Frank D. Jackson

FRANK D. JACKSON, fourteenth Governor of Iowa, was born at Arcade, Wyoming County, New York, January 26, 1854.

In 1867 he came with his parents to Jesup, in Buchanan County, Iowa, where he attended the public schools. He also attended the State Agricultural College, afterward entering the Law Department of the State University where he graduated in 1874. He removed to Butler County in 1880, settling at Greene, where he engaged in the practice of law.

He was chosen secretary of the State Senate in the winter of 1882 and reelected in 1884. At the Republican State Convention of 1884 he was nominated for Secretary of State and elected, serving by successive elections for three terms.

In 1893 he was nominated by the Republican State Convention for Governor. For four years the Democratic party had secured the chief executive in the election of Governor Boies. The campaign was conducted with great vigor on both sides and resulted in the election of Frank D. Jackson by a plurality of more than 32,000.

Governor Jackson served but one term, declining to be a candidate for reelection.

(History of Iowa from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century, 1903)
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Governor Frank Darr Jackson was born at Arcade in Wyoming County, New York, on January 26, 1854. In 1867 he removed with his parents to Buchanan County, Iowa. He received his education in the public schools, the Iowa State Agricultural College, and the State University of Iowa. In 1874 he graduated from the Law Department of the State University. For a time he practiced law at Greene, Iowa.

In 1882 Mr. Jackson was elected to the office of Secretary of the Senate in the General Assembly of Iowa. Two years later he was reflected to the same position. In 1884 he was elected by the Republican party to the office of Secretary of State, which position through reelection he continued to hold for six years.

It was in 1893 that Mr. Jackson was nominated by the Republican party for the office of Governor. Horace Boies, who had held the office of Governor for two successive terms, was the candidate of the Democratic party. Mr. Jackson was elected by a plurality of over 30,000 votes. He held the office of Governor for one term (1894-1896) having declined to be a candidate for renomination.

Since his retirement from office Mr. Jackson has served as President of the Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Company which is located at Des Moines, Iowa.

(The Messages and Proclamations of the Governors of Iowa, 1905)

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