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New Jersey Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Allen, Erastus D. Private First Infantry--Militia E Sioux City
Anderson, David Private Thirty-first Infantry I Bedford
Apgar, M.L. Private Fourth Artillery D Des Moines
Apgar, M.L. Private Thirty-first Infantry A Des Moines
Apgar, Wesley L. Private Fourth Artillery B Des Moines
Ayers, Oliver Corporal Eleventh Infantry H Muscatine
Barnard, Fred Private Thirty-seventh Infantry B Cedar Rapids
Belcher, William J. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry K Monmouth
Bennett, Chas Musican Third Infantry D Des Moines
Bennett, W.H. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry G Guthrie Center
Boil, J. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry H Murray
Brown, Oliver Private Eleventh Infantry F Seney
Bugbee, Cyrus F. Private First Cavalry B Ion
Burroughs, Nelson S. Private Tenth Infantry C Tipton
Burt, John Private Thirtieth Infantry F Muchachinock
Carr, A.S. Private Second Cavalry E Murray
Carter, J.E. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry I Guthrie Center
Chase, A.S. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry A Monmouth
Corbin, W.F. Private Thirty-third Infantry B Dedham
Crane, S.W. Private Ninth Infantry K Little Sioux
Crevling, Abraham Private Fifteenth Infantry H Fontanelle
Cronk, Munson Private Twenty-eighth Infantry C Lucas
De Camp, David Private Thirty-ninth Infantry K Randolph
Decker, J.C. Corporal Ninth Infantry K Adel
Dennis, F.E. Private Eighth Infantry E Creston
Drake, S.D. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry C Walnut
Drouning, James P. Captain Thirtieth Infantry K Des Moines
Evans, A.H. Captain Ninth Infantry D Keokuk
Ford, Thos Captain First Cavalry K Woodbine
Foster, E.F. Private Ninth Infantry A Cedar Rapids
Gard, C.E. Private Eleventh Infantry E Fletcher
Gilboy, Michael Private Thirty-fifth Infantry H Low Moore
Glaskey, Silas Sergeant Tenth Infantry H Crescent City
Gordon, G.H. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry G Vinton
Granville, John Private Thirty-fifth Infantry A Des Moines
Grier, John Private Twelfth Infantry F Bellevue
Harrison, C.H. Private First Artillery B Council Bluffs
Hart, John Private Thirteenth Infantry E Davenport
Hendershott, John L. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry D Big Grove
Hennessy, Simon Private First Cavalry G Ottumwa
Heyer, Chas. Private Third Cavalry E Burlington
Hubbard, C.S. Private Third Infantry K Council Bluffs
Hudnet, Peter T. Lieutenant Fortieth Infantry H Brooks
Hughs, Joseph B. Private Fifteenth Infantry E Marshalltown
Hummer, James S. Private Thirty-first Infantry K Waverly
Jerolamon, D.E. Private Thirtieth Infantry A Shell Rock
Jerolamon, James Private Thirtieth Infantry A Shell Rock
Johnson, John R. Private Second Infantry B Anita
Johnson, W.L. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry K Guthrie Center
Jones, Thomas Private Thirty-fourth Infantry C Greenfield
Kadell, Daniel Private Thirteenth Infantry B Mapleton
Keiderling, Charles Private Thirty-fifth Infantry D Waterloo
Knapp, Charles Private Twenty-eighth Infantry I Muscatine
Koch, Gotlieb Private Third Cavalry I Iowa City
Langbein, Charles Private Thirty-ninth Infantry F Ossian
Lawler, Wm. Private First Infantry A Marshalltown
Lesher, H.B. Private Second Cavalry C Batavia
Lookmyers, Asa Private Fourth Infantry C Wilton
Morse, Joseph Private Thirty-ninth Infantry K Davenport
Neidermeyer, L.C. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry H Manly
Nelling, John Private Tenth Infantry I Waterloo
Parish, Geo. E. Private Third Cavalry H Reasnor
Parse, M.B. Private Fifth Infantry H Jefferson
Parvin, Alexander Sergeant Third Infantry F Des Moines
Pettis, J.A. Sergeant Fifth Infantry H Woodbine
Rapp, Frederick Private Tenth Infantry G Osage
Richards, F.F. Corporal Twenty-seventh Infantry G Keokuk
Romahn, H.A. Sergeant Second Artillery M Camanche
Sanderson, Levi Private Twenty-second Infantry I Blairstown
Scanlon, D.L. Private Fifteenth Infantry E Westfield
Scott, William Private Second Cavalry E Creston
Shannon, D. Private Thirty-first Infantry G Kent
Sheppard, L.S. Captain Ninth Infantry F Keokuk
Simons, Isaac Sergeant First Cavalry C Tipton
Skelton, Joseph Private Fifth Infantry
Des Moines
Smith, T.R. Sergeant Ninth Infantry D Victor
Smith, Thomas L. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry C Des Moines
Somet, Edwin Private Ninth Infantry G Rockwell City
Stall, Abram J. Private Eleventh Infantry H Mechanicsville
Stoltz, James K. Private First Cavalry A Eldora
Stout, W.T. Private Seventh Infantry I Keota
Stryker, John C. Private Fifth Infantry A Tipton
Sutton, John Private Seventh Infantry E Oxford Junction
Thornton, John Private Third Infantry G Manson
Tuerk, Julius G. First Lieutenant Third Artillery
Tullis, William Private Twenty-fifth Infantry D Merrill
Turton, C.W. Private First Artillery E Cherokee
Udy, John W. Private Thirty-eighth Infantry B Menlo
Van Buskirk, Benjamin Private Twenty-second Infantry D Winterset
Van Gilder, W.K. Private Third Cavalry F Camanche
Van Nuys, Garrett Private Thirtieth Infantry F Iveyville
Van Pelt, H. V. Private Thirtieth Infantry A Iveyville
Vernon, James Private Thirty-ninth Infantry G Council Bluffs
Warbasse, John L. Private First Cavalry K Vail
Ward, E.M. Private Ninth Infantry E Fontanelle
West, Fred Private Fifth Infantry E Central City
Weyer, M. Private Fifteenth Infantry C West Liberty
Wihl, Peter Private Seventh Infantry B Grand Mound
Wilson, George Private Fifteenth Infantry K Mason City
Youmans, William G. Private Ninth Infantry I Cedar Bluffs

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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