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New Hampshire Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Ash, R.M. Private Third Infantry I Storm Lake
Atherton, S.A. Private Second Infantry A Dubuque
Baker, James H. Lieutenant Second Infantry F Fontanelle
Baldwin, P.B. Private Seventh Infantry K Clinton
Barnett, Joseph Private First Heavy Artillery I Lake Mills
Berry, James Private Fifth Infantry A Montour
Bickford, A.L. Private Twelfth Infantry B Dumont
Blood, J.P. Private First Infantry I Sioux City
Borroughs, Walter S. Private Eighteenth Infantry K Holland
Brown, H. C. Sergeant First Heavy Artillery G Dumont
Campbell, A.J. Private Second Infantry A Keota
Chamberlain, E.D. Private First Heavy Artillery H Spencer
Chase, C.W. Captain Twelfth Infantry G Clinton
Chase, Daniel Private Second Infantry F Forest City
Chase, Geo. W. Captain Tenth Infantry F River Sioux
Chickering, Edwin Private Second Cavalry B Cedar Rapids
Combs, Amos D. Captain Sixth Infantry F Chester
Craddock, A.C. Private First Heavy Artillery L Muscatine
Cross, Ezra Private Second Infantry
Day, H.H. Corporal Seventh Infantry H Grinnell
Dearbon, T.H. Captain Fifth Infantry A Red Oak
Doveng, Henry Private Fourth Infantry H Nichols
Dudley, D.W. Private Third Infantry B Floyd
Dunbar, John P. Private Seventh Infantry H Fredericksburg
Durgin, Nathaniel Sergeant Fifth Infantry D Cresco
Eaton, Geo. L. Private Sixth Infantry C Melrose
Ellingwood, Alonzo Private Thirteenth Infantry I Chapin
Ellingwood, Frank M. Private Thirteenth Infantry I Chapin
Elliott, H.B. Private Twelfth Infantry E Cooper
Emerson, M.D. Private First Heavy Artillery D Meriden
Everett, N.C. Private Eleventh Infantry F Sioux City
Farehand, L.D. Private First Cavalry C Chester Center
Farwell, W.W. Private Fifteenth Infantry C Alden
Felton, Geo. H. Private, Home Guards Inf. Miscellaneous
Central City
Fletcher, C.W. Sergeant Second Infantry F Sioux City
Frost, H.L. Private First Heavy Artillery B Atlantic
Gage, Hiram Private Third Infantry K Wilton Junction
Gillman, Daniel Private Fourteenth Infantry K Sweetland
Gillman, W.G. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Jewell
Gleason, H.W. First Lieutenant Twelfth Infantry G Oskaloosa
Hanson, J.B. Wagoner Fifth Infantry B Grinnell
Harriman, A.A. Private Sixth Infantry D Sioux City
Harriman, C.A. Private Eighteenth Infantry G Herdland
Haskell, Frederick H Private Sixteenth Infantry E Marshalltown
Healey, C. Captain Eighth Infantry K Avoca
Hodgdon, Miles Private Twelfth Infantry C Sonora
Hunt, James Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry A Denison
Inman, Andrew Private Sixth Infantry G Astor
Joy, Enoch Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry C Grinnell
Kilburn, L.M. Corporal Sixteenth Infantry E Fontanelle
Kingman, John W. Colonel Fifteenth Infantry
Cedar Falls
Lawton, Chas. Private First Heavy Artillery H Dow City
Libby, Chas. A. Private Fifth Infantry H Manchester
Lord, Geo. J Private Fourth Infantry F Emerson
Lovett, John Private Twelfth Infantry E Fairfax
Manning, F.G.W. Private Second Cavalry A Marble Rock
Meek, Alex Private Seventh Infantry D Lime Springs
Merrifield, Chas. B. Corporal Fourteenth Infantry G Bancroft
Mix, W.H. Sergeant Second Infantry K Eldon
Moulton, B.F. Private Fourteenth Infantry E Cresco
Moulton, Clark Private Second Infantry C Clinton
Noys, James H Surgeon Sixth Infantry
Paige, H.B. Private Seventh Infantry K Spencer
Prescott, Thos. C. Captain Eighth Infantry H Tipton
Rawson, E.A. Private Eighteenth Infantry A Sheldahl
Razee, Geo. M. Private Second Infantry K Panama
Rhodes, O.B. Private Fifteenth Infantry B Denison
Robbinson, Geo. Private, Infantry Miscellaneous
Sae City
Robe, R.H. Private Eleventh Infantry E Council Bluffs
Roberts, Chas. Private Ninth Infantry E Walnut
Robinson, John W. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry A Algona
Rowe, G.D. Assistant Surgeon Fifteenth Cavalry
Russell, W.O. Private First Cavalry C Walker
Sanborn, John Private Twelfth Infantry H Cherokee
Smith, Reuben P. Private Sixth Infantry A Jefferson
Sweatt, T.J. Private Ninth Infantry E Toledo
Towle, Chas. A. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry D Monticello
Tuck, L.M. Private First Heavy Artillery H Mediapolis
Webster, R.N. Corporal Ninth Cavalry F Atlantic
Wester, G.A. Sergeant First Cavalry I Atlantic
Whitter, C.T. Private Eighteenth Infantry F Ottumwa
Wiggins, John Private Fifteenth Infantry H Fontanelle
Wilber, Wm. Private Second Infantry I Big Rock
Wilson, C. H. Private Thirteenth Infantry B Montrose
Wooster, T.F. Private Thirteenth Infantry D Mapleton
Yeaton, W.H. Sergeant First Infantry K Washington

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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