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Connecticut Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Baker, J.M. Private Tenth Infantry G Burlington
Baker, R.B. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry G Clearfield
Ball, F.N. Private Twelfth Infantry K Nevinville
Ball, Groovenor Corporal Twelfth Infantry K Nevinville
Ball, H.J. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry D Nevinville
Bauer, Louis Private Sixth Infantry H Marengo
Beedle, A.P. Sergeant Second Artillery G Ash Grove
Booth, Chas. L Private Seventeenth Infantry A Newton
Boughton, J.B. Corporal Second Artillery
Brinton, S.G. Private Eighth Infantry K Council Bluffs
Brown, J.D. Captain Eighteenth Infantry D Missouri Valley
Brown, W.H. Private Second Infantry B Britt
Campbell, Peter Private Eighteenth Infantry A Woodbine
Carroll, T.C. Private Tenth Infantry B Montezuma
Christie, Frank Sergeant First Cavalry A Belmond
Corbin, Chas. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry D Dedham
Creeden, Wm. Private Seventeenth Infantry I Greene
Cutts, Henry L Private Tenth Infantry A Dubuque
De Loss, Robert First Lieutenant Miscellaneous
Delage, Lewis Private Eleventh Infantry F New Haven
Dinneer, Michael Private First Cavalry B Elkhart
Douglass, W.W. Private Twenty-first Infantry A Ottumwa
Dutton, Samuel Lieutenant Twenty-first Infantry C Durant
Eaton, G. Sergeant Seventh Infantry K Glidden
Foley, Martin Private Twentieth Infantry B Waltham
Fox, Chas. W Corporal Twenty-second Infantry C Dunlap
Freeman, Jno. Private Fifteenth Infantry C Stuart
Frisbie, A.L. Chaplain Twentieth Infantry
Des Moines
Green, B.S. Private Twenty-first Infantry D Dunlap
Griffin, J.B. Private Twentieth Infantry E Marion
Hale, Oliver Corporal Twenty-fifth Infantry H Kalo
Harrison, Franklin Private Fifteenth Infantry A Booneville
Hinman, S.N. Lieutenant First Cavalry C Belmond
Keables, C.T. Private Eighteenth Infantry C Pella
Leonard, Martin L First Lieutenant Twenty-ninth Infantry A Des Moines
Lewis, Geo. H Sergeant Fourteenth Infantry F Des Moines
Lock, W.H. Lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry H Rutland
Lovejoy, E.E. Private First Cavalry B Boone
Lyman, C.N. Chaplain Second Infantry
McDonald, Henry J Lieutenant-Colonel Eleventh Infantry
Des Moines
McFarland, Rob't Private Ninth Infantry K Lehigh
Metcalf, Jobe Corporal Eighteenth Infantry H Gilmore City
Moll, J.J. Private Second Artillery
Newhouse, Henry Private Twenty-second Infantry D Oakley
Newhouse, Morris Second Lieutenant Thirteenth Infantry D Des Moines
Nichols, J.T. Private First Artillery I Sioux City
Parker, G.A Private Thirth-eighth Infantry H Sioux City
Perrin, Benj. S Private First Artillery I Cherokee
Pinney, Geo. Private Twenty-second Infantry D West Liberty
Reynolds, W.H. Private Twelfth Infantry K Nevinville
Riggs, Geo. W Private Twentieth Infantry B Jewell
Robins, C.M. First Lieutenant Fourth Infantry A Defiance
Rockwood, N.B. Captain Fourteenth Infantry K Marion
Satterlee, Dwight Major Eleventh Infantry
Sealey, Chas. A Private Seventeenth Infantry H Cedar Rapids
Shelly, Patrick Private Twelfth Infantry E Fairfield
Shepard, Lewis Private Twenty-second Infantry B Batavia
Shuler, Thomas Private Seventeenth Infantry I Grand Junction
Smith, S.B. Sergeant Second Infantry G Fairfield
Spencer, G.M. Private Tenth Infantry D Hampton
Stiles, E Corporal Fifth Infantry A Mt. Ayr
Whipple, D.R. Sergeant First Cavalry C Des Moines
Wiard, W Private Twentieth Infantry E Murray
Williams, Chas. O Private First Artillery H Palo
Wing, Henry E Corporal Twenty-seventh Infantry C Muscatine
Wood, Fred Private Fifteenth Infantry E Burlington

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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