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Nebraska Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Alexander, W.M. First Lieutenant First Cavalry F Clarinda
Allen, Edward S. Private Second Cavalry G Baxter
Ashton, Harry Private Second Infantry I Holstien
Baker, A. Private Second Cavalry B Akron
Ball, Wm. A. Private First Cavalry A California
Bay, Humphrey Private Second Infantry C Honey Creek
Black, J.C. Private Second Cavalry C Guthrie Center
Bolt, Ira Private First Cavalry F Red Oak
Bradley, Frank Corporal First Cavalry B Des Moines
Brees, Joseph M. Private First Cavalry D Ames
Brown, Nathan Private First Cavalry A Hamburg
Bruce, S.E. Private First Infantry A Dillon
Burke, A.J. Private First Cavalry G Counil Bluffs
Butler, Jacob Captain First Infantry I Clarinda
Carlson, Carl J. Wagoner Twenty-sixth Infantry B Hepburn
Chapman, John Private First Cavalry D Persia
Clark, Wm. T. Major First Cavalry Des Moines
Criss, G.W. Private First Cavalry D Oskaloosa
Criss, G.W. Private Second Cavalry D Oskaloosa
Currant, James Private First Cavalry F Sidney
Cutler, C.J. Sergeant Second Cavalry H Modale
Dailey, G.M. Corporal First Cavalry I Manning
Dayler, W.H. Private Second Cavalry K Glenwood
Dean, John W Private Second Cavalry M Hamburg
Delph, D.M. Private First Cavalry H Council Bluffs
Denham, J.A. Private Second Infantry K Westerville
Dodson, Levi Private First Infantry H Humeston
Dooley, M.J. Private First Cavalry A Booneville
Evans, W.A. Private First Cavalry F Missouri Valley
Farris, Edward Private Second Infantry B Crescent City
Gackeman, I.M. Corporal First Cavalry G Pacific Junction
Gilford, Lewis Private Twenty-sixth Infantry G Oakland
Gottbrecht, John Private Second Cavalry H Braddyville
Green, Gottlieb Corporal First Cavalry I Council Bluffs
Groves, E.A. Quartermaster Sergeant First Cavalry Garrison
Hacker, F.A. Private First Cavalry C Audubon
Hallock, Samuel Private Second Cavalry E Atalissa
Harshbarger, H.C. Sergeant First Cavalry I Woodbine
Hathman, Richard Private First Infantry D Red Oak
Henderson, S. Sergeant First Infantry D Mt. Ayr
Heywood, Isaac Corporal Second Cavalry M Walkerville
Hill, Joseph Sergeant First Cavalry F Clarinda
Johnson, M.C. Private First Cavalry F Clarinda
Kain, Henry Sergeant First Infantry D Hamburg
Kelley, N.D. Private First Infantry F Bedford
Kennedy, Lewis S. Sergeant Second Cavalry M Norwalk
Little, Zach Private Stuffts' Independent Company of Indian Scouts Modale
Lyon, J.N. Sergeant First Infantry F Red Oak
Lyons, G.C. Blacksmith First Cavalry I Clarinda
McMillen, John Private Twenty-third Infantry K Crescent
Meredith, W.A. Private Tenth Cavalry M Lewis
Mergen, John Private First Cavalry B Council Bluffs
Messer, Jesse Private First Cavalry H Magnolia
Miller, R.C. Private First Cavalry F Norwich
Milversted, G.G. Private First Cavalry E Belle Plaine
Morgan, J.P. Private First Cavalry K Lewis
Mortley, James A Private Second Infantry A Des Moines
Morton, Geo. Private First Cavalry D Woodbine
Noyes, Renwald Lieutenant First Infantry C Montrose
Obert, Alex Private First Infantry B Council Bluffs
Parks, Geo. W. Private Second Cavalry H Eldora
Peter, Samuel Private First Infantry A Osceola
Pierce, W.S. Private First Cavalry B Lehigh
Polton, Isaac N. Private First Infantry E Bedford
Powers, H.C. Sergeant First Cavalry A Council Bluffs
Powers, Thos. Private First Infantry C Arcola
Pratt, A.H. Private First Infantry A Delphos
Prehm, J.J. Sergeant First Infantry A Villisca
Puckett, Joseph Private First Infantry C Decatur
Rawlings, Ben Private First Infantry F Clarinda
Richardson, Harvey Private Second Cavalry K Woodbine
Ritchison, Geo. Private Second Cavalry K Modale
Robinson, J.W. Quartermaster Sergeant First Cavalry D Northfield
Rogers, J.H. Private Second Cavalry C Council Bluffs
Ross, Duncan Private Second Cavalry I Sioux City
Sapp, W.F. Colonel Second Cavalry Council Bluffs
Sellers, Henry Private First Infantry E Woodward
Slitum, Henry Private Second Cavalry A Smithland
Smith, Jacob Private Second Cavalry B Missouri Valley
Smith, Walter A. Private First Cavalry A,B & C California
Stevenson, Robt. Private First Cavalry K Sand Spring
Storrs, E.O. Private First Infantry F Winterset
Stott, Arthur Private First Cavalry C Denmark
Study, T.M. Private First Cavalry F Salix
Talcott, E.P. Wagoner First Cavalry B Maynard
Talcott, E.P. Wagoner First Infantry F Maynard
Taylor, D.S. Private First Infantry A Hamburg
Tippin, John L. Sergeant First Cavalry F Page
Tippin, Robt Corporal First Cavalry F Clarinda
Tucker, John J. Private First Battalion C Persia
Tucker, Joseph Private First Cavalry G Marysville
Turner, Freelove Private First Cavalry H Glenwood
Walker, Chas Sergeant First Cavalry A Buffalo Grove
Ward, John Private First Infantry H Council Bluffs
Waugh, J.C. Corporal First Cavalry C Gilman
Weeks, Wm. H. Sergeant First Cavalry B Belle Plaine
Weeks, Wm. H. Private Second Cavalry K Belle Plaine
Womsley, A. Private Second Infantry I Greene
Wood, W.J. Private First Infantry I Bedford
Yager, Martin Private First Cavalry H Hamburg
Young, M.C. Private Second Cavalry L Council Bluffs
Zenkins, James Private First Infantry F Council Bluffs

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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