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Maine Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Alfrod, Lore Lieutenant Eighth Infantry H Waterloo
Allen, Chas. Private Fourth Battery   Dubuque
Anderson, H.M. Captain Third Infantry I Clarence
Andrews, H.F. Private Sixteenth Infantry D Exira
Arey, M.F. Corporal Twenty-second Infantry A Fort Dodge
Aspel, James Private Fifth Infantry D Kinross
Bailey, W.B. Private Fifth Battery   Onawa
Barden, Augustus Private Seventh Battery   Fayette
Barden, J.W. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry K Fayette
Beal, Frank Private Miscellaneous--Infantry   Greene
Bean, B.F. Captain Twenty-Eighth Infantry K Waverly
Bean, W.D. Private Fourteenth Infantry F Waukon
Bennett, George E. Private Ninth Infantry B Harlan
Bennett, John Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry E New Hampton
Blackstone, B.B. Corporal Twelfth Infantry A Sac City
Bothem, Norman Private Fifth Infantry C Plymouth
Bowman, M.T.V. Commissary Sergeant First Cavalry   Des Moines
Britt, James Private Fourteenth Infantry B Algona
Chase, L.H. Private Eighth Infantry C Jolley
Chick, George W. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry E Lime Springs
Chick, W.B. Private First Battery   Cherokee
Clark, C.A. Private Sixth Infantry A Cedar Rapids
Clark, W.C. Captain Eighteenth Infantry A Des Moines
Cleaves, R.L. Hospital Steward Sixteenth Infantry   Cherokee
Colcord, D.B. Private Eighteenth Infantry G Cedar Falls
Collamore, J.W. Private Twenty-first Infantry G Astor
Craig, Joseph Private Twenty-fourth Infantry E Waukee
Crane, J.H. Private First Cavalry C Davenport
Crane, J.W. Private First Cavalry C Davenport
Crockett, A.C. Private Seventh Infantry E Emerson
Cromett, J.H. Private Eighth Infantry E Walnut
Davis, C.A. Private First Infantry K Burlington
Davis, J.A. Private First Artillery A Clarence
DeLano, Marcus Second Lieutenant Tenth Infantry B Cushing
Dickey, H. Private Sixteenth Infantry B Hollidays
Dillingham, Geo. Hospital Steward First Artillery   Hesper
Douglass, Abner L. Private First Cavalry L Elliott
Drake, John E. Bugler Second Cavalry B Sanborn
Dunnells, J.D. Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry D Bradgate
Dunning, F. Private First Cavalry E Greene
Edes, Augustus Private Second Infantry C Boyden
Edes, Augustus Private Twentieth Infantry B Boyden
Elwell, L.E. Private Coast Guards A Le Roy
Everetts, Newell H. Private Sixth Infantry H Hesper
Failor, E.F. Private Fourth Infantry E Audubon
Feltch, C.W. Private Twenty-third Infantry E College Springs
Fisher, Rosewell Private Sixteenth Infantry G Killduff
Forbish, J.F. Corporal Twenty-Eighth Infantry B Charles City
Foster, John M. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Vincennes
Foye, William Private Fourteenth Infantry H Cherokee
Getchell, Chas. Private Third Infantry F Marion
Goodwin, A.C. Private Fifth Infantry E Richland
Graves, Charles E. Lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry B Stuart
Haines, Thos. Private Eighth Infantry F Osceola
Hale, W.A. Corporal Second Cavalry H Moulton
Hardy, Albion P. Corporal Seventh Infantry I Dow City
Hardy, L.E. Sergeant Seventh Infantry I Dow City
Hardy, William M. Corporal Sixteenth Infantry G Ames
Harrington, T.E. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry G Ottumwa
Hastings, W.S. Private Sixth Infantry B Marshalltown
Hill, John H. Private Fifteenth Infantry C Osterdock
Hobbs, I.F. Captain Fourteenth Infantry G Lake City
Hobbs, Jefferson Sergeant Fourth Infantry F Waverly
Holyoke, Horace P. Private First Cavalry F Sheldon
Hotchkiss, C.C. Private Seventeenth Infantry K Greene
Jellison, J.W. Corporal Ninth Infantry K Delmar
Jennings, R. Private Sixteenth Infantry E Mason City
Kane, James Private Thirty-eighth Infantry E Iowa Falls
Keller, John Private First Cavalry L Urbana
Kimball, E.H. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry G Audubon
King, C.R. Private Thirtieth Infantry F Williamsburg
Knowles, Albert Private Twenty-ninth Infantry G Cedar Falls
Knowles, Percival First Lieutenant Sixth Infantry K Webster City
Lawless, Patrick Private Seventeenth Infantry B Marne
Mace, E.A. Private First Cavalry L Hamburg
Macomber, H.W. Commissary Sergeant Second Infantry   Carroll
Main, Joseph Private Twenty-ninth Infantry I Fort Dodge
Mantor, Charles C. Corporal Nineteenth Infantry E Algona
Mantor, Chas. E. Private First Artillery C Algona
Martin, James N. Captain Fifteenth Infantry A Burlington
Mayo, Clifford N. Sergeant First Cavalry A Oskaloosa
McKinzie, W.H. Private First Cavalry A Montrose
McLeod, J.H. Sergeant First Infantry F Cedar Rapids
Meader, Allen Private Twenty-sixth Infantry E Eldora
Meader, George W. Private Sixteenth Infantry D Ireton
Merriam, A.M. Private Fourteenth Infantry G Lake City
Merrill, C.F. Private Fourteenth Infantry   Northwood
Merrill, J.S. Second Lieutenant Fifth Infantry A Rockford
Merrill, J.W. First Lieut. & Q.M. Twenty-Eighth Infantry   Rockford
Mills, Gus L. Wagoner First Cavalry E Sabula
Mills, H. F. Private Sixth Infantry G Arbor Hill
Mills, W.D. Private Sixth Infantry B Arbor Hill
Mitchell, R.G. Private Twenty-Eighth Infantry H Marion
Moore, J.B. Private Nineteenth Infantry E Cherokee
Moore, John Private Twentieth Infantry B Malvern
Mopman, A.F. Private Nineteenth Infantry E Grinnell
Morrell, Ed Private Twentieth Infantry B Greene
Myrick, E.B. Private Thirtieth Infantry H Estherville
Nagle, Richard Private Capt. Culler's Company   Schaller
Neal, Charles W. Sergeant Thirty-first Infantry K Stuart
Norton, H.E. Private Ninth Infantry D Waverly
Nye, Frank Private Second Infantry K Big Rock
Peabody, Samuel Corporal Sixteenth Infantry I Burlington
Peavy, Thos. H. Captain First Artillery B Epworth
Perkins, Chas. G. Corporal Ninth Infantry F Pomeroy
Pillsbury, W.H.H. Private Miscellaneous--Infantry   Ottumwa
Porter, J.H. Private Nineteenth Infantry K Le Mars
Pratt, Geo. W. Private Miscellaneous--Infantry   Algona
Randall, W.H. Major Nineteenth Infantry   Augusta
Richards, Edward A. Private Sixth Infantry A Kingsley
Rollins, Charles W. First Lieutenant Thirty-first Infantry A Delaware
Rounds, J.G. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry I Des Moines
Ryan, Michael Private First Artillery I Mason City
Sanborn, Isaac Jr. Private Second Infantry A Red Oak
Sanborn, J.W. Private Second Infantry A Clarinda
Sawyer, James Private Second Cavalry I Burlington
Sawyer, P.L. Private Twenty-Eighth Infantry D Onawa
Shaw, C.C. Private Fifth Infantry A Marshalltown
Sheridan, Francis Private Thirteenth Infantry D Sigourney
Smith, Alfred Private Ninth Infantry D Onawa
Stanchfield, C.A. Private Thirteenth Infantry F Creston
Stanchfield, C.A. Private Fifteenth Infantry F Burlington
Stanley, James A Lieutenant Thirty-first Infantry E Van Horn
Staples, A. Private First Artillery A Corning
Stephens, E.F. Private First Cavalry C Greene
Syphers, A.L. Sergeant First Infantry H Scranton
Taylor, A.R. Private Eighth Infantry A Waverly
Thompson, A. Private Twentieth Infantry C Vinton
Tilton, B.R. Private Ninth Infantry D Sheffield
Trundy, J.H. Private Sixth Infantry E Iowa City
Vinton, Charles Private Nineteenth Infantry F Mason City
Watts, David Private Twenty-fifth Infantry G Newton
Welsh, W.A. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry D Exira
Wescott, A.R. First Lieutenant Thirty-first Infantry D Cedar Rapids
Whitney, D.C. Private First Infantry C Sabula
Whitney, Frank Private Seventh Infantry B Marshalltown
Whittum, George D. Private Tenth Infantry K Stuart
Wildes, B.B. Private Third Infantry G Raymond
Worcester, F.D. Private First Artillery B Albion
Wright, D.W. Private Tenth Infantry C Pomeroy
Young, C.R. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry C Little Cedar
Young, F.D. Sergeant Twenty-sixth Infantry E Webster City

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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