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1843 Iowa Territory Judiciary

Name Place Title Salary
Charles Mason Burlington Chief Justice $1,800
Joseph Williams Bloomington Associate Justice $1,800
Thomas S. Wilson Du Buque Associate Justice $1,800
John G. Deshler Bloomington Attorney Fees & $200
Isaac Leffler Burlington Marshal Fees & $200
Wm. J. A. Bradford Davenport Reporter $300
George S. Hampton Iowa City Clerk Fees
L. D. Stockton Burlington Attorney, 1st District Fees
James P. Carlton Iowa City Attorney, 2nd District Fees
James Crawford Du Buque Attorney, 3rd District Fees
The Judges are appointed for four years, and the term of the present Judges expires July 4th, 1846. The Territory is divided into three juducial districts, and the Judges perform circuit duties. The Supreme Court, composed of all the Judges, meets annually, in July, at Iowa City.

[The American Almanac & Repository of Useful Knowledge, 1843; submitted by cddd]

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