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William Durgan

William Durgan, the smallest member of the Masonic fraternity known, being only forty inches high, died suddenly at his home in Shullsburg, Iowa.

[New Ulm Review, New Ulm, MN, published Oct. 5, 1892, p2; submitted by Robin Line]

Mr. Emming

A few days ago a son of Mr. Emming, of Vinton, fell from a house-top and died from the injuries received in a day or two.

[Daily Iowa State Register (26 Sept. 1867) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Edwin Hodges

Benton County is somewhat excited over the mysterious death of Mr. Edwin Hodges of Florence township. He was taken sick on Monday, Jan. 4; on the Wednesday following became suddenly worse and on Friday died in a convulsion. He was buried, no suspicion of foul play being had. Afterward, however, public opinion became so excited that his body was raised from the grave, and a post mortem examination had. The jury impaneled by the coroner made a verdict of "death from causes unknown." The family thinks he was poisoned by an Irish neighbor with whom he had a law suit. The unfortunate man was married on last Christmas. We condense from that admirable paper, the Eagle.

[Daily Iowa State Register (26 Jan. 1869) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Elizabeth Rammelsberg

Returns From Hospital

Miss Elizabeth Rammelsberg returned home from St. Lukes hospital in Cedar Rapids, Tuesday evening. She had been there for several weeks after being operated on for the appendicitis. Mrs. Nell accompanied her home.

[The Newhall News, February 13, 1919, Submitted by Sandra Davis]

Gussie Schrader

Has Scarlet Fever

Gussie Schrader, who has recently returned home from Camp Dodge is confined to his bed with an attack of scarlet fever. It is thought that he had brought the germs along with him from Camp Dodge.

[The Newhall News, February 13, 1919, Submitted by Sandra Davis]

Samuel Stewart

Samuel Stewart, one of the pioneers of Benton county, Iowa, died a few days ago near Dysart, aged 72.

[Sioux City Journal (16 Dec. 1895) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Mrs. Ellen Tow 79 Years Young

Mrs. Ellen Tow, a resident of Cedar Rapids for the past 16 years, a former resident of Norway, celebrated her 79th birthday at her home, 1720 Second avenue, on Saturday, Feb. 23. Her daughter, Miss Mary, gave a luncheon to which 32 relatives and friends had been invited. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Archie Tow and children, Keith and Julia, of this place. The aged Mrs. Tow enjoys excellent health and spends much time knitting, at which she became expert during the World war. She received many cards, telegrams and letters of congratulation and good wishes.

[Benton County Star, February 28, 1929, Submitted by Sandra Davis]

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