 58. Section 1. Ransom Long ... authorized to establish and keep a ferry across the Mississippi river, at the southern extremity of the fifth principal meridian, opposite the town of Salem in Muscatine Co. and a half mile E and a half mile W of sd. meridian up and down the sd. river ... for 20 years ... Approved February 12, 1842. (p. 153)

Chapter 59.0. Kinsman of Washington Co, B. F. Chastain and James F. Chambers of Co of Jefferson ... appointed ... lay out and establish ... Terr. rd. from the northern boundary of Washington Co to Iowaville in Van Buren Co, which lies between Brighton in Wash Co and Fairfield in Jefferson Co. Approved February 12, 1842. (pp 1 53-154)

Chapter 60. Section 1. Charles Davis, John Buffer and Stephen Weekley ... appointed.. Terr. rd from Farmington to southern line of the Terr. beginning in the middle of the old territorial road near the SE corner of Stephen Weekley's land, thence on the line between Weekley and Twambly and Burner and Rollins, to the southern Terr. line.

Section 3. ...so much of Terr. rd. already established from Farmington to southern Tern line, as lies between Stephen Weekley's SE corner... and southern Terr. line, be and the same is hereby vacated. Approved February 12, 1842. (p. 154)

[49] Chapter 61. Section 1. James Muir, a half breed of the Sac and Fox tribe of Indians, under ... 21 years ... authorized and execute a good and sufficient deed in fee simple to Anson L. Deming and Jesse C. Smith ... situated in Co. of Lee ... containing 34 acres ... Approved February 12, 1842. (pp. 154-156)

Chapter 62. Section 1. Act to incorporate the Bloomington Insurance Company..revived and declared to be in full of force ... John W. Richman, John W. Brady, Robert C. Kinney, Adam G. Oglevie, Hezekiah Musgrove, John Zeigler, George W. Humphreys, David Clark or any four ... appointed commissioners to open books for subscription of stock ... books ... opened 1 April A.D. 1843 until all shares are sold. Approved February 15, 1842. (p. 155)

Chapter 66. Section 1. David G. Bates and John Forbes ... authorized ... to keep a ferry across the Mississippi River. Co of Jackson, at their landing..SW ¼, Sec 19, Twp. 87 N, R 5E. Approved February 15, 1842. (p. 163)

* [61 ] Chapter 69. Section 1. Frederick Andros, Henry F. Lander, and Robert R. Read, appointed commissioners ... Terr. Rd. leading from Farmington in Van Buren Co. to Prairie du Chien ... provisions of act passed in December 29,.1836 locating..sd. road as runs through the County of Clayton. Approved February 16, 1842. (P. 166-167)

Chapter 70. Section 1. Absalom Cornelias, Edmund Archibald of Henry County and Robert Neil of Washington County ... commisioners. Terr. Rd. from ... Crawfordville in Washington Co. to Smith's Mills via New London in Henry County. Approved February 16, 1842. (p. 167)

Chapter 75. Section 1. Henry Harden of Jefferson Co ... appointed commissioner ... Terr. road from Fairfield in Jefferson Co, thence to the SE corner of Hadley's farm, then to Richland thence to Western City, thence to the forks of Skunk river in Washington Co. Commissioner to repair to the town of Fairfield on the first Monday in the month of April next, or any time within 3 months... Approved February 16, 1842. (p. 171)

Chapter 77. Section 1. That the marriage contract ... between Seth Baker and Sally Baker, be and the same is hereby dissolved. Approved, February 16, 1842. (p. 172)

Chapter 81. Samuel Wells ... authorized to build and keep a dam across Skunk River, SE¼. Sec 6, Twp. 74N of range 9W of fifth principal meridian. Approved February 16, 1842. (pp. 173-174)

* [69] Chapter 82. Section 1. John R. Sloan ... authorized to ... keep a ferry across the Mississippi River at the town of Camanche in Clinton County for ... 10 years from the first of April next ... Approved February 16, 1842. (p. 174)

Chapter 85. Section 1. That the bonds of matrimony ... between John E. Ely and Minerva Ely ... are hereby dissolved ... Approved, February 16, 1842. (p. 178)

Chapter 86. Section 1. Relocation of part of ... Terr. Rd. Aaron Usher, O. Clark and B. Magonigle of Linn co. appointed ... to relocate ... portion ... Terr. rd ... from Iowa City to Prairie Du Chien that passes from the head of the upper rapids of the Cedar river to Ephraim T. Jervis in Linn Co. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 178)

* [74] Chapter 87. Section 1. Christian Bean, Philip Miller and Joseph Morrison of the Co. of Henry ... appointed commissioner to relocate ... part of Terr. rd ... from Fairfield in Jefferson Co. to Wapello in Louisa Co. that lie between Checauque River and Jefferson in Henry Co. making the town of Trenton a point on sd. road. Approved, February 17, 1842. (p. 179)

Chapter 88. Section 1. John Wilson Sr. and George Hunt of Muscatine Co., appointed commisioner to review road from Moscow to Rochester, to Marion in Linn Co. from the bridge N. of Moscow in Muscatine Co, in the N ½ of the SW ¼ of Sec. 4, Twp 78N to the SW corner of Harvey Hatton's field in Sec. 32, Twp 79, R 2W... Approved February 17, 1842. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 179)

Chapter 104. Section 1. James W. Isett, Thomas Stoddard, and Samuel Woodsides ... appointed commissioners to relocate, if they deem it expedient and conducive to public conveniene, all that part of the Terr. Rd ... between ... towns of Fredonia and Port Allen in sd. Louisa Co. Approved February 17, 1842.

* [92] Chapter 105. Section 1. Robert Walker of Johnson Co..appointed to relocate that part of road leading from Iowa City to Burlington which passes through sections No. 22. 27, in Twp 79, R. NO. 6, W of 5th principal meridian. Approved February 17, 1942. (p. 196)

Chapter 106. Section 1. James Loenard of Jackson Co. ... authorized to keep a ferry across the Mississippi River at the town of Charleston Co of Jackson for 10 years. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 197)

Chapter 110. Section 1. ...bonds of matrimony between James V. Hill of Linn Co and his wife, Eliza Hill ... dissolved. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 198)

Chapter 111. Section 1 ... marriage contract ... between Clarissa Welch and her husband Samuel C. Welch ... dissolved. Approved Februay 17, 1842. (p. 198)

Chapter 112. Section 1 ... marriage contract ... between Rebecca Fisher, and her husband John Fisher dissolved. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 199)

Chapter 113 board of commissioners of Muscatine ... authorized to give James Davis, former sheriff ofMuscatine Co, and ex officio collector of taxes, such time as laws regulation the collection of county revenue ... and make settlement with said James Davis, as collector ... Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 199)

Chapter 115. That William Chambers ... is authorized, to re-survey the N ½ of the town of Salem in Muscatine Co .... Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 200)

Chapter 119. Section 1. That ... an insurance company to be called "The Dubuque Insurance Company", shall be established in Dubuque, in the Territory of Iowa...

Sec. 2. Edward Langworthy, Wm. Lawther, J. P. Farley, Charles D. Townsend, Timothy Davis, Patrick Quigley, Robert Waller, Henry Simplot, or any three ... authorized to open books of subscription ... Approved, February 17, 1842. (pp. 206-207)

Chapter 121. Section 1. Thomas S. Hodge, Alvred Sanders, James Thorington, E. Tichnor, L. E. Johnson, J. L. Davies, A. B. Hichcock, John Owens, jr., A. H. Brownlee, G. McKown, J. W. McCaunnon, H. W. Cheever, E. M. Mackemer, Z. H. Goldsmith, A. W. McGregor, James Hall and their associates ... become members of ... incorporation ... by the name of "Davenport Institute"...Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 210)

Chapter 122. Section 1. James Hall and company, in the office of the recorder of deeds, for Van Buren County, Iowa Terr, as the town of Keosauqua ... Sec 36, Twp. 69, N of R 10 W of the fifth principal meridian... be known by the name or title of the "City of Keosaqua" Approved February 17, 1842. (pp.210-211)

* [111] Chapter 123. Section 1. E. Kilpatrick, Esq., Samuel Enlson, Esq., J. D. Payne, L. B. Hughes, Charles Stoddar, N. J. Smith, John P. Grantham, J. C. Hall, Esk., G. W. Patterson, John Monroe, N. Lagthroop, H. M. Snyder, Robert Monroe, G. W. Kesler, Samuel Brazelton, Wiliam Thompson and the associates ... declared a body corporate, by the name of "The Mount Pleasant Literary Institute"

Sec. 10. That said institution shall be under charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church, but there shall be no religious test for admission of students to the Institute ... Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 214-215)

Chapter 125. "An Act to provide for compensation of members, officer and printers of the legislative assembly and for other purposes"

Sec. 5. For pay of officers of the counties ... provided that Daniel Chance shall receive the sum of $90.00, out of the allowance hereby made to firemen ... and Samuel Wilson... $135.00.
Sec. 6. W. Lewis ... as speaker of the house of representatives...
Sec. 7. J. W. Parker for extra pay as president of the council...
Sec 8. John S. David, for rent of library from...
Sec 9. J. B. Newhall for thirty-eight copies of Sketches of Iowa...
Sec. 13. Van Antwerp & Hughes for papers furnished the house of representatives...
Sec. 14. N. Jackson for papers furnished the house of representative
Sec. 15. W. Crum for papers furnished the house...
Sec. 16. Van Antwerp and Hughes
Sec. 17. Jas. W. Woods for transcribing, indexing and preparing journals of the council for publication.
Sec 18. J. T. Fales for transcribing, indexing and preparing the journals of the house of representatives for publication...
Sec 19. Wm. Coriell for printing the journal of the House of representatives, of 1841
Sec 20. Russell & Hughes ... for publishing the journal of the council of 1840 and '41
Sec. 21. James M. Hawkins (postmaster) for postage of letters, papers, documents &c...
Sec. 22. Francis Reno for dusting and renovating carpet and other labor ... also one basket...
Sec. 23. T. S. Parvin for services rendered as assistant secretary of the council, pro tem.
Sec. 25. L. B. Hughes for two days sevice as sergeant of arms of the council...
Sec. 26. John Hawkins, (Justice of the peace) for swearing in twenty-two members of the house of representatives...
Sec. 27. Jesse Williams be allow for two maps and books furnished, one to each house
Sec. 28. John Boyden for two days service as fireman of the house of representatives
Sec. 30. Walter Butler for 72 cords of wood...
Sec. 31. William Abbee (fireman) for cutting wood....
Sec. 32. N. Jackson for papers furnished the legislative council
Sec. 33. Wm. Crum for papers furnished the legislative council
Sec. 34. Van Antwerp & Hughes, editors of the Iowa Capitol Reporter ... "for 259 copies of said paper..."
Sec. 35. That Braxton W. Gillock for 13 days service in assisting the Secretary of the Territory...
Sec. 36. S. Parker for inkstands
Sec. 37. Morgan Reno for services rendered in assisting the secretary in arranging the halls for the reception of the legislature ...
Sec. 38. Morgan Reno ... to pay for one copy of Nile's Register...
Sec. 39. William Greene ... for binding books for the secretary's office, and for binding various volumes for the library.
Sec. 40. Walter Butler ... for receiving furniture of the territory, cutting wood, putting up stoves etc.
Sec. 41. Miles Driskell for furnishing paste for envelopes...
Sec. 42. E. J. Darken for preparing abstracts of council journals...
See. 43. Rev. Samuel Mazzuchelli for rent of room to store the furniture of the legislature and council. Approved February 17, 1842. (pp.219-220-221)


* [123]. NO. 1. That the Honorable O. H. Stull, Sec. of the Terr. be authorized to effect a loan ... to pay the respective members of both branches of the legislative assembly their mileage ... Approved December 14, 1841.

No. 3. George C. Robbins be allowed $20.00 for engraving and furnishing seals for the district courts for the counties of Linn and Jones ... Approved January 28, 1842. (p. 226)

No. 5. William L. Gilbert... for five day's services in assisting engrossing and enrolling clerk and that C. Ruggles be allowed the sum ... for repairing chairs. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 226)

NO. 6. Compensation to John Lorton and Hawkins Tayor for services rendered ... in demanding a fugitive from justices of the executive of the State of Missouri. Approved February 17, 1842. (po. 227)

NO. 7. That ... O. H. W. Stull, sec. of the Terr.. for preparing the legislative halls for the accomdation of the leg. assembly, removing furniture from Burlington to Iowa City etc. Approved February 17, 1842. (p. 227)

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