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Virginia Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Beson, Wm. Private First Infantry B Conway
Bohn, John E Private Artillery B Maine
Brown, Wm. Private First Cavalry G Perry
Brumfield, S.J. Sergeant Eighth Cavalry C Perry
Champlin, J.A. Private First Infantry H Modale
Coates, Samuel E Private Third Cavalry A Seymour
Curfman, John Private First Infantry A Bagley
Davisson, Jesse Private Fourth Cavalry C Indianola
Dean, Martin Private Second Cavalry M Grisold
Drake, J.G. Private Second Cavalry C Eldon
Dunbar, J.B. Private, 1st Regiment Miscellaneous A Dension
Ellis, F.M.
Evens, Albert Private Fifty-third Infantry K Reels
Fox, Geo. W Private Fourteenth Infantry A West Union
Graham, G.A. Private Thirty-first Infantry B Woodland
Hooper, James Private Third Cavalry
Hough, Henry C Corporal Independent London Cavalry A Moulton
Hoult, James Private Sixth Infantry A Luckey Valley
Hupp, A Private First Infantry H Afton
Hupp, John Sergeant One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Infantry A Fairfield
Kerr, Isaiah Private First Infantry B Muscatine
Kirkland, Wm. Private First Infantry K Seymour
Knight, Jas. Private Sixth Infantry N Unionville
Lewis, Harvey Private Forty-seventh Infantry E Muchachinock
Matheny, J.C. Private Fourth Infantry A Lee
McNemar, J.A. Private Sixth Cavalry A Bedford
Meneffe, Robert Private Sixth Infantry
Miller, M.D. Private Fourth Cavalry B Des Moines
Miller, Peter Private Sixth Infantry H Muscatine
Moore, A Private First Infantry H Promise City
Mowels, Wm. Private Fifth Infantry H Leon
Oldaker, John Private Thirteenth Infantry B Preparation
O'Neal, Hugh Private Fourth Infantry K Manson
Price, B.F. Private Second Cavalry H Osceola
Rolston, Jeremiah Private Fifteenth Infantry A Pleasanton
Shepherd, A.A. Private First Infantry D Genoa
Smith, Robert P Private Third Cavalry A Bedford
Stephens, Vincen First Lieutenant Seventh Infantry F Holt
Stevens, W.H. Private Second Cavalry A Weldon
Sumner, Eli Sergeant Twenty-second Cavalry K Medora
Thomas, George D. Private Fourth Cavalry G Des Moines
Thomas, John Musician Second Infantry G Grand Junction
Updegraff, Nathan Private First Cavalry D Sigourney
Watkins, James Private Third Infantry A Norwalk
Welch, P.B. Private Second Infantry A Clarinda
Wildman, Joseph Private Sixth Infantry D North Liberty
Wilkinson, W.T. Private First Cavalry K Des Moines
Wright, James Sergeant First Cavalry D Spencer
Wright, S.H. Private Fifth Infantry A Oakland

[List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

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