Panama-Pacific Exposition
Iowa Exhibit

Iowa's exhibit at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915 was in every respect a creditable one. The Iowa Building was capacious, attractive and commodious. It was visited by thousands of Iowans and tens of thousands from other states and from other parts of the world. In one respect the Iowa exhibit was not only unique but impressive.

Entering the Agricultural Building, the visitor was at once attracted by a huge Horn of Plenty, towering above the other exhibits. From this there seemed to flow a stream of golden corn—thousands of ears heaped in a reservoir below. About half-way up this hill of corn the name "Iowa" stood out in bold relief, the letters of the word made up of red ears of corn.

The Greater Iowa Association, through its secretary, Mr. Woodruff Clum, and others, did much to make the event of the fair memorable. Many and various were the social and public occasions centering there.

[Iowa, Its History & Its Citizens, Volume 2, 1918, Submitted by Cathy Danielson]

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