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Buchanan County Iowa


1850 Mortality Schedule

Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of Death Profession, Occupation, or Trade Disease, or cause of Death Number of Days Ill
William Foreman 1 M

Iowa August
Croup 1 day
Catherine Mc Mahon 9 months F

Iowa June
F? 3 weeks
Samuel Logan 8 months M

Ohio Oct
Diahreha 10 days
Matthew Trogden 4 months M

Iowa Jun
Inflamation 3 days
Hiram Hancock 1 month M

Iowa May
F? 2 days
Mary Camarin 34 F

M VA Aug
Unknown 4 days
Catherine Boldmen 85 F

W Penn Oct
N? offiction 3 days
Transcribed by Erica Beatty

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