1882 Western Iowa Horticultural Society
Officers And Members

The following is a list of names of members for 1882 received at meeting and since:

President, Silas Wilson, Atlantic Vice-President, G. S. Bacon, Magnolia Treasurer, L. A. Williams, Glenwood
Secretary, Geo. Van Houten, Bedford

R. D. McGeehon, Atlantic Wm. Farmer, Atlantic R. W. Day, Atlantic
S. W. Wilson, Atlantic L. Fancoly, Atlantic E. D. Smith, Atlantic
J. H. Stowe, Atlantic T. H. Hardenbergh, Atlantic S. T. McFadden, Atlantic
Charles Roberts, Atlantic H. C. Raymond,Council Bluffs P. W. Poulson, Council Bluffs
A. S. Bonham, Council Bluffs J. R. Rice, Council Bluffs James McGinness, Griswold
Wm. Morford, Griswold John D. Johnson, Griswold D. A. Miller, Griswold
A. F. Collman, Corning J. L. Budd, Ames J. S. Karns, Mt. Etna
Jessie Homan, Mt. Etna Ella A. G. Karns, Mt. Etna H. A. Terry, Crescent City
F. H. Bruning, Kent Wm. Taylor, Creston H. W. Rarey, Whipple
J. B. Black, Harlan W. P. Chance, Harlan J. W. Dodge, Exira
Frank Nortman, Wiota J. M. Russell, Essex G. W. Churchill, Essex
John Barnett, Carbon R. T. Smart, Exira H. Cade, Lenox
Honorary Members
Mrs. T. H. Hardenbergh, Atlantic Mrs. H. R. Roberts, Atlantic Mrs. S. T. McFadden, Atlantic
Mrs. R. D. McGeehon, Atlantic Mrs. James McGinness, Griswold

Other names will be added as fast as received. Fee, $1, which entitles member to a copy of Horticultural Report of State and auxiliary societies. The report is a nicely printed, bound volume, and will be delivered free, to members as soon as received. Address, Inclosing fee, to Geo. Van Houten, Secretary, Bedford, Iowa.

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