First Iowa Infantry, Company A

Shelby Norman

Shelby Norman, a fair-haired boy of seventeen, was one of the first to enlist in Iowa. He was a private in Company A in the First Iowa Infantry. As the regiment approached the battlefield of Wilson's Creek, young Norman fell, pierced through the brain. Those near him heard the dull quick thud, a sure sign that the bullet had reached its victim. "The whistling bullet never heard by the one it hit, and which never hit the one who heard it."

Recognizing the historic fact that young Norman was the first Iowa soldier, in the First Iowa Regiment, to give his life for his country, it was determined by the commission having in charge the erection of the Iowa Soldiers' Monument at the State Capital, to place a bronze statue of this heroic soldier on the monument to represent the Infantry arm of the service.

There stands the form and features of this typical young soldier of Iowa, and there it will stand for ages to come, an inspiration to the patriotism of the young men of our State.

[Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, Vol.1, submitted by Cathy Danielson,]

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