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Iowa Medical Journal, 1911


Dr. Clyde Noland, of Ogden, has opened a fine little hospital in that city.
Dr. and Mrs. Burke Powell, of Albia, are spending the winter in California.
D. W. E. Hart, of Lanesboro, had a rib fractured in a runaway accident last month.
Dr. H. Neill, of Sibley, started last month for an extended trip through foreign lands.
Dr. and Mrs. Theo. Engle, of State Center, are spending February and March in Florida.
Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Bates, of Fort Dodge, are rejoicing over the birth of a son on January 27th.
Dr. E. S. Bowman, of Davenport, has been nominated for Lieutenant of the Medical Reserve Corps.
Dr. R. H. Stafford, of Sumner, who was seriously ill with pneumonia last month, is recovering nicely.
The Santa Fe has been chosen for the trip to the meeting of the American Medical Association at Los Angeles, in June.
Dr. and Mrs. G .H. Stanger and daughter, of Boone, are on a trip abroad. The Doctor will take post-graduate study.
Dr. Chas. M. Linehan is city physician of Dubuque, while Dr. Chas. Palen has been chosen to take care of the contagious diseases of that city.
Dr. F. E. V. Shore, of Des Moines, was the victim of an auto accident last month. "While cranking his machine it kicked, breaking the bones of his right forearm.
Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Whitney, of Eldora, are spending six weeks in New Orleans. The Doctor will take a post-graduate course in Tulane University of Louisiana.
Dr. W. W. Milligan, of Burlington, is spending two months in Muskogee, Okla., having been appointed government agent for unallotted Indian lands in Oklahoma.
Dr. W. G Walker, of Corydon, was injured in a runaway accident on January 3Oth. His right thigh and several ribs were broken. The Doctor is now recovering nicely from his serious injury.
Drs. A. R. Amos and D. W. Smouse, of Des Moines, have been spending their vacation at San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Amos having shipped his car there for the purpose of enjoying the outdoor life to its fullest.
Dr. H. E. Kirschner, Superintendent of the State Sanatorium at Oakdale, recently spent a week in Chicago visiting the Tuberculosis Dispensaries so that he could be of service in starting the Dispensary 'for Tuberculosis in Des Moines.
The governors of the New York Skin and Cancer hospital have arranged for a series of lectures during March and April at the outpatient hall of the hospital. Lectures will be given by Drs. Bulkley and Bainbridge. Courses are free to medical men upon presentation of card.Medical men in Harrison county are leading a strenuous life. Dr. I. C. Wood, Logan, is seriously ill with heart trouble, Dr. C. E. Cutler Magnolia, fell on the ice and broke his leg; Dr. H. Tamisiea, Missouri Valley, was painfully injured when his team ran away plunging over an embankment, and demolishing the rig.


Dr. C. W. Rummell, died at his home in Webster City on January 31st, from pneumonia. The Doctor graduated from Rush in '99.
Dr. R. Harmon, for many years a practitioner at Onawa, died in Denver, Colo., Jan. 12th, where he had gone with his wife to spend the winter.
Dr. Chas. W. Vroom died at his home in Whitten, Jan. 9, 1911. He was a graduate of the State University of '87 and practiced his profession until last year. He leaves a wife and daughter to mourn his demise.


Dr. C. L. Warren, from Rossville, to Chester, Iowa.
Dr. G. S. Felt, from Iowa Falls to New Providence, Iowa.
Dr. J. F. Baftin, from New Providence to Oklahoma.
Dr. Myrta M. Knowles, from Colfax, Iowa, to Gunnison, Colo.
Dr. E. W. Wilson, from Adair, to Rolfe, Iowa.
Dr. Guy C. Rich, from Sioux City, Iowa, to Hollywood, Cal., 121 Western Ave.
Dr. C. O. Brewster is a new physician at Iowa Falls.
Dr. Ben G. Budge, '09 Northwestern University, since which time he has intern at Wesley Hospital, Chicago, has located in Ames.


FOR SALE.—Unopposed practice of $3,500 to $4,000 in Northwestern Iowa town of 400. Splendid roads. Thickly settled. German community, 10 to 20 miles to nearest competition. Good 7-room residence; 4-room office. Full line of drugs; will sell for $3,000; terms to suit; a money maker from the start. Going to specialize. Address B. S. M., care Journal.
FOR SALE.—Well established $2,000 Iowa practice for price of property, furniture, fixtures, drugs, supplies and driving outfit. Give- possession April 1, 1911. Price $2,000. Write B. D. T., care Journal.
FOR SALE—Southeastern Iowa, house and lot; unopposed practice free to purchaser, good place to get a start, good territory, price $500; $250 down, balance to suit, a bargain; going to city. Address B. S. W. care Iowa Medical Journal.
POST-GRADUATE TICKETS on the Chicago Policlinic and the New York Post-Graduate School at a discount. Write the Iowa Medical Journal.
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