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Tennessee Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Baskett, John R. Sergeant Fourth Cavalry B Melrose
Cameron, Robert Private Thirteenth Artillery
Carmen, Caleb H. Private Eighth Cavalry A Sigourney
Colman, Thornton Private First Artillery I Muchachinock
Dauber, F. Private First Infantry B Bonaparte
Davis, Richard Sergeant Fifty-second Infantry I Excelsior
Dever, Geo. W. Private First Artillery C Clemons
Fitzgerlad, John J. Private Tenth Infantry D Victor
Frost, Jas. M. Private First Cavalry A Fairfield
Harrell, Geo. Private First Cavalry H Bingham
Hinshew, R.T. Sergeant Third Infantry D Reasnor
Honlihom, John Private First Cavalry
Hughes, S.F. Private Fifth Infantry K Winterset
Isenberg, Geo. Private Eighth Cavalry C Unionville
Johnson, Doctor Private Seventh Infantry C Des Moines
Jordan, J.M. Captain Twelfth Cavalry F Grand Mound
Keele, Thos. Private (Mounted Inf.) Third Infantry B Sergeant Bluff
Keeney, John Private First Infantry E Villisca
Laveley, I.S. Private Sixth Cavalry E Coin
Manley, B.H. Sergeant First Infantry A Liberty
McCaustland, James Private Third Infantry K Persia
McCoy, H.C. Assistant Surgeon Third Cavalry
McNite, Anthony Private Eighth Infantry H Sergeant Bluff
Milligan, Jonas Private Fifteenth Cavalry K Des Moines
Mountain, Levi Private Sixth Artillery K Griswold
Murphy, John Sergeant First Artillery B Rock Valley
Neal, Jesse Private First Cavalry C Dexter
Odell, Samuel Private First Cavalry I Payne
Price, A. McC Private First Cavalry C Unionville
Robertson, G.M. Private Fifth Cavalry B Olivet
Sellers, A.B. Private Sixth Infantry B Richland
Shelton, Nelson Private Fourth Infantry E Stuart
Skidmore, Pat Private Sixty-third Infantry A Leslie
Smiley, Jesse Private Eighth Cavalry E Albia
Sutton, Jas. H. Private Twelfth Cavalry E Fulton
Sweeney, Joseph A. Private Ninth Cavalry E Booneville
Thornton, A.W. Corporal Ninth Cavalry C Cottonwood
Trail, Wm. Private Eighth Cavalry E Randalia
Wallace, Jonathan Private First Cavalry H Muscatine
Wheeler, Jacob Private Second Infantry
Whitlock, T.J. Private Ninth Cavalry I Washington
Woodward, Walter M. Private First Infantry F Boonesboro

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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