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Vermont Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Abbot, W.N. Private Third Infantry A Davis City
Adams, Newal H. Private Eighth Infantry C Traer
Aldrich, Liberty Private Sixth Infantry D Smithland
Allen, R.W. Corporal Second Battery
Ambler, J.J. Private Thirteenth Infantry F Wapello
Ashley, John J. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry H Victor
Avery, A.S. Second Lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry K Neola
Bacon, Joseph M. Private Seventh Infantry C Ames
Bailey, Eben Private Fourteenth Infantry H Yankee

Private Third Infantry C Humboldt
Baldwin, Irving Private Sixteenth Infantry E Sheridan Center
Balch, Joseph Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry F Lake Mills
Ball, Leroy Private Third Infantry A Little Rock
Barrett, G.F. Private Fifteenth Infantry A Montezuma
Bartlett, John Private Twelfth Infantry H Montour
Bennett, Chancey First Lieutenant First Infantry C Grinnell
Benson, Chas. L. Lieutenant First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry I Keokuk
Berkley, W.H. Musician Eighth Infantry F Clear lake
Birch, J.W. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry A Des Moines
Bishop, N.J. Corporal Tenth Infantry D Rockford
Bixby, Lumen L. Private Tenth Infantry D Estherville
Blake, A.H. Private Ninth Infantry F Manchester
Blake, Orwell Private Eighth Infantry A Des Moines
Blanchard, Newell H. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry A Creston
Bliss, R.M. Private First Cavalry D Charles City
Bliss, S.P. Private Third Infantry A Manson
Bliss, W.E. Sergeant Fourth Infantry G Des Moines
Bond, Charles Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry I Lehigh
Bontrager, H. Private Second Cavalry C Grand Mound
Boone, J.F. Private Fourteenth Infantry H Taylor
Boutin, Chas. W. Major; Lieut.; Captain Fourth Infantry; Co. K; Co. D
Bowers, B.P. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry B McGregor
Braley, Alson H. Private Ninth Dragoons C Kellogg
Bray, H.M. Private Seventeenth Infantry G Ginnell
Brewer, H.G. Private First Cavalry B Tabor
Briggs, C.J. Teamster Sixteenth Infantry D Grisworld
Brown, Henry Private Fourteenth Infantry C Onawa
Brownell, E.L. Captain Ninth Infantry C Spirit Lake
Bucklin, M Private Eighth Infantry A Bayard
Buell, S.T. Lieutenant Seventh Infantry D Marshalltown
Butler, J.D. Corporal Ninth Infantry B North English
Buxton, S.L. Private First Infantry H Lyons
Calkin, Daniel Hospital Steward Fifth Infantry F Burr Oak
Carlton, E.O. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Grand Junction
Cass, Hollis H. Private Eighth Infantry B Bristow
Cassidy, P.O. Private Third Infantry A Emmetsburg
Chamberlain, Wm. Sergeant First Cavalry I Dexter
Chamberlin, A.E. Private Twelfth Infantry I State Center
Chaplin, R.A. Private Thirteenth Infantry G Manning
Chase, A.H. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry D Lewis
Clark, F.G. First Lieutenant Sixteenth Infantry I Cedar Rapids
Collett, Richard Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry I Lake Mills
Collins, Wm. D. Major First Cavalry
New Hampton
Conunt, F.C. Corporal Second Battery
Wilton Junction
Conunt, F.C. Sergeant Fourth Infantry C Wilton Junction
Congar, Rufus Private Fifth Infantry C Sheridan Center
Conger, Seymour Private First Cavalry E Ida Grove
Consigney, Geo. J. Private Sixth Infantry K Cedar Rapids
Consigney, J. F. Private First Cavalry M Audubon
Consigney, W.G. Colonel First Cavalry
Cedar Rapids
Consigny, E.A. Adjutant First Cavalry
Cook, J.G. Private Fifth Infantry B Mitchellville
Crane, Abram E. Private Eighth Infantry G St. Anthony
Cross, D.H. Musician Second Infantry
Des Moines
Cummings, W. G. Colonel First Cavalry
Cedar Rapids
Cunningham, Peter Private Ninth Infantry C Maxwell
Curler, L.D. Private Second Battery
Danforth, Alonzo Second Lieutenant First Cavalry G Eldora
Danforth, L.F. Private Fourth Infantry E Lake City
Darling, Gilbert A. Private Ninth Infantry D Ireton
Dewey, Geo. W. Private Sixteenth Infantry H Bayard
Dickenson, A.A. Private Sixth Infantry B Waverly
Dickenson, W.O. First Lieutenant First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry H Clinton
Dow, P.S. Private Eighth Infantry C Garner
Drury, James Second Lieutenant Fourth Infantry C Albia
Dwyer, John H. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry G Glenwood
Ellsworth, J.W. Private Third Infantry B Grinnell
Emery, N.W. Sergeant Light Artillery-First Battery
Faley, John Private First Cavalry E Burr Oak
Fisher, C.C. Private Twelfth Infantry I Creston
Folger, Fred Private Fifth Infantry E Fort Dodge
Francis, Jerome Private Third Infantry B Northwood
Freeman, C.W. Private Ninth Infantry E Ashton
French, John L Private Ninth Infantry D Faulkner
Freott, Geo. Private Sixth Infantry A Ida Grove
Frink, F.A. Private Sixth Infantry C Clinton
Gage, A.B. Private Twelfth Infantry H Montour
Garver, John Private Fifth Infantry C New Hampton
Gibson, C.C. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Cedar Rapids
Glangie, John Private Second Infantry H Prescott
Granger, H.A. Sergeant Seventeenth Infantry B Manchester
Graves, R.A. Private Fifth Infantry H Mason City
Grinnell, B.J. Corporal Fifth Infantry B Gilbert Station
Grundel, Chris Private Twelfth Infantry B Weston
Gunn, W.C. Private Miscellaneous H Ft. Madison
Hadlock, F.L. Private Thirteenth Infantry E Ida Grove
Haines, Ed Corporal Eighth Infantry D Bradgate
Hall, Geo. R. Private Fifth Infantry I Leon
Hall, M.E. Private Fifth Artillery
Halley, John S. Private Fourth Infantry H Hudson
Hamilton, D.P. Wagon Master Tenth Infantry F Reinbeck
Hammond, L. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry K Rudd
Hammond, Orange S. Private First Cavalry C Nevada
Hammond, Orange S. Private Eighth Infantry C Nevada
Hartshorn, E.J. Captain Seventeenth Infantry G Emmetsburg
Hibbard, Oliver Second Lieutenant Third Infantry E Muscatine
Hill, Henry H. Private Second Infantry C Smithland
Hilton, B.W. Private Seventeenth Infantry B Eagle Grove
Hitchcock, Chester N. Private Fourteenth Infantry I Des Moines
Holmes, C.H. Sergeant Third Infantry E Magnolia
Hull, John P. Private Thirteenth Infantry E Fontanelle
Hurlbut, L.E. Private Second Infantry K Fort Dodge
Jenness, M.J.P. Sergeant Third Infantry D Mapleton
Jennings, D. Private Sixteenth Infantry I Exira
Jennison, Henry G. Private Thirteenth Infantry K Mason City
Johnson, C.A. Private Fifth Cavalry D Buffalo Grove
Jones, Alven Private Third Infantry D Malcom
Jones, M.C. Quartermaster Sergeant Seventh Infantry
Kellogg, Ephraim Corporal Fourteenth Infantry D Burgess
Kennedy, F.H. Private Sixteenth Infantry G Gowrie
Kennedy, Francis Sergeant Tenth Infantry C Sioux City
Kinney, G.W. Private Sixth Infantry G Nevada
Kneedland, H.P. Private Thirteenth Infantry I Boone
Leonard, Nelson Private Fifth Infantry K Defiance
Lewis, H.W. Private Twelfth Infantry D Davenport
Leyshon, David Private Second Cavalry D Logan
Lincoln, W. H. Private Fifth Infantry E New Hartford
Lord, John H. Private Seventeenth Infantry B Independence
Lovrine, Geo. H. Private Ninth Infantry G Rutland
Lunt, Asa Corporal Eighth Infantry B New Sharon
Martin, Dennis F. Corporal Sixth Infantry H California
Maxfield, Jno. B Private First Cavalry L New Hampton
Maynard, Samuel Private Ninth Infantry A Dunlap
McLeran, S.R. Private Fifteenth Infantry F Marshalltown
McMillan, John Private Fourth Infantry H Chester Center
McNeil, James Private Seventh Infantry I Cedar Rapids
Mead, G.A. Private Thirteenth Infantry B Parkersburg
Meader, Ben L. Sergeant Second Infantry E La Porte City
Merriam, C.D. Hospital Steward Second Infantry
Charles City
Merriam, E.R. Private Fourth Infantry K Charles City
Miller, Geo. Lieutenant First Cavalry L Afton
Miner, Fish First Lieutenant Fifth Infantry D Clinton
Minor, G.R. Private Sixteenth Infantry I Sheffield
Mitchell, G.W. Private Ninth Infantry H Rock Valley
Morgan, Edward Private Third Battery
Morgan, H.A. Private Second Infantry H Marshalltown
Morrison, Geo Private Second Infantry C Des Moines
Morton, A.J. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry C Hawkeye
Munson, James H. Private Second Infantry B Humboldt
Olds, H.D. Sergeant Third Infantry H Cedar Rapids
Ormsby, W.A. Private Second Infantry A Sioux City
Overing, R.J. Private Ninth Infantry B Battle Creek
Page, Alson D. Private Fifteenth Infantry B Clarion
Paige, S.A. Private Tenth Infantry G Masonville
Park, C.B. Private Sixteenth Infantry C Grand Junction
Penniman, C.C. Private Ninth Infantry K Sac City
Percival, Orson T. Private Seventh Infantry C Miles
Phelps, Albert Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry K Washington
Phelps, Julian Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry K Atlantic
Pierce, W. Corporal Twelfth Infantry B Des Moines
Pierce, Worthington Captain Seventeenth Infantry D Des Moines
Pike, J.M. Captain Eighth Infantry G Humboldt
Porter, Chas Corporal First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry E Grinnell
Preston, A.J. Artificer Second Battery
Putnam, H.H. Private Eighth Infantry H Bedford
Putnam, S.C. Private Eighth Infantry H Bedford
Rich, Nelson A. Corporal Fifth Infantry G Fort Dodge
Roberts, A.C. Private Eighth Infantry K Ogden
Rock, Wm Private Twelfth Infantry K Hawleyville
Rogers, Joseph Private Second Cavalry L Battle Creek
Rood, Vernon D. Private Second Infantry H Anita
Ross, Chas. Private Fourth Cavalry F Onawa
Rowell, C.S. Musician First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry C Dakota
Russell, H.H. Private Third Infantry H Sibley
Russell, Lyman Private Fifteenth Infantry B Mitchell
Sanford, J.F. Captain Twenty-ninth Infantry D Tipton
Sargent, H.H. Private Fourth Battery
Shaw, John M. Corporal Fifth Infantry I Bloomfield
Sheehey, Roger Private Forty-sixth Infantry I Ames
Sheldon, C. G. Private Fifth Infantry E Clanton
Shipman, Hiland H Private Fourth Infantry E Milford
Silsby, R.D. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry B Modale
Small, S.F. Private Seventh Infantry K Wapello
Smith, F.D. Sergeant First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry D Masonville
Smith, H.T. Private Tenth Infantry G Montezuma
Smith, S.B. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry C Gravity
Smith, Wm. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry B Lake Mills
Soule, Buren M. Musician Fifth Infantry
Cedar Rapids
Spaulding, John P. Private Sixth Infantry H Perry
Sprague, T.E. Sergeant Eighth Infantry G Alta
Squires, F.C. Corporal Second Infantry A Milo
Stanhope, Obed Private Ninth Infantry A Center Point
Stephenson, Wm. Private Fifth Cavalry D Sigourney
Sterns, T.P. Private Seventh Infantry E Barnum
Stevens, Chas. J. Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry M Eldon
Stickney, E.E. Private Ninth Infantry B Toledo
Stiles, Henry Sergeant Major Second Infantry A Masonville
Stone, Edward A. Private Seventh Infantry E Wapello
Stone, Guy A. Corporal Twelfth Infantry A Livermore
Taft, D.E. Corporal Sixth Infantry C Clinton
Taylor, C.B. Sergeant Ninth Infantry D Iowa Falls
Thompson, G.S. Private Third Infantry D Mason City
Thompson, R.E. Private Second Infantry G Garrison
Throw, Napoleon Private Fifth Infantry H Fort Dodge
Thurber, Almond E Corporal Sixteenth Infantry F Liscomb
Tilden, Fred C. Corporal First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry M Gilbert Station
Tilden, Geo. G. Captain First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry H Ames
Tinkham, Clarence Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry H Milford
Tobin, A.L. Sergeant Eighth Infantry A Dunlap
Tyler, A.V. Corporal Twelfth Infantry C Defiance
Ufford, E.A. Private Sixth Infantry D Cedar Falls
Walbridge, W.S. Private Fourth Infantry A Groveland
Walker, K. Corporal Fifteenth Infantry H Oakland
Ward, B.C. Lieutenant Second Infantry G Prairie City
Weaver, J.J. Private Seventeenth Infantry H Council Bluffs
Weaver, L.F. Private Ninth Infantry C Council Bluffs
Welch, Pat Private Seventh Infantry H Lohrville
Wells, Alfred Private Eighth Infantry B Barryville
Westcott, S.H. Private Second Infantry A Sibley
Wheaton, W.W. Private First Cavalry M Agency
Wheeler, C.R. Private Sixteenth Infantry D College Springs
White, Abner B Corporal Ninth Infantry A Paton
Whitehill, W.H. Corporal Tenth Infantry A State Center
Whitney, David Private Fifteenth Infantry C Sibley
Whitney, Leander Private Twelfth Infantry D Bayard
Wickware, Chas Corporal Sixth Infantry I Webster City
Wiggins, James A Private Ninth Infantry E Stratford
Wilkins, W. L. Private Fifth Infantry D Sioux City
Willett, L.D. Private Third Infantry A Woodbine
Willey, John C Private Sixth Infantry B Rutland
Williams, L.S. Captain Sixth Infantry I Estherville
Wing, Frank L Private Seventeenth Infantry D Tipton
Winkham, Clarence Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry H Milford
Winterburn, John Private Seventh Infantry F Marble Rock
Wise, Homer Private First Heavy Artillery-Eleventh Infantry L Milford
Woods, Daniel W Corporal Twelfth Infantry A Greenfield
Yates, Isaac Private Fourteenth Infantry H Marion
Young, Edgar W Private Fifteenth Infantry K Burt

[List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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