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Rhode Island Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Bates, Frank Private Third Cavalry C Grinnell
Bradford, George Sergeant Seventh Infantry H Blackmore
Buckley, John Private Tenth Infantry F What Cheer
Bullock, Norman Private Seventh Infantry I Nevada
Butts, Robert J. Private Eleventh Infantry A Storm Lake
Cobolena, L. Private First Cavalry D Keokuk
Currier, E.L. Sergeant First Cavalry M Independence
Davis, M.B. Private Fourth Cavalry L Sioux City
Eddy, Osborne Private First Artillery E Spirit Lake
Fisher, George Private Seventh Infantry F Clarksville
Fort, J.W. Private Twelfth Infantry A Davenport
Gorton, N.C. Private Eleventh Infantry G Cedar Rapids
Hamsin, Wm. Private Third Infantry D Waterloo
Heileman, Fred Private Second Infantry E Elwell
Hibbard, H.W. Private Third Infantry F Lohrville
Holt, E.T. Saddler First Cavalry
Webster City
Hopkins, James L. Private Second Infantry B Laurens
Howard, B.O. Private Fifth Infantry B Montour
Kennedy, A.E. Private First Artillery E Algona
Lillibridge, D.R. Private Eleventh Infantry B Davenport
Munroe, L.C. Private Second Infantry G Davenport
Newman, Caleb Private Third Artillery M Central City
Oberchain, A. Private Second Infantry F Sibley
Osborne, Harry Private Third Cavalry K Sperry
Pardy, Henry M. Private Twelfth Infantry B Mechanicsville
Perrin, Wm. B. Private Seventh Cavlary B Nashua
Plimpton, S.W. Private Eleventh Infantry C Denison
Plimpton, Silas W. Private Tenth Infantry A Denison
Robinson, James Private Seventh Infantry I Lone Tree
Salt, Thomas Private Twelfth Infantry B Reinbeck
Watson, M.D. Private First Artillery E Oxford Junction
Weldon, Thomas Private First Artillery D Decorah

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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