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Colorado Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Adams, O.G.W. Hospital Steward Third Cavalry   Newton
Amy, Chauncy W. Pvt Second Cavalry B Decorah
Amy, Chauncy W. Pvt Second Infantry B Decorah
Argent, T.F. Sergeant McLain's Batt'ry Artillery   Geneva
Ashworth, Geo Pvt Second Cavalry C Greene
Bacon, Geo. W. Pvt Second Infantry B Des Moines
Baker, Joseph Sgt Second Cavalry M Russell
Baldus, Theodore Pvt Third Cavalry B Gilbert Station
Barker, Benj Private First Cavalry D Jefferson
Boies, James A. Corporal First Cavalry F Woodbine
Bowen, John M Pvt Second Cavalry D Redding (Since moved to Valley Falls, Kansas)
Boyles, Wm Private First Cavalry D Sloan
Burger, Samuel Sgt First Cavalry B Marietta
Burrill, Washington Pvt First Infantry C Lenox
Buton, M.D. Private Indep't Battery Artillery   Manteno
Byers, Andrew J. Pvt First Cavalry L Glenwood
Carr, Wm. W. Pvt First Cavalry H Bonaparte
Case, D.W. Pvt Third Cavalry B Denison
Castles, John Second Lieutenant Third Infantry   Dudley
Clark, Isaac Pvt First Cavalry G Mason City
Clark, Wm Pvt Second Cavalry M Council Bluffs
Clouse, Charles Pvt First Cavalry B Jackson Center
Conklin, Dyer A Pvt Second Cavalry A Wiota
Cook, R.J. Sgt Seventh Cavalry M Cherokee
Cooper, Francis Pvt Second Cavalry C Waubeck
Craig, A.W. Pvt Artillery (Home Guards)   Coatsville, Mo
Cromwell, Wilbur Pvt First Cavalry A La Porte City
Culp, James R. Corporal Third Cavalry B Big Grove
Curtis, S.S. Lieutenant-Colonel Third Infantry   Keokuk
Cutler, H.P. Pvt First Infantry B New Providence
Daly, F.P.H. Pvt First Cavalry K Atlantic
Davenport, W.H. Pvt Third Cavalry C Glidden
Davis, G.W. Pvt Second Cavalry E Davenport
Davis, Thomas Pvt First Cavalry E Hartley
Day, H Pvt Second Cavalry M Hamilton
De Vall, P.T. Pvt First Cavalry A Magnolia
Delong, Elias Sgt First Infantry G Dows
Dillin, James Corp First Cavalry M Nevada
Evans, H.S. Pvt Second Infantry C DeSoto
Fall, G.W. Pvt First Infantry D Harlan
Felhaner, John Pvt First Infantry C West Bend
Ferris, B.F. Pvt First Cavalry F Hampton
Ferris, John C. Sgt First Cavalry F Hampton
Flynn, W.H. Pvt Third Cavalry C Colesburg
Foster, B.B. Sgt Third Infantry H Coin
Frame, David C Corporal Second Cavalry I Boyden
Frazier, R. Corporal Third Cavalry E Glidden
Freestone, John Pvt Second Cavalry G Perry
Frizzell, A.Q. Pvt First Cavalry G Carson
Grooms, Alph O. Corporal Indep't Battery Artillery   Munterville
Gross, W.D. Pvt Second Cavalry I DeSoto
Hall, James Pvt First Cavalry F Milo
Hanks, Warren Pvt First Infantry D Cambridge
Hannah, Isaac Pvt Second Cavalry E Davenport
Harbour, R.R. Captain Third Infantry A Beacon
Hardesty, D.L. Captain Artillery M Blakesburg
Harding, W.F. Pvt First Cavalry A Des Moines
Harmin, J.C. Pvt First Cavalry D Washta
Hartman, Simon P Pvt Third Cavalry A Webster City
Hill, Jno. E. Pvt First Cavalry K Council Bluffs
Hockett, Solomon Wagoner Third Cavalry D Union
Holmes, Frank Pvt First Cavalry F Galesburg
Hudgel, R.T. Pvt First Cavalry M Liberty
Hutton, J.P. Pvt Third Cavalry E Missouri Valley
James, A.D. Pvt First Cavalry C Des Moines
James, Thomas Pvt First Cavalry L. Cairo
Johnson, S.W. Pvt Seventh Infantry C Macedonia
Kinner, Wm. Pvt Second Cavalry F Woodbine
Knowlton, W.I. Pvt Second Infantry D Ireton
Lewis, Wm Pvt Second Cavalry H Quasqueton
Looney, A. Pvt First Cavalry F Merrill
Mathews, Wm. H. Pvt Second Cavalry D California
McClaskey, W.P. Pvt First Cavalry H Decorah
McLaughlin, James Pvt First Cavalry D Nevinville
McMahon, James Veterinary Surgeon Third Cavalry   Colesburgh
McWilliams, Isaiah Sgt Second Cavalry C Sioux City
Merritt, Daniel Pvt First Cavalry E Calamus
Morris, J.M. Pvt First Cavalry A Grinnell
Morrow, Hugh Pvt Twelfth Cavalry M Magnolia
Murphy, H.H. Corporal Third Infantry C Hawleyville
Nash, Graham Pvt First Cavalry K Council Bluffs
Nash, Wm Pvt First Cavalry L (Also in Co. E) Montezuma
Nealey, W. Corporal Second Infantry F Bonaparte
Parker, Norman Sgt Second Cavalry L Nashua
Perry, Ezekiel Pvt Second Infantry G Bedford
Pilgrim, W.H. Pvt First Infantry H Bussey
Reece, Michael H. Pvt Second Cavalry K Jefferson
Reeves, W.L. PVt Third Cavalry G Little Sioux
Rhodes, Peachy H. Pvt Third Cavalry K Eldora
Rickels, John Private Indep't Battery Artillery   Manson
Rickle, W.W. Pvt First Cavalry C (Also in Co. H) Iowa Falls
Robinson, Chas Pvt Second Cavalry C Jacksonville
Rodgers, Eli H. Captain Third Cavalry K Iowa Falls
Rogers, J.F. Pvt Third Cavalry L Carroll
Schmidt, J.D. Chief Bugler Third Cavalry B Carroll
Scott, Hugh P. Private Indep't Battery Artillery   Davenport
Shoup, Geo. L. Colonel Third Cavalry   Dubuque
Shrivier Pvt First Cavalry M West Branch
Slayton, D.T. Pvt Second Infantry G Le Mars
Smith, Geo Pvt Third Infantry G Palmyra
Soles, A.L. Pvt First Cavalry B Bedford
Sparger, J.W. Pvt First Cavalry E Davis City
Swearingen, John H. Pvt First Cavalry B Oskaloosa
Teas, Geo. M. Pvt First Infantry C Oskaloosa
Terry, F.M. Pvt First Cavalry D Des Moines
Thomas, H.W. Pvt Second Infantry B Prairie Hill
Thomas, W.H. Pvt First Cavalry B Elliott
Warner, A.G. Pvt Sixth Infantry B Elwell
Williams, Chas Bugler Second Cavalry A Allerton
Wilson, Wm. Pvt First Cavalry K Frederic
Wisehart, Lewis Pvt Fourth Cavalry A Center Point
Wood, E.A. Pvt First Infantry G Nevada
Woodward, Chas. A. Pvt Third Infantry K St. Ansgar
Wyatt, H.H. Pvt Second Infantry H Pattersonville

Prepared by William L. Alexander, Adjutant General ©1886 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

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