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1843 Iowa Territory Government

Name Place Title Salary
John Chambers Iowa City Governor & Superintendent of Indian Affairs, (term from July 15th, 1844, to July, 1848.) $2,500
Samuel J. Burr Iowa City Secretary $1,200
William L. Gilbert Iowa City Auditor $100
Morgan Reno Iowa City Treasurer & Librarian $210
John M. Coleman Iowa City Territorial Agent & Sup't of Capitol $1,000
Edwin Guthrie Fort Madison Warden of the Penitentiary $500
This country was erected into a territorial government by an act of Congress, of June,, 1838, to take effect on the 4th of July following. The legislative power is vested in the Governor and a Legislative Assembly, which meets annually on the 1st Monday of December, at Iowa City, the seat of government; and it consists of 13 members of the Council, elected for two years, and a House of Representatives consisting of 26 members, elected annually. Pay of the members, $3 a day, and $3 for every 20 miles' travel. On the 5th of April, 1843, the people voted, by a majority of 2,400, to form a State Constitution. A convention for this purpose will meet in October, the delegates to it being chosen in August. By a census taken in 1844, it appears that the population of this territory is now 82,254.

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