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United States Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Abbey, James Private Fourth Infantry F Wheeler
Able, Madison Private Sixteenth Infantry H Waterloo
Adams, Dan C Private Sixteenth Infantry E Seneca
Adams, J.W. Second Lieutenant Seventh Infantry B Des Moines
Alberti, Oschor Quartermaster Sergant Thirteenth Infantry
Council Bluffs
Albertson, David Private Eleventh Infantry F Ottumwa
Alden, Geo. C Captain Fifty-fourth Infantry B Moulton
Aldrich, E.J. Major Subsistance Departmen
Allen, Corodon Surgeon Sixty-second Infantry
Anderson, C.A. Private Seventh Infantry B Oakland
Anthony, Robert Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry F & H Excelsior
Armbright, Charles Musician Fifth Cavalry C Sibley
Atkinson, Wm. F Private Eighteenth Infantry E Laurens
Austin, Lewis Private Seventh Infantry A Bristow
Baker, H Artificer First Engineers F Maple Landing
Ballam, G.W. First Lieutenant Seventy-first Infantry E Grinnell
Balstead, Charles Private First Engineers K Manson
Bannister, Dwight Major and Brevet Colonel Paymaster's Department
Barker, E.G. Captain One Hundred and Thirteenth Infantry C Macksburg
Barker, Elijah J Second Lieutenant Ninetieth Infantry C Cresco
Barkus, John Private Eighteenth Infantry B Des Moines
Barnes, A.J.P. First Lieutenant Forty-second Cavalry E Knoxville
Barnes, O.C. Private Twelfth Infantry F Walker
Barnette, J.M. Quartermaster Sergant Sixty-second Infantry
Des Moines
Barry, John Private Twelfth Infantry D Dubuque
Bartholomew, O.A. Colonel One Hundred and Ninth Infantry
Bartleson, H.C. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Center Point
Bassett, Adam Captain Fortieth Infantry C Battle Creek
Baugh, Thomas Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
Bayles, Mason Major Subsistance Departmen
Mt. Pleasant
Beadle, J.H. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry C Ellington
Beadle, J.Q. Private Twelfth Infantry C Ellington
Beebe, Geo. E First Lieutenant Seventeenth Infantry K Cherokee
Beebe, George E Captain One Hundred and First Infantry G Cherokee
Belknap, Ed Private Fifth Infantry B Douglass
Belknap, W.W. Brigadier-General General Officers
Bell, David Private Twelfth Cavalry A Burlington
Bell, James A Private Sixth Cavalry L Osage
Bennett, James W Private Fifty-first Infantry C Sioux City
Bente, Wm Private Sixteenth Infantry F Elkader
Berner, Chas. H Private First Sharp Shooters B Stuart
Berner, Chas. H Private Second Sharp Shooters C Stuart
Billings, M.E. Second Lieutenant One Hundred and Fifteenth Infantry
Billings, M.E. Captain One Hundred and Twentieth Infantry
Billings, M.E. Lieutenant-Colonel One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Infantry
Billings, M.E. Sergeant First Sharp Shooters L Waverly
Bingham, W.P. Corporal First Infantry D Murray
Blair, J.C. Private Thirteenth Infantry C West Union
Boecklin, Werner Captain Nineteenth Infantry
Booth, Wm. H.H. Private Second Infantry F Emmetsburg
Bosworth, D.S. First Lieutenant Twelfth Cavalry L Ames
Bowles, N.D. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Rockford
Boyce, Samuel Private Sixteenth Infantry H Hartley
Bradshaw, J.N. Private First Engineers E Des Moines
Bradway, Chas Blacksmith Miscellaneous
Bragg, Adam Private Eighteenth Infantry B Oskaloosa
Brammer, John Private Thirteenth Infantry H Center Point
Brannais, J Private Second Artillery B Plainfield
Brennan, Henry Private Sixteenth Infantry E Fayette
Brennan, Thos Private Fifth Infantry
Des Moines
Bristow, George W First Lieut. & Adjutant Ninth Infantry
Des Moines
Brobst, A.M. First Lieutenant Sixty-third Infantry I Knoxville
Brock, James Private First Infantry B Confidence
Brock, Michael Private Seventh Infantry I Adair
Brody, Wm. H Private Fifteenth Infantry B Ida Grove
Brooks, J.J. Private Second Infantry B Menlo
Brown, C.E. Chaplain Third Artillery
Lime Springs
Brown, C.P. Captain General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Brown, Henry Private Eighteenth Infantry K Eldon
Brown, J.D. Captain Fortieth Infantry B Missouri Valley
Brown, J.L. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Infantry K Fairfield
Brown, James M Corporal Second Artillery M Mt. Ayr
Brown, Oliver Private, 20th Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps E Seney
Brown, Oscar Private Fifth Artillery F Davenport
Bryan, seth Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
Bryant, W.C. Major Nineteenth Infantry
Cedar Falls
Buckman, A.N Captain Sixth Infantry F Kirkman
Buggy, Thos Private Sixteenth Infantry F Elkader
Buher, D Private Eighth Infantry F Lancaster
Burden, David Hospital Steward Miscellaneous
Burghardt, Henry Private Fourth Artillery B Union
Burgin, Alva Private Thirteenth Infantry C Edgewood
Burnham, A.S. Private First Infantry F Parkersburg
Burress, John Private Sixteenth Infantry I Dedham
Butler, J.J. Private Fourth Artillery M Ames
Butler, James P Private Eighth Cavalry A Sioux City
Butterworth, C.E. Private Thirteenth Infantry B Dow City
Caldwell, Samuel Private Sixteenth Infantry H Booneville
Cameron, Sam'l Second Lieutenant Second Infantry H Mapleton
Cane, John Private First Infantry E Moorhead
Canedey, L.A. Private Eighteenth Infantry A Drakeville
Canfield, Jud Captain Eleventh Infantry E Marshalltown
Canfield, W.H. Private Nineteenth Infantry H Lake City
Carpenter, Arthur B Captain Nineteenth Infantry D Muscatine
Carpenter, C.C. Lieutenant-Colonel Subsistance Departmen
Fort Dodge
Carpenter, Sam'l Sergeant Eighth Artillery A Belle Plaine
Carr, Joseph Corporal Eleventh Artillery H Muscatine
Carson, H.P. (enlisted as Henry Polite) Sergeant Forty-eighth Infantry H Wapello
Carter, John Private First Infantry G Hampton
Cary, Patrick Private Seventeenth Infantry B Marcus
Cassady, E.M. Private Tenth Infantry A Whiting
Casson, W.O. Private Sixth Infantry E Cedar Rapids
Castle, Geo. F Private Second Infantry F Charles City
Castlecline, William Corporal Twelfth Infantry F Dysart
Cavalier, L Second Lieutenant Twelfth Cavalry H Lyons
Cheney, A.H. Major Fortieth Infantry
Chilson, Jerome Private Twelfth Infantry C Forest City
Christ, J.P. Teamster Miscellaneous
Council Bluffs
Clark, C.M Private First Sharp Shooters F Sioux Rapids
Clark, I.R.
Sioux City
Clauson, H Private Sixteenth Infantry B Dorchester
Claypool, G.T. First Lieutenant Fifth Infantry D Clarinda
Cleveland, S.L. Private Fourteenth Infantry D Red Oak
Cochran, G.W. Private Fifteenth Infantry G Toronto
Coffin, J.S. Private Twelfth Infantry C Charles City
Colburn, Richard Private Twelfth Infantry B Ellington
Cole, Daniel Private Fourteenth Infantry B Logan
Coler, Joseph Mechanic, Q.M. Dept Miscellaneous
Coles, Harry Private Twenty-ninth Infantry C Albia
Collins, A.D. Musician Third Artillery
Charles City
Colton, Frank Private Fifteenth Infantry F Columbus City
Conklin, John Private Fourth Artillery F Des Moines
Connelly, Thos Private Sixteenth Infantry H Communia
Connor, Oliver I Private Thirteenth Infantry H Van Horn
Connrardy, John B Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry A Exira
Cook, Charles Private Fifth Cavalry M Cambridge
Cook, H.A. Sergeant Ninth Infantry C Tipton
Cook, J.B. Colonel Fifth Infantry
Cooper, Martin Captain Twentieth Infantry F Forest City
Cooper, S.A. Captain Fiftieth Infantry B Milo
Copp, T.J. Major Subsistance Department
Corbin, Vic P Private Fifth Infantry B Wadena
Corcoran, David Private Twenty-second Infantry H Sergeant Bluff
Cords, John Private Fourth Infantry E Elkader
Corfe, Frederick Surgeon Medical Department
Courtwright, James Private Twelfth Infantry H Mechanicsville
Cowger, Evan F First Lieutenant Eighty-first Infantry E Riverton
Cox, Wm Private First Infantry B Holt
Craighill, Ed Corporal Sixteenth Infantry A Cresco
Creger, Samuel H Rank not given Signal Corps
Crowder, Geo. F Private Eighth Cavalry C Loveland
Curtis, Chas Private Second Infantry H Wilton Junction
Danielson, Chas Private Fifteenth Infantry C Lineville
Daphontain, Adolph Private Fourth Infantry C Dubuque
Darnell, M.B. Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry E Walnut
Dauberman, John Private Fifth Artillery A Delhi
Davidson, T.M. Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry F Elkader
Davis, G.H. Private Twentieth Engineers H Rose Hill
Davis, Geo Private Fifth Cavalry I Norway
Davis, John Private Seventh Infantry A Kennedy
Davis, P.B. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry A Mt. Ayr
Davis, S.M. Private Second Sharp Shooters F Beloit
Davis, Wm First Lieutenant Sixty-ninth Infantry A Grinnell
Davis, Wm. L Captain Fifty-ninth Infantry B Des Moines
Dean, J.A. Captain Fifth Infantry E Storm Lake
Deaver, W.J. Rank not given Signal Corps
Demarce, J.K. Corporal Fifth Artillery D Crawfordsville
Demery,Wm Sergeant Sixth Infantry I Woodbine
Denison, James H Artificer First Engineers F Lineville
Dennis, Isaac Private Sixty-eighth Infantry B Boonesboro
Deupree, Joseph W.T. Captain One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Infantry
Dial, David Private Sixteenth Infantry A Waukon
Dives, Wm. Private Twenty-sixth Artillery
Doering, Joseph Private Sixth Infantry D Rock Branch
Dolan, William Corporal Ordnance Department
Dolan, William Captain, Ordnance Corps Miscellaneous
Doubleday, H.A. Sergeant Fourth Artillery D Elkhart
Dougherty, E Sergeant First Engineers D Angus
Douglas, D.W. Corporal Sixteenth Infantry B Waukon
Douglass, William R Captain Twelfth Infantry E Coon Rapids
Dowding, Joseph Corporal Sixteenth Infantry A Cherokee
Driscoll, Jeremiah Private Sixteenth Infantry C Dallas Center
Dubbert, F Private Fifth Infantry B Ottumwa
Durham, M.J. Private Fifth Infantry B New Market
Durkee, Tracy Private Second Infantry E Independence
Earle, W.C. Colonel Seventieth Infantry
Early, John Private One Hundred and Sixth Infantry A Albia
Eason, Robert Second Lieutenant One Hundred and Twenty-second Infantry
Ellis, J.W. Sergeant Fifth Infantry H Maquoketa
Eno, Newton G Surgeon Medical Department
Evarts, Albert U Military Tel. Operator Miscellaneous
La Porte City
Everest, A.E. Chaplain One Hundred and Eighteenth Infantry
Everingham, James Private Sixteenth Infantry B Lawler
Ewing, J.S. Captain Forty-ninth Infantry
State Center
Fairfield, Alvah B Corporal Second Sharp Shooters H Grand Junction
Fales, John M Private Sixteenth Infantry A Newton
Farnsworth, F Private Thirteenth Infantry A Sharps
Farris, Joseph Private Second Cavalry C Wapello
Ferguson, J.M. Private Signal Corps
Kellogg; moved to Hastings, Nebraska
Ferguson, W.P. Private First Engineers G Shenandoah
Fernald, Frederick First Lieutenant Third Cavalry F Winthrop
Fife, Jas. F Private Miscellaneous
Filmore, John Musician Third Infantry
Forest City
Finn, Wm Private Fifth Artillery D Belmond
Fitch, L.P. Assistant Surgeon Forty-seventh Infantry
Charles City
Ford, D.A. Corporal Twenty-fourth Infantry D Des Moines
Foreman, J.W. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Independence
Fosburg, Porter Private, 22d Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps B Pattersonville
Foster, J.W. First Lieut. & Adjutant Ninety-sixth Infantry
Fowler, E.A. Sergeant Signal Corps
Franken, B First Lieut. & R.Q.M. One Hundred and Thirteenth Infantry
Frazier, J.F. Private Fifth Infantry B Quincy
Freeburger, B.F. Private Ordnance Department
Frye, Oscar B 1st Lieut (Act. A.A.G.) General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Des Moines
Fullen, Washington First Lieutenant Sixty-first Infantry F Sioux City
Fulton, W.M. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Bear Grove
Gantt, E.R. Captain Forty-ninth Infantry H Greenfield
Gardner, I.N. Captain Twenty-seventh Infantry A Hancock
Gardner, W.W. Captain One Hundredth Infantry D Rock Rapids
Gidley, William Private, Infantry Miscellaneous
Gilbreath, J.S. Corporal Sixth Infantry B Denison
Giles, Geo. C Private Fourth Cavalry M Council Bluffs
Glenny, Wm. M Assistant Surgeon Forty-ninth Infantry
Goddard, Chas Quartermaster Sergant Eighteenth Infantry
Godden, Thomas Private Eighth Infantry A Elkport
Good, Robert Private Eighteenth Infantry A Leon
Gordon, S.J. Private Fifteenth Infantry A Creston
Gowen, J.H. Private Third Cavalry A Chariton
Graham, L.M. Private Eighteenth Infantry F Dow City
Graves, Charles J Private Thirteenth Infantry K Ames
Green, John Captain General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Council Bluffs
Green, John Private Fifteenth Infantry K Toledo
Grey, Jno. G Private Second Cavalry M Peosta
Griffith, I.W. Hospital Steward Fifteenth Infantry K Des Moines
Griswold, Asheal Private Thirteenth Infantry C Osage
Grosvernor, D.A. First Lieutenant One Hundredth Infantry K Moingona
Grout, L.B. Artificer First Engineers B Waterman
Grout, Leroy Quartermaster Sergant Sixteenth Infantry
Grover, Geo. W Private First Sharp Shooters G Osage
Groves, H.A. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Clear Lake
Grow, A.W. First Lieutenant Sixth Infantry A Decorah
Hahn, Reuben C Private Second Infantry G Ottumwa
Haight, George A Corporal Tenth Infantry G Cedar Rapids
Halverson, K Private Sixteenth Infantry B Elkader
Haman, Chris Private Nineteenth Infantry F Sweetland
Hammel, J.L. Private Twenty-second Infantry G Sioux City
Hammitt, James M Corporal Thirteenth Infantry C Ottumwa
Hampson, G.W. Private Nineteenth Infantry E Kellerton
Hanawalt, Geo. P Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
Des Moines
Hanby, David Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry D Carroll
Hancock, Fredrick Captain Quartermaster's Department
Hancock, S.H. Private Second Sharp Shooters A Villisca
Hancock, T.J. Private Sixteenth Infantry A Volney
Hannard, James G Private Seventeenth Infantry E Lehigh
Hanson, A Private Sixteenth Infantry H Decorah
Hanson, Edward Private Sixteenth Infantry H Calmar
Haradan, G.W. Private Fourteenth Infantry B CLinton
Hargrave, R.W. First Lieutenant Seventeenth Infantry
Harm, Thomas Private Seventh Cavalry I Aplington
Harmon, Eleazer C Private Eleventh Infantry C Osage
Harrison, J.C. First Lieutenant Third Artillery E Osceola
Harrison, William Second Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry C Grinnell
Hart, Jonas P. Second Lieutenant Fifty-fourth Infantry I East Nodaway
Hartingan, D Private Thirteenth Infantry H Stuart
Hartman, John Private Second Infantry A Muscatine
Havenstrite, Charles H Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry C Waucoma
Hawkhurst, J.P. Private First Sharp Shooters G Sibley
Hawkins, J.C. Corporal Eighteenth Infantry F Blairstown
Hazen, E.R. Captain One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Infantry F Ocheydon
Heald, Oliver Lieutenant Fourteenth Artillery A Kingsley
Hedrick, J.M. Brigadier-General General Officers
Helm, Mathew Private, 23d Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps A Plymouth
Helm, Rob't W Private First Sharp Shooters H Brainard
Hendrix, O.G. Private First Engineers A Knoxville
Hennesey, John Private Sixteenth Infantry H Colesburgh
Henry, Chas. W Sergeant Ninth Artillery C Des Moines
Higbee, G.H. Captain Eleventh Infantry
Higgins, James Private Fifteenth Infantry B Tyner
Hiscox, D.P. Private Twelfth Infantry C Cherokee
Hitchcock, A.H. Private Fourteenth Infantry G Bristow
Hobart, E.L. First Lieutenant Fifty-eighth Infanry A Cedar Rapids
Hoch, Isaac Second Lieutenant Fourth Infantry G De Sota
Hodeken, Daniel Private Thirteenth Infantry D Humeston
Hogin, George B Major Paymaster's Department
Des Moines
Holcomb, O.H. Major Sixty-eighth Infantry
Hollin, John Private First Infantry K Pulaski
Hollis, E.B. Band Master Miscellaneous
Des Moines
Holman, H.W. Lieutenant Signal Corps
Holmes, C.H. Captain First Infantry K Magnolia
Holmes, G.W. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry K Dexter
Holmes, Wm Private Fifth Artillery K Storm Lake
Hopkins, Geo. Corporal Twenty-eighth Infantry A Corning
Horan, John Private Second Dragoons A Churdan
Houghkirk, B.B. Private Second Artillery G Toledo
Howe, Jack Private Fifty-fifth Infantry K Bedford
Howes, Willis Private Third Artillery E Forestville
Hoyt, Stephen Corral Master Miscellaneous
Hozie, Hiram B Lieutenant Eighty-eighth Infantry B Raymond
Huffman, Daniel Private Eighth Infantry H Muscatine
Hughey, James W Private Thirteenth Infantry K Vinton
Hulin, Wm Private Fourth Artillery B Brayton
Humphrey, C.S. Private Sixteenth Infantry G Webster City
Humphrey, Seth Private Eighth Infantry B Nevada
Huntingon, R.M. Assistant Surgeon Seventy-third Infantry
Huntly, L.O. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Britt
Hurley, Peter Sergeant First Artillery E Peosta
Hussey, Frank D. Private Signal Corps
Des Moines
Huyck, S.M. Captain Twenty-seventh Infantry I Goldfield
Hyde, Aaron Private Sixteenth Infantry B Osterdock
Ingersoll, W.F. Major Paymaster's Department
Cedar Rapids
Jacquat, Joseph Private Ordnance Department
Jacquatt, Jos Private Second Cavalry E Malvern
Jacques, W.H.C. Captain Fifty-sixth Infantry B Ottumwa
James, S.C. Corporal First Sharp Shooters B Centerville
James, William H Private Eleventh Infantry A Burlington
Jamison, A.F. Captain One Hundred and Tenth Infantry B Boonesboro
Jellison, N.F. Private Eleventh Artillery
Jenkins, Chester Private First Cavalry K Winthrop
Jennings, Alfred Private Sixteenth Infantry H Woodbine
Jess, James Private Miscellaneous
Johns, David Teamster Eighteenth Infantry
Johnson, Francis M Second Lieutenant Sixty-third Infantry F Augusta
Johnson, Isaac Corporal Sixty-eighth Infantry E Ottumwa
Johnson, J.E. Private Fourteenth Infantry A Bedford
Johnson, Richard Private Fifty-sixth Infantry A Newton
Johnson, S.M. Second Lieutenant Fifty-fourth Infantry D Carson
Johnson, William Captain One Hundred and Thirty-first Infantry K Talleyrand
Johnston, Benj First Lieutenant Sixty-seventh Infantry G Keosauqua
Jolly, N.J. Sergeant Sixth Infantry H Osceola
Jones, Daniel W Private Sixth Cavalry E Oskaloosa
Jones, J.M. Major Paymaster's Department
Webster City
Jones, William Private Twelfth Infantry F Clermont
Jorgensen, K.P. Private Sixteenth Infantry I Harlan
Joseph, Max Captain Fourth Infantry F Cambridge
Kahers, John Private Fifth Infantry E Communia
Kearnes, J.V. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Webster City
Keas, Michael Private Sixteenth Infantry D Dubuque
Keefe, Thos. J Sergeant Seventh Cavalry H Eldon
Keeler, Ezra Sergeant Signal Corps
Keene, Daniel Private Sixty-seventh Infantry B Bedford
Keith, Judson R Private Sixteenth Infantry H Brush Creek
Kellogg, J.J. Captain Eighty-eighth Infantry B Washington
Kelsey, H.E. Sergeant First Engineers K Holly Springs
Kempsey, M.C. Corporal Eighth Infantry
Kempthorne, Chas Private, 14th Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps B Hampton
Keneda, Michael Private Thirteenth Infantry A Downey
Kennedy, J.F. Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
Des Moines
Kenner, Joseph Private Seventeenth Infantry H Coalville
Kenny, John L First Lieutenant Fiftieth Infantry A Dayton
Kent, John B Sergeant Seventh Infantry H Rolfe
Keoppel, Elias D Private Fifth Cavalry C St. Anthony
Kephart, James Private Thirteenth Infantry C Webster City
Kernan, James Sergeant Fifth Cavalry M Oelwein
Kerrihard, H.C. Private Thirteenth Infantry D Red Oak
Kidd, Geo. W Private Sixty-first Infantry C Traer
Kiebel, H.J. Private Sixteenth Infantry D Dubuque
Kiefer, Fred Private Thirtieth Infantry E Casey
King, Wm. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Epworth
Kinney, J.D. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Brush Creek
Kinney, S.C. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Brush Creek
Kissick, Robert Adjutant One Hundred and Thirteenth Infantry
Kittleson, Chas Private Sixteenth Infantry H Cresco
Kleckorn, Wm Private Fourth Artillery C Mapleton
Kline, Peter C Private Tenth Infantry A North McGregor
Knight, Perry C Private Eighteenth Infantry D Council Bluffs
Knowles, Daniel Private Fourth Artillery A Lawn Hill
Knox, Robert F Private Eighteenth Infantry H Jewell
Kress, Peter Private Thirteenth Infantry B Spencer
Kusack, Keenan R Private Seventh Infantry D Dunlap
Lacey, John F Captain General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Lamb, John A Private Eighteenth Infantry
Laney, John Private Fourth Infantry H Bradford
Largey, Patrick Private Sixth Infantry
Laughlin, W.K. Quartermaster Sergant Fifty-fifth Infantry
Fort Dodge
Laurientus, A.B. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Gowrie
Lawler, J.J. Private Second Dragoons K Conway
Leach, J.M. First Lieut. & style='mso-spacerun:yes'>? R.Q.M. Fifty-ninth Infantry
Leach, Thos Corporal Nineteenth Infantry D Ottumwa
Leach, Wm. B Captain General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Cedar Rapids
Leapley, W.R. Private, Infantry Benton Cadets F Elwood
Lee, H.S. Private First Sharp Shooters D Webster City
Leistikow, Leopold Private Fourth Artillery G Key
Leonard, W.P. Private Signal Corps
Lewis, C.W. Private Twenty-second Infantry F Council Bluffs
Lewis, Max Private Thirty-fourth Infantry I Laurel
Lewis, S.E. Private First Artillery H Mapleton
Lezotte, Henry C Private Sixteenth Infantry E Osage
Liffring, Domnick Private First Lancers C Cherokee
Lisher, J.M. Private Sixteenth Infantry B Postville
Lloyd, John Private First Sharp Shooters
Looby, John H Captain Sixty-second Infantry D Des Moines
Loughery, John Private Sixth Cavalry A Charlotte
Lovell, William B Private Twelfth Infantry C Sabula
Lyman, S.W. Sergeant Seventeenth Infantry F Cherokee
Lynn, Daniel Private Sixteenth Infantry A Meriden
Lyons, James D Private Tenth Infantry E Castana
Mabb, A.M. Private Sixteenth Infantry I Griswold
Madden, P.W. Private Fifteenth Infantry B Spencer
Mahoney, James Private Sixth Infantry K Emmetsburg
March, D.S. Sergeant-Major One Hundred and Sixteenth Infantry
Council Bluffs
March, Moses Private Sixty-second Infantry C Savannah
Margrove, Thomas Private Sixteenth Infantry F West Union
Markle, Fred First Lieutenant Twelfth Artillery C Jacksonville
Marne, Wm Private Twentieth Engineers H Rose Hill
Marsch, Peter Private Fourth Infantry F Dubuque
Marsh, J.H. Lieutenant Second Sharp Shooters E Huntsville, Mo.
Martin, Alfred Private One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Infantry I Sioux City
Martin, W.H. Assistant Surgeon Third Infantry
Missouri Valley
Martin, Wm Captain Sixty-eighth Infantry
Mathews, Edward Musician Miscellaneous
Mathews, Geo. W Second Lieutenant Second Infantry K Correctionville
Mathews, J.C. Private Miscellaneous
Council Bluffs
Mathews, S.H. Captain Third Infantry G Ida Grove
Matson, Daniel Captain Fourth Artillery
Mattox, W.R. Private Fifteenth Infantry D Winterset
Mayhew, W. Speer Corporal Signal Corps
McAdoo, Wm Private Signal Corps
McAndrew, W.D. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Aurelia
McCallum, D.E. Private Fifth Artillery E McGregor
McCaughan, J.S. Quartermaster Third Infantry
McClouskey, Barney Private Twelfth Infantry
McClure, Thos Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry G Webster City
McConville, Henry Private Twelfth Infantry C Bedford
McCoombs, V.B. Private First Engineers C Olivet
McCormack, B.F. Captain Twenty-ninth Infantry B Rock Valley
McCoy, Jas. G Private Third Infantry E Hopeville
McDonald, J.G. Surgeon Medical Department
McElroy, Francis Teamster Miscellaneous
McFadon, A.A. Corporal Fifteenth Infantry A Marshalltown
McGarey, John Private, Q.M. Dept. Miscellaneous
McGorey, John Private, Q.M. Department Miscellaneous
McGowen, Lewis H Sergeant One Hundred and Ninth Infantry H Des Moines
McKee, J.W. Surgeon Medical Department
Des Moines
McKelvey, Thomas H Private Signal Corps
Center Junction
McKinnie, John D Private Eighteenth Infantry A Kelley
McLaughlin, John Private Eleventh Infantry C Dodgeville
McLaughlin, M.H. Private Fourth Cavalry B Davenport
McLoud, Daniel Private Nineteenth Infantry C Webster City
McLoud, Daniel Private Twenty-eighth Infantry C Webster City
McMillen, Wm Private Fifth Cavalry M Pacific Junction
McMullen, C.E. Corporal Twenty-second Infantry B Neola
McMurray, D.B. Sergeant Third Cavalry E Bedford
McNulty, John Surgeon, Brvt. Lt. Col Medical Department
Fort Dodge
Meagher, James G.P. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry E Pedee
Medley, Levi
Mehler, Francis Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
New London
Menning, E.R. Sergeant First Sharp Shooters E Fayette
Merchant, N.M. Private Fourth Artillery B Aplington
Merkes, Peter Sergeant Twelfth Infantry E Dubuque
Merrill, Asa Quartermaster Sergant Forty-eighth Infantry
Columbus City
Merritt, J.H. Corporal Second Cavalry G Davenport
Metcalf, Levi Corporal Fifth Artillery L Belmond
Michael, L.J. Captain Forty-sixth Infantry G Ottumwa
Middleton, Henry Sergeant Fourth Infantry F Fairfield
Miller, H.W. Sergeant Seventeenth Infantry C Indianola
Miller, Wm Sergeant Miscellaneous
Fort Dodge
Millman, Isaac Private Second Cavalry D Cushing
Mix, W.H. First Lieutenant Nineteenth Infantry K Eldon
Moirity, Eugene Sergeant Second Sharp Shooters A Mineral Ridge
Montgomery, Jas Corporal Fourteenth Infantry G Greene
Moran, Chris Private Thirteenth Cavalry G Creston
Morgan, H.A. Sergeant, 1st Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps 246 Marshalltown
Morgan, Isaac G Captain Subsistance Department
Des Moines
Morris, James R
Signal Corps
Mosier, Thomas Private Sixteenth Infantry C Colesburg
Moyle, T.R. Private Fifth Infantry F McCallsburg
Multhaup, J.H. Private First Infantry D Sioux City
Munroe, John H Captain General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Murray, C.L. Private Signal Corps
Nash, Thos. W Private Second Infantry I Toledo
Nelson, Geo Private Second Infantry G Ottumwa
Nelson, L.F. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry H Decorah
Nessinger, N Private Miscellaneous Engineers H Fort Dodge
Newell, Edward B Private Thirteenth Infantry B New Hampton
Noggle, I.P. Private First Engineers G Bristow
Norris, Jas. T Wagoner Twenty-third Infantry K Earlville
Norris, W.V. Private Sixth Infantry G Kent
Nye, Daniel Private Fourth Artillery F Centerville
Ochiltree, T.J. Lieutenant One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Infantry K Morning Sun
O'Connell, Jerry Sergeant Fifth Infantry H Olin
O'Donagho, J.B. Sergeant Seventh Infantry K Ogden
Oliver, Frank W Private Sixth Infantry K Algona
Olson, A Private Sixteenth Infantry F Elgin
Olson, Thomas Private Sixteenth Infantry B Ridgeway
Orm, Frank Captain Forty-ninth Infantry B Burlington
Orr, John M Private Fifteenth Infantry G Baker
Osborne, Clarence Private Second Infantry F Milford
Otis, George H Major, 8th Regiment Hancock's Corps of Veteran Volunteer Infantry
Ong, J.I. Private Sixth Cavalry L Centerville
Ough, Stephen Private Seventeenth Infantry B Manson
Owen, Warren A Private Twelfth Infantry C Postville
Paine, Eugene Private First Sharp Shooters F Iowa City
Painton, Geo. B Sergeant Second Cavalry L Calmar
Parsloe, James Private First Infantry H Council Bluffs
Parsons, T.T. Captain Forty-eighth Infantry F Anamosa
Paschal, J.W. Second Lieutenant Thirteenth Infantry C Stuart
Patrick, Jacob C Private Veteran Reserve Corps 172 Muscatine
Patton, J.E. Sergeant Major Eighteenth Infantry
Payne, Jordan Private Sixty-eighth Infantry B Keosauqua
Payne, Thomas Sergeant Forty-seventh Infantry D Sigourney
Peacock, T.J. Private Sixteenth Infantry A Sac City
Petit, S.R. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Third Infantry F Ida Grove
Petterson, Samuel S Major Subsistance Department
Phillips, Reuben Private Eighteenth Infantry A Elberon
Pitman, William M Corporal Ordnance Department
Popleton, O.O. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Eleventh Infantry D Williamstown
Porter, Charles L Corporal Twelfth Infantry C Lake Mills
Post, P.P. Private Sixth Cavalry I Berwick
Potts, George F Sergeant Twelfth Infantry F Colesburgh
Power, David Farrier Second Cavalry L Bloomfield
Power, L.B. Surgeon Twelfth Artillery
Pownell, J Private Fourth Artillery
Prandy, Thomas Private Sixteenth Infantry C Bellevue
Pratt, J.J. Sergeant Fourth Cavalry D Centerville
Pratt, N.H. Lieutenant Forty-eighth Infantry D Waukon
Pratt, Salem Private Sixth Cavalry K Bedford
Pratt, Samuel Sergeant Signal Corps
Pray, Robert J First Lieut., 3d Regiment Hancock's Corps of Veteran Volunteer Infantry
La Porte City
Preston, Simon M Col. & Brevet Brig. Gen. Forty-eighth Infantry
Preston, William Private Eighth Infantry D Carroll
Price, Joseph Private Fifty-fifth Infantry D Toledo
Pringle, H Private Thirteenth Infantry B Walker
Proctor, G.W. Rank not given, Q.M.D. Miscellaneous
Pullman, D.J. Private First Sharp Shooters B Centerville
Radigan, M Private Second Artillery A Downsville
Rankin, Azariah Corporal, 6th Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps F Bloomfield
Rausch, Chas Sergeant Fourth Infantry
Read, P Chaplain Seventy-sixth Infantry
Reason, M.W. Private Second Cavalry H Spirit Lake
Reed, J.B. Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry B Waukon
Reed, James H Captain Third Artillery E Osceola
Reeve, A.T. Major Eighty-eighth Infantry
Reeve, Arthur T Lieutenant-Colonel First Infantry
Reeve, Arthur T Colonel Second Infantry
Reeve, Arthur T Captain Fifty-fifth Infantry D Hampton
Reno, Benj. F Captain Quartermaster's Department
Reyerson, Ryer Private Seventeenth Infantry G Eldorado
Reynolds, B.N. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry H Massena
Reynolds, F.J. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Lee
Reynolds, John Private Third Infantry B Clinton
Rhodes, Milton Captain Fifty-seventh Infantry A Mt. Pleasant
Richards, F Private Thirteenth Infantry E Cresco
Richards, Joseph M Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry C Cresco
Ricks, T. Kugg Private Fifty-fifth Infantry I Iowa Falls
Riddle, John Private Nineteenth Infantry C Cherokee
Rife, T.M. Private Thirteenth Cavalry E Dexter
Riggs, Chas. R Captain Sixty-first Infantry K Sioux City
Riley, Thomas R Corporal Second Cavalry E Bonair
Rinehart Otto Private Fourteenth Infantry F Star
Robbins, C.M. Captain Subsistance Department
Robbins, John Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry H Upper Grove
Roberts, H.M. Private Sixteenth Infantry A Geneva
Roberts, James Private Thirteenth Infantry G Dubuque
Robinson, Chas. Captain Eighth Artillery A Camanche
Robinson, J.T. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry C Marshalltown
Rogers, E.S. Captain Fifty-sixth Infantry K Red Oak
Rogers, Jacob Private Sixteenth Infantry
Root, Richard Colonel One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Infantry
Roper, H.F. Corporal Ninth Infantry I Guss
Rowland, Thos Private Seventeenth Infantry C Colo
Rummel, D.G. Private Fifteenth Infantry E Jamaica
Rumph, Chas. Lieutenant Sixth Infantry B Waukon
Runkle, Jerry Private Sixteenth Infantry A Lisbon
Ryan, Thomas Private Sixteenth Infantry H Emmetsburg
Sage, Melvin A Private Second Artillery C Charles City
Sageser, J.W. Private Forty-fifth Infantry K Afton
Sanders, G.W. Private Second Sharp Shooters C Nashua
Saunders, Chas. J.W. Private Fifth Cavalry L Dubuque
Scarbrough, J.C. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Walker
Scheeck, E.T.S. Lieutenant-Colonel Subsistance Department
Scholes, David A Private Fifteenth Infantry E Des Moines
Schrody, Geo Private Sixteenth Infantry B Waukon
Scofield, D Surgeon Forty-seventh Infantry
Scofield, H. Major-General General Officers
Scoles, J.J.D. Major Sixty-fifth Infantry
Scott, George Private One Hundred and Eighth Infantry A Cedar Rapids
Scott, John T First Lieutenant Sixteenth Infantry C Grinnell
Scranton, R.E. Private Second Artillery K Council Bluffs
Seidell, C.M. Captain Sixteenth Infantry G Storm Lake
Seidler, F Private Fourteenth Infantry F Rockwell City
Sennett, Chas Private Fourth Artillery K Toronto
Sensilbaugh, O.R. Captain Fifty-sixth Infantry A Mt. Pleasant
Shackelford, S Private Thirteenth Infantry G Gravity
Shaw, Charles Private Thirteenth Infantry C Sibley
Shaw, E.A. Second Lieutenant One Hundred and Fourteenth Infantry G Guthrie Center
Shaw, Enoch Private Fifty-sixth Infantry K Centerville
Shelton, O.C. Hospital Chaplain Miscellaneous
Shepard, Charles W Lieutenant One Hundred and Seventeenth Infantry
Shepherd, Wm Private Sixty-seventh Infantry A Ottumwa
Sherman, Hoyt Major Paymaster's Department
Des Moines
Shreve, Benj. F Q.M.S., 5th Infantry Veteran Reserve Corps
Shull, John F First Lieutenant Eighty-third Cavalry A Drakeville
Shuster, Henry Private Thirty-third Infantry E Jefferson
Shute, J.W. Corporal Twenty-sixth Infantry I Creston
Sibley, A.J. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Lyons
Sibley, T.D. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Lyons
Simmons, Hiram Private First Infantry H Hawkeye
Simonds, W.O. Corporal Eleventh Infantry D Howard Center
Simons, B.E.A. Captain First Artillery D Red Oak
Simple, John Private Third Cavalry F Sioux City
Simpson, J.P. Teamster Miscellaneous
Slitter, Henry Artificer, Batt'n Engineers Miscellaneous Engineers
Smart, Wm Private, 1st Regiment Miscellaneous A Cherokee
Smarzo, Christian Fireman Miscellaneous
Smith, A.S. Private Thirteenth Infantry B Cedar Rapids
Smith, Dewitt C Captain Forty-fifth Infantry G Conway
Smith, Edwin Private Twenty-fourth Infantry A Putnam
Smith, Eph Private Tenth Cavalry D Tipton
Smith, Fred Private First Artillery F Brandon
Smith, J.A. Private Second Infantry B Clear Lake
Smith, Levi Musician Eighteenth Infantry
Smith, Martin Private Eighth Infantry C Audubon
Smith, Solomon Private Eighteenth Infantry G Galtville
Smith, Wm Private Sixth Infantry
Cedar Rapids
Snell, Thad W Military Tel. Operator Miscellaneous
Des Moines
Snyder, C.W. Major Forty-ninth Infantry
Red Oak
St. Clair, Alex Second Lieutenant Forty-third Infantry I Des Moines
Staal, Daniel Sergeant Second Infantry K Garry Owen
Stanfield, J.W. Second Lieutenant Forty-ninth Infantry B Ross
Starkey, H.B. Second Lieutenant Second Cavalry I Mason City
Starr, W.R. Quartermaster Sergant Sixteenth Infantry B Indianola, Neb
Startz, John Private Sixteenth Infantry A Decorah
Stennett, C.H. Private Thirteenth Infantry D Stennett
Stennett, Hugh L Private Thirteenth Infantry D Stennett
Stewart, Dugald Private First Engineers
Stewart, Harvey Private Eleventh Infantry G Corydon
Stewart, J.L. Private First Engineers F Shell Rock
Stiner, Abe Private Seventh Infantry H Cherokee
Stockman, Horace Private Eleventh Infantry K Kendallville
Stone, C.W. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Infantry D Marshalltown
Stone, Geo. A Brigadier-General General Officers
Mt. Pleasant
Stotts, W.F. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry A Audubon
Straum, William Private Tenth Infantry B Sioux City
Stringham, Alonzo Private Seventh Cavalry I Iowa Falls
Strock, Andrew Sergeant Twenty-second Infantry D Battle Creek
Sullivan, J.J. Bugler Sixth Cavalry D Missouri Valley
Sultz, D.A. Sergeant Nineteenth Infantry G Strahan
Summer, J.S. Private Sixth Infantry H Castana
Swabkey, John Private Nineteenth Infantry E Ottumwa
Swarts, Wm. Z. Sergeant First Infantry E Sioux City
Sylvester, Andrew Sergeant Nineteenth Infantry E Thomas
Syp, J.F. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Thirteenth Infantry
Tablor, B.F. Sergeant First Engineers D Sibley
Tade, Wm. A Captain Private Fifty-seventh Infantry Fourteenth Iowa Infantry B F Bonaparte
Taggart, S.L. Lieutenant-Colonel General Staff - Assistant Adjutants General Volunteers
Tapping, Albert Private First Engineers A Logan
Taylor, J.E. Brigadier-General General Officers
Taylor, L.A. Private Sixty-fourth Artillery B Eagle Grove
Teller, Tobias Sergeant First Infantry A Osceola
Thayer, Austin Private First Engineers B Pulaski
Thomas, John Captain First Engineers I Cedar Rapids
Thompson, Samuel Private Seventeenth Infantry I Hopkinton
Thompson, W.H. Private First Infantry F Nashua
Tillapaugh, Geo Sergeant First Artillery L Stanwood
Timmer, Henry Private Second Infantry C Dyersville
Timmerman, A.C. Private Signal Corps
East Nodaway
Timmerman, J.F. Private Signal Corps
East Nodaway
Tomlinson, R Private Fifth Cavalry C Humeston
Tompkins, W.C. Corporal Twelfth Infantry D Mason City
Tool, Geo. W Captain Fiftieth Infantry C Greenfield
Trask, L.H. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry C Renwick
Trent, T.A. First Lieutenant One Hundred and Tenth Infantry A Osceola
Trout, Sylvester Private Signal Corps
Troutner, John F Private Fourth Infantry B Bradford
Tuerk, Julius G Private Fourth Artillery B Davenport
Tuerk, Julius G Quartermaster Sergant One Hundred and Fourteenth Infantry
Turcouff, C.R. Major First Sharp Shooters
Turner, Jr., Asa Second Lieutenant Fifty-second Infantry G Oldfield
Tuttle, J.M. Major-General General Officers
Des Moines
Ulrich, M.L. Private One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Infantry H Ida Grove
Underwood, James First Lieutenant Fifty-sixth Infantry H Eldora
Vader, I.W. Private First Sharp Shooters
Van Beck, Geo. D Corp. of Ordnance Second Artillery B & L Davis City
Van Deventer, J Brevet-Colonel Subsistance Department
Van Vorhis, Chas Private Eighteenth Infantry F Lawn Hill
Vance, W.H. Private Nineteenth Infantry D Marena
Vanslyke, P.H. Captain One Hundred and Eighteenth Infantry C Des Moines
Vernon, John Corporal Thirteenth Infantry H Sheffield
Vincent, G.O. Corporal Twelfth Infantry H Cairo
Vorpe, Eugene Corporal Sixteenth Infantry D Mt. Ayr
Wade, J.A. Private Twelfth Infantry C Cherokee
Walker, W.P. Private Nineteenth Infantry A Morning Sun
Wallace, Alexander Private, 1st Regiment Hancock's Corps of Veteran Volunteer Infantry D Marne
Ward, Wm Private Fourth Cavalry A Algona
Warfield, John E Lieutenant Twelfth Infantry E Perry
Warner, G.E. Captain Tenth Artillery I Onawa
Warren, D.M. First Lieutenant Fifty-fourth Infantry
Warren, Jos Surgeon Sixth Infantry
Warrington, C.H. Private Fifteenth Infantry D Drakeville
Washington, G Corporal One Hundred and Sixteenth Infantry
Watkins, A.H. Private Seventeenth Infantry G Wilton Junction
Wayman, E Private Fifteenth Infantry E Attica
Weatherby, John G Private, Engineer Corps Miscellaneous Engineers
Wehrheim, John Private Thirteenth Infantry C Jewell
Welcher, W.G. Private First Engineers F Bristow
Wells, Alfred K Rank not given, Com. Dept Miscellaneous
Des Moines
Wells, B.E. Second Lieutenant Third Infantry F McCallsburg
Wenner, H.L. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Vinton
Werntz, Charles Private Ninth Infantry K Dubuque
Wetzel, C.F. Private Fifteenth Infantry D Traer
White, Eugene Private Eighth Infantry K Hampton
Whitlock, W.N. Captain Third Infantry A Columbus Junction
Whitman, James Private Fifteenth Infantry G Aurelia
Whitney, Azra B Private First Sharp Shooters F Jesup
Whitney, H First Lieutenant Forty-fifth Infantry G Pella
Whitney, J.C. Private Sixth Cavalry K Centerville
Wier, W.A. Captain One Hundred and Twenty-second Infantry A Story City
Wilkins, W.J. Private Fourth Infantry G Carson
Williams, F.C. Private Third Infantry E Ackley
Williams, G.H. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry I Logan
Willis, H.D. Hospital Steward One Hundred and Forty-second Infantry
Des Moines
Wilson, Robert Major Fifth Artillery
Witcher, Selden E Sergeant Forty-fourth Infantry A Aspinwall
Witham, C.C. Assistant Surgeon Medical Department
Wilton Junction
Wood, C.E. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Marble Rock
Wood, Charles Private Twelfth Infantry H Vinton
Wood, J.H. Private Second Infantry K Cedar Rapids
Wood, N.F. Private First Engineers I Ainsworth
Woodall, William G Private Ordnance Department
Woodward, J.W. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Monona
Work, Wm Private First Infantry B Walnut
Wright, A.M. Topographical Engineer Miscellaneous Engineers
Wright, Daniel K First Lieut. & Q.M. Fourteenth Infantry
Wright, E.H. Musician Nineteenth Infantry
Wright, Wm Corporal One Hundred and Fourteenth Infantry H Plymouth
Wyckoff, H.G. Lieutenant Third Artillery H Sioux City
Yochum, Nicholas Private Sixteenth Infantry C Persia
Yost, J.M. Assistant Surgeon Sixty-fourth Cavalry
Young, Edgar, W. Sergeant Second Sharp Shooters H Burt
Young, Geo. W Private Thirty-fifth Infantry A Sioux City
Young, H.K. Private Sixteenth Infantry A Dubuque
Young, J.B. Major Paymaster's Department
Young, John D Private Sixth Cavalry G Clinton
Young, Louis Private, Artillery Miscellaneous
Yunkerman, Charles Musician Eighth Infantry
Council Bluffs
Zentz, H.W. First Lieutenant Eighty-sixth Infantry I New Market
Zugenbuhler, Joseph Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry C Dubuque

[Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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