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California Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Adell, Oliver Private First Infantry E Dubuque
Akins, Thos. Private Second Cavalry K Salix
Barnum, Jno. R. Veterinary Surgeon Second Cavalry K Bagley
Berry, Joseph Private Sixth Cavalry L Stuart
Beyer, C.C. Private Eighth Infantry I Dubuque
Bingham, C.H. Private Second Cavalry F Anamosa
Brannan, Geo. G. Private Second Cavalry D Cedar Falls
Cameron, Kendall Private Fourth Infantry C Perry
Charles, John Quartermaster Sergeant Second Cavalry
Churchman, James Private Eighth Infantry A De Soto
Dakin, C.C. Private Second Cavalry M Webster City
Daniels, J.M. Private Fourth Infantry C Elgin
Davenport, Horace Private Fifth Infantry F Jefferson
Davison, A.V. Sergeant First Cavalry K Blairsburg
De Long, O.P. Private Fourth Infantry F Norway
Dessaint, Louis A Private Second Infantry F Davenport
Doom, M.L. Private Fifth Cavalry G Ashland
Draine, Thos. Private Fourth Infantry C Waverly
Farr, J.L. Sergeant Second Cavalry D Eldora
Ferrell, John Private Fourth Infantry K Woodburn
Fletcher, John W Sergeant First Infantry I Scranton
Gribben, J.P. Bugler First Infantry I Centerville
Hakes, James Private First Infantry A Marion
Hershberger, John Private Second Cavalry G West Side
Hoyt, Ephraim W Sergeant First Infantry D Tipton
Hunt, Jas. Corporal Second Cavalry G Waverly
Jones, D.K. Musician Second Cavalry A Indianola
Kelly, Geo. Private First Infantry E Elliott
Kerr, David S Private Fourth Infantry A Victor
Layton, David Teamster Third Infantry D Cherokee
Markley, H.H. Sergeant Second Cavalry I Cedar Falls
Martin, Geo. H Private Fifth Infantry B Hamburg
McBee, Robt Private Third Infantry K Davis City
McCallen, James B. Private Seventh Infantry B Rock Rapids
McConnell, James Private Second Cavalry B Cherokee
McDanels, B.F. Sergeant Fifth Infantry A Woolstock
McIntire, R.G. Corporal Second Cavalry H Traer
Mitchell, Lyman E. Sergeant Third Infantry E Brush Creek
Myers, August Private Second Cavalry G Summitville
Myers, N.L. Private First Infantry G Waterloo
O'Brion, J.J. Sergeant Seventh Infantry D Livermore
Ockerson, D.J. Private Fifth Infantry A Red Oak
Pfeiff, Lewis Sergeant Eighth Cavalry B Wever
Pitman, M.S. Private Seventh Infantry B Annieville
Pope, W.M. Farrier Second Cavalry A Marengo
Porter, C.H. Private First Cavalry H Colfax
Quinn, R.H. Private Second Cavalry H Vinton
Robertson, James Corporal First Cavalry H Burlington
Robinson, James Corporal First Cavalry H Danville
Ross, A.S. Sergeant Seventh Infantry G Decatur
Sackett, E.P. Major; also
Private in Co. C
First Infantry
Smith, Sam Sergeant Fourth Infantry F Burlington
Teller, Tobias Sergeant Fourth Infantry E Osceola
Templeton, Robert Second Lieutenant First Infantry K Perry
Thorp, Geo. R. Musician Eighth Infantry K Grinnell
Tracey, P.T. Private Second Cavalry M Red Oak
Vail, A Sergeant Fifth Infantry K Des Moines
Wallace, R.B. Sergeant First Cavalry A Green Mountain
Webster, J. Private First Cavalry G Steamboat Rock
White, Wm. Private Second Cavalry K Green Mountain
Winn, J.M. Private Second Cavalry B Ottumwa
Zackary, Ezekiel Private Third Cavalry D Polk City

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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