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Iowa Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886


Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post-office Address
Aarons, Andrew Private Tenth Infantry B Glidden
Abbe, A.W. Private Ninth Infantry K Garwin
Abbe, W.A. Private Ninth Infantry K Eagle Grove
Abbey, A. F. sergeant Fifth Infantry H Prairieburgh
Abbey, Aaron L Private Fifth Cavalry H Pattersonville
Abbey, Gottleib Corporal Twenty-seventh Infantry F Hazle Green
Abbey, Thos Private Fifth Infantry I Prairieburgh
Abbey, Villroy Private Fourth Cavalry M Kensett
Abbott, Alex Musician Second Infantry
Red Oak
Abbott, Edward Private, Infantry Miscellaneous
Abbott, I. W. Private Ninth Cavalry H New Market
Abbott, Thos Private Forty-seventh Infantry D Independence
Abby, A. C. Private Fifth Cavalry H Cottonwille
Abby, G. C. Private Twenty-first Infantry K Cottonville
Abby, Marion Private Thirty-first Infantry F Ellington
Abegg, Benjamin Private Thirty-sixth Infantry B Blakesburgh
Abel, H. B. Private Ninth Infantry E Spencer
Abercrombie, J. C. Lieutenant Colonel Eleventh Infantry
Abercromble, J. C. Lieutenant First Infantry E Burlington
Abernathy, John Private Fifteenth Infantry D Leon
Abernethy, Alex Private Forty-third Infantry C Postville
Able, Graudison Sergeant Ninth Cavalry E New Hampton
Able, R. P. Sergeant Third Cavalry L Humeston
Abraham, James H Corporal Thirtieth Infantry H Fairfield
Abraham, John C Private Thirtieth Infantry H Brookville
Abraham, Lot Captain Fourth Cavalry D Mt. Pleasant
Abraham, Wilson Private Fortieth Infantry I Dahlonega
Abraham, Wm Private Forty-seventh Infantry H Cooper
Abrams, David Private Fifteenth Infantry I Creston
Abrams, Miles Private Thirty-third Infantry F Hedrick
Acheson, A.D. Private Eleventh Infantry C Ainsworth
Acheson, E Private Second Cavalry M Big Springs
Acheson, Robert R Private Forty-seventh Infantry E Booneville
Achors, Elias Private Thirty-fourth Infantry C Indianola
Achter, W. F. Private Thirty-second Infantry C Cedar Rapids
Ackaman, W. S. Private Eighth Infantry H McCausland
Ackerman, Isaac Private Eighth Cavalry G Monticelo
Ackerman, Isaac Private Eighth Infantry G Monticello
Ackerson, L. J. Private Thirty-second Infantry E New Hartford
Ackley, C. T. Private Seventh Infantry B Marble Rock
Ackley, Dewitt C Sergeant Sixth Cavalry K Viola
Ackley, S.J. Private Seventh Infantry B Marble Rock
Ackley, Thomas Private Third Cavalry C Keokuk
Ackley, Wm. A Private Twentieth Infantry D Davenport
Acklin, Jas Private Fortieth Infantry H Adair
Acord, Hugh Private Twenty-seventh Infantry D Wood
Acord, Joseph Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry B Deep River
Acres, T. R. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Burlington
Acton, Wm. Private Third Cavalry M Pleasanton
Adair, Geo Private Forty-fourth Infantry E Shell Rock
Adair, James Private Thirty-third Infantry C Oskaloosa
Adair, S. F. Saddler Seventh Cavalry L West Branch
Adams, A. M. Private Second Cavalry F Dakota
Adams, Aaron Second Lieutenant Fortieth Infantry E Monroe
Adams, Allen Second Lieutenant Twenty-first Infantry A Nora Springs
Adams, Charles M Private Thirty-second Infantry B Mason City
Adams, David Private Thirty-third Infantry D New Virginia
Adams, David H Sergeant Thirty-third Infantry B Bedford
Adams, Eli Private Forty-sixth Infantry G Maine
Adams, Elias Private, Infantry Miscellaneous B Woodward
Adams, Frank Private Fourth Battery
Adams, G. H. Private Thirtieth Infantry B Drakeville
Adams, G. M. Private Fifteenth Infantry K De Soto
Adams, H. C Private Fifteenth Infantry L Lafayette
Adams, H. C. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry D What Cheer
Adams, Henry Private Thirty-eighth Infantry E Decorah
Adams, J. J. Wagon Master First Infantry I Ottumwa
Adams, J. Q. Private Fourth Cavalry L Mapleton
Adams, J. W. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry E Jamacia
Adams, J. W. Private Fortieth Infantry G Monroe
Adams, John Private Ninth Infantry A Clark
Adams, John B Private Eighteenth Infantry D Sigourney
Adams, Jordan C Private Forty-fourth Infantry G Union
Adams, Joseph Private Thirty-second Infantry A Webster City
Adams, M.C. Private Fifteenth Infantry I Garden Grove
Adams, Miio Private Twentieth Infantry A Cedar Rapids
Adams, N.M. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry H College Springs
Adams, Nelson Private Ninth Infantry C Lester
Adams, Nelson Sergeant Twenty-eighth Infantry K Grinnell
Adams, Nicholas Private First Cavalry K Elkader
Adams, R.M. Private Eighteenth Infantry I Osceola
Adams, S.T. Private Fifteenth Infantry A Drakeville
Adams, Thomas Private Eighteenth Infantry I Osceola
Adams, W.H. Private Seventh Cavalry A Gravity
Adams, W.H. Private Seventh Cavalry K Smithland
Adams, W.J. Private Twenty-eighth Infantry K Grinnell
Adams, W.S. Private Sixth Cavalry C Colesburg
Adams, W.W. Private Fortieth Infantry G Gosport
Adams, Willis Private Ninth Cavalry F Lucas
Adams, Wm. C.B. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry H Independence
Adamson, Abrahm Private Seventh Cavalry G Newton
Adamson, Simon Private Eighth Cavalry M Fontanelle
Adamson, Wm. Sergeant Fifth Infantry B Newton
Addington, Amos Private Third Cavalry B Pilot Grove
Addock, Henry Corporal Thirty-sixth Infantry E Drakeville
Adeock, Isom Private Eighth Infantry I Melrose
Adkins, B.B. Private Tenth Infantry B Altoona
Adkins, G.C. Private Sixth Infantry B Hopeville
Adkins, James B Private Fourth Infantry A Milton
Adkins, Jesse L Corporal Sixth Infantry B Prescott
Adler, Jerome Private Twenty-sixth Infantry B Correctionville
Ady, W.D. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry H Atalissa
Agan, Wm. M Private Fortieth Infantry F Gosport
Agard, B.E Private Sixth Cavalry C Dubuque
Agens, Wm Private Twenty-ninth Infantry C Ute
Aggson, John Private Fourth Infantry K Foote
Agnew, George Sergeant Fourth Cavalry C Lone Tree
Agnew, W.G. Private Third Infantry B Osceola
Ahearn, John Private Twenty-first Infantry
Aikins, H.D. Private Thirty-third Infantry G Pella
Aikman, Alex Corporal Second Infantry I Lyons
Aikman, William Private Twenty-fourth Infantry A Sahela
Ainsworth, J.E. Captain Twelfth Infantry F Missouri Valley
Ainsworth, L.L Captain Sixth Cavalry C West Union
Ainsworth, W.C. Private Thirty-second Infantry I Fort Dodge
Airy, John Private Thirty-second Infantry A Smyrna
Akers, B.F. Corporal Twenty-second Infantry A Gravity
Akers, Moses Private Twenty-third Infantry B Morse
Akers, N.J. Private Eighth Cavalry M Marshalltown
Akers, R.T. Private Twelfth Infantry F Gravity
Akers, R.T. Corporal Thirty-fifth Infantry A Gravity
Akin, Lewis Private Eighth Cavalry A Clarinda
Akles, Chas Private Twenty-fifth Infantry G Trenton
Alban, W.H. Sergeant Twenty-sixth Infantry I Lyons
Albaugh, A Private Twenty-fifth Infantry F Columbus Junction
Albaugh, Daniel Corporal Twenty-fourth Infantry C Cedar Bluffs
Albaugh, John Private Twentieth Infantry A Marion
Albee, E.W. Private Forty-fourth Infantry A Dubuque
Albee, Robert G Private Ninth Cavalry C Leon
Albenger, Joe Private Twenty-first Infantry K Monticello
Albert, George A Private Twenty-first Infantry C Peosta
Albertson, J.P. Sergeant Seventh Cavalry E Dean
Albertson, James Second Lieutenant Fourth Cavalry D New Hampton
Albinger, James Private Twenty-first Infantry K Monticello
Albright, Charles F Private Second Infantry C Primghar
Albright, Chas. A Private Thirty-ninth Infantry G Burlington
Albright, Wm Private Forty-seventh Infantry G North Liberty
Albrook, J.B. Private Second Infantry I Mount Vernon
Alden, George C Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry B Moulton
Alden, W.H. Private Sixth Cavalry F Toledo
Alderman, E.B. Captain Thirty-first Infantry E Marion
Alderman, Joseph P Private Fourth Infantry E Ames
Aldrich, Chas First Lieut. and Adjutant Thirty-second Infantry
Webster City
Aldrich, H Musician Thirty-first Infantry G Wyoming
Aldrich, L.C. Private Second Infantry E Anamosa
Aldrich, N Private Twenty-first Infantry D Maple Landing
Aldrich, W.H. Private Third Cavalry K Knoxville
Alexander, A First Lieutenant Ninth Infantry A Spragueville
Alexander, A.B. Private Second Battery
Alexander, A.P. Corporal Sixth Infantry A Marion
Alexander, Albert Sergeant Third Cavalry G Troy
Alexander, C.F. Private Fourteenth Infantry G Potter
Alexander, E Private Twenty-ninth Infantry A Missouri Valley
Alexander, Eli Captain Thirty-fourth Infantry A High Point
Alexander, Geo. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry E Dysart
Alexander, Hiram Private Fortieth Infantry I White Oak
Alexander, Hiram G Private Thirtieth Infantry H Eldon
Alexander, J.S. Corporal Third Cavalry B Promise City
Alexander, J.S. Captain Thirty-first Infantry A Marion
Alexander, Jno Private Thirty-seventh Infantry C Corydon
Alexander, M.L. Private Ninth Infantry G Horner
Alexander, O Sergeant Thirty-second Infantry C Waterloo
Alexander, T.C. Private Fourth Infantry H Oakland
Alexander, W.K. Captain Forty-fifth Infantry I Fairfield
Alexander, W.L. Captain Thirtieth Infantry I Des Moines
Alexander, Wm Private Forty-fifth Infantry E Corydon
Alfred, Steward Private Thirtieth Infantry H Batavia
Alger, Joseph S Private Eighth Infantry A Glidden
Alkins, Jos. M Sergeant Seventeenth Infantry A Leon
Allard, Daniel Private Twentieth Infantry D Cedar Rapids
Allbright, B.F. Private Ninth Infantry A Le Mars
Allbright, E.D. Private Thirty-second Infantry E Shell Rock
Allen, A.D. Private First Cavalry F Hazelton
Allen, A.J. Private Nineteenth Infantry B Leon
Allen, Alfred Private Second Infantry B Valley City
Allen, Chas. R Private Thirty-seventh Infantry B Wapello
Allen, D.E. Private Eighth Infantry F Keswick
Allen, D.L. Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry I Alden
Allen, Daniel M Private Fortieth Infantry B Oak Grove
Allen, E.L. Private Third Cavalry L Westerville
Allen, E.S. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry C Kier
Allen, E.W. Corporal Fourth Cavalry C Grinnell
Allen, E.W. Private Forty-fifth Infantry B Crawfordsville
Allen, Eugene Private Twelfth Infantry I Cedar Rapids
Allen, F.M. Private Sixth Cavalry D Warsaw
Allen, Frank Private Twenty-second Infantry A Willitts
Allen, Franklin Private Twentieth Infantry A Bertram
Allen, Geo. L Corporal Thirty-second Infantry G Iowa Falls
Allen, Geo. W Private Twentieth Infantry A Bertram
Allen, George Private First Cavalry M Castalia
Allen, H.R. Private Thirty-sixth Infantry D Irwin
Allen, Harlan Private Eighth Infantry E Otley
Allen, Isaac Private Thirty-ninth Infantry A Winterset
Allen, J.C. Private Eighth Infantry E Knoxville
Allen, J.H. Private Thirteenth Infantry I Pulaski
Allen, J.M. Private Fifteenth Infantry H Hausell
Allen, J.N. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry D Harper
Allen, J.T. Private Ninth Cavalry I Hansell
Allen, Joseph Private Nineteenth Infantry G Wayne
Allen, Joseph Corporal Nineteenth Infantry G Cairo
Allen, Luther Private Forty-fifth Infantry B Webster City
Allen, Lyman Major Thirty-seventh Infantry
Wilton Junction
Allen, M.D. Private First Infantry B Wilton Junction
Allen, M.V. Private Sixth Infantry C Glifford
Allen, N.B. Private Sixteenth Infantry D Redding
Allen, N.P. Private Ninth Infantry ? Colllins
Allen, P Second Lieutenant Forty-sixth Infantry H Warsaw
Allen, Reese Private Twenty-fifth Infantry H Wayland
Allen, Saunders Private Thirty-ninth Infantry D Bedford
Allen, T.B. Sergeant Second Cavalry H Iowa City
Allen, T.B. Private Fortieth Infantry A Attica
Allen, T.D. Private Eighth Infantry H Knoxville
Allen, Thomas Private Fifth Cavalry E Dubuque
Allen, Thos. F lieutenant Twentieth Infantry D Sanborn
Allen, Thos. M Private Thirty-fourth Infantry E Norwalk
Allen, W.H. Private Seventeenth Infantry G Knoxville
Allen, W.H. Private Twenty-first Infantry A Rudd
Allen, W.W. Corporal Thirty-third Infantry F Richland
Allen, Wm Private Twenty-third Infantry D Bayard
Allen, Wm. G Captain Twenty-fifth Infantry F Wapello
Allender, R.B. Chaplain Twenty-second Infantry
Allert, Herman Private Twenty-first Infantry G North Buena Vista
Alley, J.W. Corporal Eighteenth Infantry K Dunreith
Allgeyer, John Private Twenty-first Infantry E Dubuque
Allgood, Jefferson Private Thirty-third Infantry K Oskaloosa
Allgood, William Private Fifteenth Infantry C Oskaloosa
Allison, A. Private Sixth Infantry E Walkerville
Allison, C.R. Private Fourth Cavalry B Kirkville
Allison, Charles Private Eighteenth Infantry D Agency
Allison, Eugene Private Nineteenth Infantry F Wapello
Allison, H.B. Private Third Infantry G Des Moines
Allison, H.J. Private Fortieth Infantry G Afton
Allison, I.S. Private Fifth Cavalry H Correctionville
Allison, James Private Seventh Cavalry D Corydon
Allison, Thos Private Thirty-third Infantry F Corydon
Allison, Wm Private Thirty-third Infantry F Eddyville
Alloway, William Private Fifteenth Infantry F Columbus Junction
Allred, W.P. Private Forty-sixth Infantry H Seymour
Allum, Thomas Corporal Twenty-second Infantry C Des Moines
Allum, Thos First Lieutenant Forty-eighth Infantry B Des Moines
Ally, William Private Seventeenth Infantry E Fairfield
Allyn, Wm Sergeant Twenty-seventh Infantry E Garnavillo
Alsnp, G.W. Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry C Union
Alsop, John D Private Forty-fourth Infantry A Dyersville
Alspach, Wm Sergeant Sixth Cavalry K Anamosa
Alspaugh, David Private First Cavalry K Castalia
Alt, Geo. W Private Twenty-second Infantry A Sioux City
Altend, Victor Private Second Infantry B Le Claire
Alter, F.H. Private Nineteenth Infantry K Wayland
Alter, G.W. Private Twentieth Infantry D Hillsboro
Alter, James Private Twenty-fifth Infantry K Wayland
Alters, George Private Twentieth Infantry D Davenport
Altfilisch, M Private Fifth Cavalry H Bellevue
Althotf, Theo Private Fifteenth Infantry F Petersburgh
Althous, Henry Private Sixteenth Infantry G Ackley
Alton, J.C. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry H De Witt
Alverson, D Private Sixth Infantry G Marengo
Alverson, Joseph Private Third Cavalry F Batavia
Alvey, James M Corporal Eleventh Infantry G Wilsonville
Amber, Geo Private Thirty-sixth Infantry D Frederic
Amber, James Private Sixth Infantry E Lovilia
Ambrem, Wm. Private Thirteenth Infantry G Mt. Auburn
Amerine, Moses Private Second Infantry H Muscatine
Ames, Amos W Corporal Fourth Infantry H Afton
Amling, Jacob Private Twenty-seventh Infantry E Elkport
Amlong, Wm.M Sergeant Eighth Cavalry K Museatine
Amos, Franklin First Lieutenant Thirty-first Infantry H Lemars
Amos, Levi Private First Battery
Amos, T.B. Corporal Fortieth Infantry H Essex
Anda, Reede Private Fifteenth Infantry B Ridgedale
Anderegg, John Lieutenant Twenty-seventh Infantry D Guttenberg
Anders, Daniel Private Twenty-seventh Infantry H Winthrop
Anders, M Sergeant Third Infantry B Allerton
Anderson James Private Second Cavalry H Toledo
Anderson, Andrew T (now known as Andrew T Brandhagen) Private Thirty-eighth Infantry E Decorah
Anderson, Anton E First Lieutenant Twelfth Infantry G Calmar
Anderson, Benj Private Thirty-second Infantry B Bristow
Anderson, Benj. Corporal Sixteenth Infantry D Davenport
Anderson, C Private Thirty-sixth Infantry K Russell
Anderson, C.L. Lieutenant Second Infantry G Ford
Anderson, C.R. Private Eighth Infantry E Missouri Valley
Anderson, Chas.J Private Thirty-second Infantry D Madrid
Anderson, D.B. Private Fourth Cavalry K Mt. Pleasant
Anderson, D.B. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry E Scranton
Anderson, D.C. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Washington
Anderson, D.G. Corporal Nineteenth Infantry A Keokuk
Anderson, D.L. Hospital Steward Seventh Infantry
Anderson, D.M. Private Eleventh Infantry F Ainsworth
Anderson, D.T. Sergeant Thirty-sixth Infantry H Pacific City
Anderson, Daniel Corporal First Cavalry
Anderson, David Private Sixth Cavalry G Independence
Anderson, F.M. Private Fourteenth Infantry E Runnells
Anderson, Frank Corporal Fourteenth Infantry E Runnells
Anderson, Geo Private First Iowa Infantry, A.D. (Sixtieth U.S. Infantry) E Muscatine
Anderson, Geo. M Corporal Thirty-eighth Infantry E Decorah
Anderson, George Sergeant Ninth Cavalry L Carlisle
Anderson, George T Private Fifteenth Infantry K Earlham
Anderson, H.C. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry C Liberty Center
Anderson, H.R. Private Eleventh Infantry F Washington
Anderson, Israel Captain Third Cavalry C Keokuk
Anderson, J.A. Private Tenth Infantry H Storm Lake
Anderson, J.A. Private Thirty-third Infantry I Gosport
Anderson, J.F. Private Forty-seventh Infantry B Moulton
Anderson, J.H. Private Forty-fifth Infantry A Keokuk
Anderson, J.H. Private Forty-fifth Infantry C Keokuk
Anderson, J.M. Private Twenty-second Infantry E Mt. Pleasant
Anderson, J.S. Private First Battery
Anderson, J.V. Private Forty-fifth Infantry B Washington
Anderson, J.W. Corporal Eighth Cavalry F Dean
Anderson, J.W. Private Tenth Infantry H Jefferson
Anderson, J.W. Captain Eleventh Infantry A Sweetland
Anderson, James Private Ninth Infantry K Bertram
Anderson, Jas Private Fifth Infantry I Bellevue
Anderson, Jas Private Thirty-first Infantry H La Motte
Anderson, John Private Sixth Infantry H Keokuk
Anderson, John Private Forty-sixth Infantry A Spencer
Anderson, John B Private Fourth Cavalry I Earlham
Anderson, Jonathan Private Third Cavalry H Wilsonville
Anderson, Joseph Private Second Cavalry L Maquoketa
Anderson, L.V. Private Thirty-fourth Infantry B Viola
Anderson, Levi Private Thirtieth Infantry D Kilbourne
Anderson, M Private Fourteenth Infantry C Pleasantville
Anderson, Martin Corporal Thirty-sixth Infantry K Melrose
Anderson, O.P. Private Sixth Infantry F Osceola
Anderson, Ole Private Thirteenth Infantry E Huxley
Anderson, Ole A Second Lieutenant Third Infantry D Decorah
Anderson, Olof G Private Twelfth Infantry B Elon
Anderson, Olof G Private Twenty-seventh Infantry B Elon
Anderson, Richard S Private Twentieth Infantry F Troy Mills
Anderson, Rob't Private Twenty-third Infantry G & D Runnells
Anderson, S.S. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry A West Point
Anderson, S.W. Private Seventh Cavalry H Union
Anderson, Samuel Private Fortieth Infantry A Siam
Anderson, Samuel W Private Second Infantry A Keokuk
Anderson, Smith L Private Twenty-third Infantry G Earlham
Anderson, T.T. Bugler Second Cavalry D Indianola
Anderson, T.T. Private Eighteenth Infantry G Liberty Center
Anderson, Thos. R Private Thirty-third Infantry K Spring Hill
Anderson, W.H. Private Second Cavalry H Tama City
Anderson, Wm Private Seventh Cavalry L Onawa
Anderson,Wm Private Twenty-fourth Infantry H Viola
Andre, Hugh Private Thirty-fifth Infantry H Liston
Andre, Thomas Private Thirty-fifth Infantry H Mechanicsville
Andres, Claus Private Forty-fourth Infantry A Dubuque
Andress, Charles Private Eighteenth Infantry K Manteno
Andrew, G.W. Private Fifth Cavalry E Dubuque
Andrew, George Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry C Spencer
Andrew, George E Private Sixth Cavalry D Deerfield
Andrew, J. N. Hospital Steward Seventh Infantry
Andrews, A.A. Private Third Infantry F Lehigh
Andrews, A.E. Private Fourth Cavalry D Mt. Pleasant
Andrews, Alph Private Thirty-second Infantry H Lehigh
Andrews, C.B. Private Thirty-second Infantry I Kalo
Andrews, Cyrus Private Thirtieth Infantry C Cedar Rapids
Andrews, Daniel Private Twenty-eighth Infantry G Ladora
Andrews, Edwin M Private Thirtieth Infantry I Wever
Andrews, H.R. Private Twelfth Infantry B West Union
Andrews, Joseph Private Twenty-first Infantry G Lyons
Andrews, M.L. Captain Twenty-ninth Infantry B Mt. Pleasant
Andrews, M.S. Private First Cavalry C Seymour
Andrews, Ralph Private Twenty-first Infantry I Hazle Green
Andrews, Robert Private Second Cavalry B Gilman
Andrews, Samuel Private Thirty-second Infantry D Boonesboro
Andrews, W.C. Private Thirtieth Infantry A Montrose
Andrews, William C Private First Cavalry A Montrose
Andrews, Wm Private Forty-sixth Infantry E Lafayette
Andrews, Wm. G Private Twentieth Infantry F Malvern
Andrus, Daniel P Private Ninth Infantry F Cresco
Andus, E.D. Private Eleventh Infantry K Marshalltown
Angelo, S.H. Private Twenty-third Infantry C Collins
Angeron, Jos Private Sixteenth Infantry B Sherrill's Mound
Angier, S.W. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry E Storm Lake
Ankeny, H.G. Captain Fourth Infantry H Corning
Ankeny, Seth P Private Fortieth Infantry C Oskaloosa
Anson, J.M. Corporal Thirty-seventh Infantry D Iowa City
Anson, Jas. F Private Sixteenth Infantry H Cascade
Ansten, Thos Sergeant Thirty-first Infantry G Hale
Anthony, David Private Fifteenth Infantry E Ottumwa
Anthony, J.J. Sergeant Eighth Infantry A Dow City
Anthony, J.R. Private Twentieth Infantry A Cedar Rapids
Anthony, James Private Twenty-ninth Infantry B Hillsdale
Anthony, John First Lieutenant First Iowa Infantry, A.D. (Sixtieth U.S. Infantry) E Chilicothe
Anthony, John Corporal Fourth Cavalry F Chillicothe
Anthony, N.B. Sergeant Forty-fourth Infantry F Stanwood
Anthony, R.M. Private Seventeenth Infantry G Knoxville
Anthony, Robert Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry C Belfast
Anthony, Thomas J Sergeant Second Cavalry A Muscatine
Anthony, Thos Private Thirty-fourth Infantry D Bayard
Antrim, John Private Twenty-first Infantry E Strawberry Point
Antrim, Wm Private Thirty-third Infantry A Columbia
Antry, George Private Thirty-second Infantry F Hampton
Antry, Simon P Private Fifteenth Infantry C Pella
Antwine, Joseph Private Third Infantry F Brush Creek
Apel, George Private Twenty-seventh Infantry K Meroa
Appleberry, Frank M Private Thirty-eighth Infantry C New Hampton
Appleby, Geo Private Sixteenth Infantry E Hopkinton
Applegate, Allen Private Fourth Cavalry I Winterset
Applegate, Andrew Private Fourth Cavalry I Winterset
Applegate, David Corporal Thirty-ninth Infantry A Winterset
Applegate, G.W. Private Thirty-third Infantry G Gosport
Applegate, Ira Private Twenty-eighth Infantry C New Sharon
Applegate, Nelson Private Twenty-sixth Infantry B Iron Hill
Applegate, Thomas S Corporal Twenty-eighth Infantry C Searsboro
Applegate, W.E. Private Eighth Cavalry I Toledo
Applegate, Wm Private Tenth Infantry C Garwin
Appleton, Geo. W Private Seventeenth Infantry C Hillsboro
Appleton, William Private Twenty-first Infantry B Wood
Arbaugh, John T Sergeant Twenty-ninth Infantry F Modale
Arbuagh, J.L. Private Thirteenth Infantry F Modale
Arbuthnot, Daniel Private Fourteenth Infantry G Remsen
Arbuthnot, S.W. Private Twenty-eighth Infantry F Dysart
Archer, B.F. Private Twenty-second Infantry I Hancock
Archer, C.E. Private Thirtieth Infantry D Milton
Archer, John Private Fourth Infantry H Reno
Archer, John Private Twenty-second Infantry I Windham
Archer, O.M. Private Seventeenth Infantry H St. Charles
Archibald, R.E. Sergeant Forty-fifth Infantry H Wapello
Archilbald, B.J. Private Tenth Infantry B Glasgow
Archilbald, Isaac Private Thirtieth Infantry D Glasgow
Archilbald, R.E. Private Eighth Infantry K Wapello
Arel, Wm. A Corporal Eighth Cavalry M Sperry
Argabright, J.M. Private Eighth Cavalry B Lamoni
Argo, J.A. Private Eleventh Infantry E Sibley
Armbreast, Casper Private Fourth Infantry F Winterset
Armil, Wm Private Thirty-fourth Infantry D Davenport
Armitage, J.P Private First Cavalry G Glidden
Armitage, P.P. Private Third Cavalry C Keokuk
Armor, Geo. W Private Thirtieth Infantry A West Point
Armor, Thomas Private Fourth Cavalry G West Point
Armour, G.W. Corporal Thirtieth Infantry A Keokuk
Armsby, Isaac Private Eleventh Infantry A Chelsea
Armstrond, Robt Private First Infantry C Wilton Junction
Armstrong, B.A. Private Twelfth Infantry A Liscomb
Armstrong, Chas. S Private Third Cavalry G Osceola
Armstrong, Cyrus V Private Fifteenth Infantry D Ottumwa
Armstrong, D.L. Private Forty-seventh Infantry K Ottumwa
Armstrong, G.T. Private Twenty-first Infantry F Farley
Armstrong, George N Private Sixth Cavalry E Oelwein
Armstrong, Henry Private Fifth Infantry B Lucas
Armstrong, James L Private Twenty-ninth Infantry C Reeder's Mills
Armstrong, Platt Private Twenty-sixth Infantry I Le Mars
Armstrong, R.H. Private Forty-fifth Infantry B Washington
Armstrong, Thos. Private Eleventh Infantry E Mechanicville
Armstrong, W Private Forty-seventh Infantry G Chesterfield
Armstrong, Z.T. Private Third Infantry E Farmington
Arnett, Francis Private Second Infantry A Lohrville
Arnett, Wm. L. Private Third Cavalry M Ingart
Arnold, C.T. Private Twenty-second Infantry E Brighton
Arnold, Edward Private Fortieth Infantry G Chariton
Arnold, Eli Private Tenth Infantry K Truro
Arnold, Emerson Private Forty-fifth Infantry G Fort Madison
Arnold, Hiram Private Twenty-fourth Infantry K Anamosa
Arnold, Jas. E Private First Infantry F Boone
Arnold, R Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Danville
Arnold, R.G. Second Lieutenant Thirty-fourth Infantry G Norwalk
Arnold, Samuel M Private Forty-seventh Infantry K Russell
Arnsdorf, Peter Private Eighth Infantry I St. Donatus
Arrasmith, J.D. Private Eighth Cavalry I Gilbert Station
Arrowhood, T.J. Private Fourth Cavalry K Mt. Pleasant
Arteburn, B Sergeant Fourth Infantry K Bedford
Arthur, Homer D Private Seventh Cavalry I Spirit Lake
Asbahr, Hans Private First Infantry G Davenport
Asbury, W.H.H. Sergeant Third Cavalry E Ottumwa
Ash, John c Private Forty-eighth Infantry A Summerset
Ashbaugh, A.J. Private Forty-fifth Infantry H Griswold
Ashbey, J.H. Private Twenty-eighth Infantry D Rock Branch
Ashburn, j.M. Private Fourth Infantry D Lamoni
Ashburn, James Private Sixth Cavalry G Spencer
Ashby, E.G. Private Sixth Infantry D Centerville
Ashford, E.P. Sergeant Twenty-third Infantry A Perry
Ashkittle, Thos Private Twenty-fourth Infantry I Allerton
Ashley, Chas First Lieutenant First Infantry I Cresco
Ashley, J.W. Private Eighth Cavalry M Polk City
Ashley, William H Private Twenty-eighth Infantry K Swan
Ashline, George Private Twenty-seventh Infantry E Wood
Ashline, L Private Twenty-seventh Infantry E Clarksville
Ashline, Wm Private Twenty-seventh Infantry E Wood
Ashmead, C Private Thirteenth Infantry E Brookville
Ashmead, Hiram Private Thirteenth Infantry E Libertyville
Ashmead, J.F. Sergeant Thirty-third Infantry K Unionville
Ashton, James E Corporal Twenty-fourth Infantry C Big Rock
Ashton, T. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry C Adel
Ashworth, Abe Private Twenty-third Infantry E Ashewa
Ashworth, Jasper Sergeant Thirty-fourth Infantry H Norwalk
Ask, William H Private Fourth Infantry E Des Moines
Asker, D.O. Corporal Twelfth Infantry G Ridgeway
Asper, A.J. Private Seventh Infantry B Marble Rock
Atchison, R Private Eleventh Infantry C Columbus City
Atherton, J.H. Private Tenth Infantry F Verona
Athey, G.W. Corporal Thirty-sixth Infantry I Numa
Athey, Henry L Private Tenth Infantry H Cherokee
Athey, J.W. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry E Redding
Athey, Thomas Private Tenth Infantry F Redding
Atkinson, Hiram Captain Twenty-ninth Infantry C Strahan
Atkinson, J.D. Private Forty-seventh Infantry H Matinsburg
Atkinson, J.V. Private Twenty-second Infantry D Hancock
Atkinson, Thos Private Thirty-second Infantry C Norway
Atley, I.R. Private Forty-fifth Infantry E Leon
Atmore, Elijah W Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry B Des Moines
Atteberry, John E Private Third Cavalry E Savannah
Atwater, Royal Private Fourth Cavalry I Marion
Atwood, C.P. Private First Cavalry K Anamosa
Atwood, Merritt Captain Twenty-eighth Infantry K Newton
Atwood, S.G. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Whiting
Aubrey, Roland Sergeant Sixth Cavalry G Earlville
Aubrey, Wm.H Corporal Sixth Cavalry G Hazelton
Aughey, D.L. Private Second Infantry H Washington
Augst, J. Private Forty-fifth Infantry D Bloomfield
Augstead, Hiram Private Seventh Infantry K Pleasant Plain
Augur, C.D. Private Third Cavalry F Maynard
Auld, Geo. W Private Thirteenth Infantry G Big Grove
Aulman, Peter Private Fortieth Infantry A Runnells
Aushyn, Louis Bugler Third Cavalry C Keokuk
Austin, E.C. Private Thirty-second Infantry F Hubbard
Austin, W.A. Private Ninth Infantry K Marion
Averhill, D. Private Thirty-seventh Infantry A Sibley
Averill, Frank Private Sixteenth Infantry C Brush Creek
Averill, G.A. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Corning
Avery, John T Private Ninth Infantry F Iowa Falls
Axtell, F.M. Private Ninth Infantry I Janesville
Axtell, P.M. Sergeant Second Cavalry H Wapello
Aydelotte, Ballinger Private Fortieth Infantry D Newton
Aydlott, Benj Private Thirty-ninth Infantry E Boonesboro
Aye, Peter Private Sixteenth Infantry B Sugar Creek
Ayer, Newton Private Eleventh Infantry D Wilton
Ayers, Benj. I Private Thirteenth Infantry C Kalona
Ayers, H.O. Private Second Infantry D Nevada
Ayers, John Private Eleventh Infantry E Grand Junction
Ayers, L.M. Private Twelfth Infantry D Cedar Rapids
Ayers, Lyeurgus E Private Fourth Cavalry G Des Moines
Aylsroth, W.B. Private Sixth Cavalry C Fayette
Ayrault, James Private First Cavalry L Quasqueton
Ayres, Wm Sergeant Thirty-fifth Infantry H Grand Junction

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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