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Cemeteries of Benton County

Feature Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Beal Cemetery 415325N 0921515W Belle Plaine
Bear Creek Cemetery 421614N 0915846W Cheney
Bellar Cemetery 420700N 0920101W Van Horne
Bender Cemetery 420211N 0920914W Keystone North
Bishop Grove Cemetery 420512N 0921057W Keystone North
Calvary Catholic Cemetery 415751N 0920651W Blairstown
Carlisle Grove Cemetery 421023N 0920820W Garrison
Cox Cemetery 421157N 0915438W Center Point NW
Engledow Cemetery 421607N 0920759W La Porte City
Evergreen Cemetery 420940N 0920033W Vinton
Fairview Cemetery 421251N 0921204W Garrison
First Eden Cemetery 420633N 0915904W Center Point SW
Fix Cemetery 420110N 0915531W Center Point SW
Garrison Cemetery 420813N 0920855W Garrison
Gnagy Cemetery 420831N 0921431W Garrison
Greenwall Cemetery 421332N 0920615W Vinton
Holy Cross Cemetery 415946N 0921058W Keystone South
Houghton Cemetery 420632N 0921647W Elberon
Indian Cemetery 420600N 0920701W Van Horne
International Cemetery 415353N 0921049W Keystone South
Irving Cemetery 415702N 0921648W Belle Plaine
Keystone Cemetery 415938N 0921303W Keystone South
Kisling Cemetery 421218N 0915323W Center Point NW
LaRue Cemetery 420327N 0920839W Keystone North
Lutheran Cemetery 415357N 0921107W Keystone South
Maplewood Cemetery 421011N 0920256W Vinton
McBroom Cemetery 420918N 0915054W Center Point
Mound Cemetery 415350N 0915818W Newhall
Mount Auburn Cemetery 421510N 0920524W Brandon
Norway Cemetery 415435N 0915541W Newhall
Oakwood Cemetery 420552N 0915312W Center Point SW
Old International Cemetery 415440N 0920931W Keystone South
Parkers Grove Cemetery 420320N 0915411W Center Point SW
Pettit Hill Cemetery 421130N 0915951W Center Point NW
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 415310N 0920507W Blairstown
Plum Grove Cemetery 420900N 0915821W Center Point NW
Prairie Lutheran Cemetery 415746N 0920140W Blairstown
Pratt Creek Cemetery 421237N 0920749W Garrison
Raetz Cemetery 415934N 0915353W Newhall
Ramthun Cemetery 421112N 0921539W Dysart
Redman Cemetery 415816N 0921731W Belle Plaine
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 415936N 0920035W Blairstown
Saint Joseph Cemetery 421019N 0921754W Dysart
Saint Marys Cemetery 421006N 0920252W Vinton
Saint Marys Cemetery 421542N 0915207W Walker
Saint Michaels Cemetery 415433N 0915536W Newhall
Saint Patricks Cemetery 415356N 0915823W Newhall
Saint Stephens Cemetery 415854N 0915221W Fairfax
Salem Cemetery 415934N 0920233W Blairstown
Shellsburg Cemetery 420555N 0915318W Center Point SW
Spencers Grove Cemetery 421704N 0915155W Walker
Stringtown Cemetery (historical) 415630N 0920511W Blairstown
Twogood Cemetery 420300N 0921649W Elberon
United Brethren Cemetery 420728N 0915829W Center Point SW
Urbana Cemetery 421314N 0915158W Center Point
Urmy Cemetery 421019N 0921342W Garrison
Van Metre Cemetery 420632N 0920513W Van Horne
Wright Cemetery 415449N 0921553W Belle Plaine

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