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Cities and Towns

Aurora -- Brandon -- Fairbank --
Independence -- Jesup -- Lamont -- Quasqueton
Rowley -- Winthrop
Abandoned Towns, Villages And Post Offices

Buchanan County is divided into sixteen townships:Buffalo -- Byron -- Cono -- Fairbank -- Fremont -- Hazleton
Homer -- Jefferson -- Liberty -- Madison -- Middlefield
Newton -- Perry -- Sumner -- Washington -- Westburg

County Information
It was created in 1837 and was named in honor of Senator James Buchanan, who became the 15th President of the United States. The county seat is Independence



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27 Oct 2013: Biographies - People Biographies Jacob Wackerbarth; Dan Walker; J. L. Walker; Lewis F. Walter; William N. Walton; Everett C. Ward; William I. Warren; E. R. Watson; Jacob Livingston Weart; John A. Weber; John Weiher; Clarence M. Whitney; Ernest M. Whitney; John H. Willey; Frank M. Williams; S. A. Wilson
18 Oct 2013: Biographies - People Biographies Thomas Eddy Taylor; Henry Tempus; Peter C. Thedens; George G. Thompson; John D. Thompson; Walter Thompson; August P. Tielebein; Bruno W. Tielebein; Otto Tielebein; Gilbert E. Titus; A. N. Todd; Cornelius Toomey; Charles G. Trask; A. F. Tunks; H. E. Tunks; James Van Orsdol; Willis F. Van Orsdol
09 Oct 2013: Biographies - People Biographies Albert A. Smith; Joseph Smith; Joseph J. Smith; John N. Smith; Milton A. Smith; George A. Snow; Anson J. Soules; George F. Spangler; Samuel T. Spangler; John Freeman Stephenson; John C. Stevenson; Walter George Stevenson; B. F. Stoddard; C. F. Stumma; W. F. Stumma; Henry F. Suhr; P. R. Sullivan; R. G. Swan; Len T. Swartzell; J. D. Sweeney
08 Oct 2013: Biographies - People Biographies George Sauer; Louis Sauer; Martin Schneider; Peter Schroll; S. F. Searls; Benjamin B. Sells; G. E. Sheffield; Amos G. Shellito; William Sherren; George Sherrer; John C. Sherrets; Frank E. Shimer; Michael L. Shine; Lewis Shoenut; Marwood Levi Short; Leon C. Simmons; U. S. Grant Singer; George F. Siemmons; Adelbert Smith
03 Oct 2013: Biographies - People Biographies William Quick; R. B. Raines; George W. Ramsey; Edward W. Raymond; Fred Retz; D. H. Revel; Ezra Richardson; Alfred Gerard Rigby; Joseph H. Riseley; George Risk; Chester M. Roberts; Thomas Robinson; John R. Rogers

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