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Benton County 1850 Mortality Schedule

Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of Death Profession, Occupation, or Trade Disease, or cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Feldon Bryan 68 M

M NC Nov
unknown Sudden ?
Aava White 30 F

M Ohio Mar
Inflamation of Bowels 1 week
Elizabeth White 22 F

M Ohio Mar
Choloera ?
George F. Sanders 1 month M

Iowa June
unknown ?
Samuel Rosbury 67 M

VA May Farmer unknown 3 days
James Helm 5 months M

Iowa April
inflamtion 1 week
Samuel Alexander 11 M

Ill July
unknown 2 days
Henry Dofs 16 M

Kentucky May Laborer Unknown 2 weeks
Nancy Mobbly 84 F

W Md April
Old Age 7 weeks

Transcribed by Erica Beatty

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