Iowa Reform School

Eldora, Hardin County

Board Of Trustees
Name Town/City Term Expires
John A. Parvin, President Muscatine 1880
Wm. J. Moir, Treasurer Eldora 1880
Wm. G. Stewart Dubuque 1882
Joseph T. Moorhead Ely 1882
Thomas E. Corkhill Mount Pleasant 1884
Rev. E. H, Winans, Superintendent Eldora

Girls' Department - Reform School

Mt. Pleasant, Henry County

Lorenzo D. Lewelling, Superintendent.
Trustees, same as Iowa Reform School.
The Trustees are elected by the General Assembly, in Joint Convention, at each reg­ular session, as their terms expire, and hold for six years

Iowa State Penitentiary

Fort Madison, Lee County

Name Position Term Expires
Eli C. McMillan Warden March 31,1880
Hiel Hale Deputy Warden
Manly T. Butterfield Clerk
J. J. M. Angear, M. D. Physician
W. C. Gunn Chaplain and Teacher.
Charles Ingalls Hospital Steward.
The Warden is elected by the General Assembly, in Joint Convention, at each reg­ular session. The Warden appoints the Deputy Warden, Clerk, Chaplain and Guards, and, with the concurrence of the Governor, the Physician; and, on the nomination of the Physician, appoints a Hospital Steward.

Additional Penitentiary

Anamosa, Jones county

Name Position Term Expires
Ancil. E. Martin Warden March 31, 1880
William H. Pearson Clerk
A. O. Strout, M. D. Physician
Mrs. Anna C. Merrill Chaplain and Teacher
L. G. Clark Hospital Steward.
The Warden has the, same power as the Warden of the Iowa State Penitentiary, except the appointment of Deputy, which officer is not provided for at the Additional Peniten­tiary. He is also elected in the same manner and by the same body as the Warden of the Iowa State Penitentiary.

Iowa Official Register 1879, Transcribed by Dennis Danielson

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