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Chickasaw County, Iowa
1860 Mortality Schedule

Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of death Occupation or trade Cause of Death # of days ill Township/County Census Year
Steele, Parmelia 23 F B X
Ohio March
Consumption 90 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Dutton, Mary 1 F B X
Iowa May
Consumption 72 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Nutting, M. F. 4 months F

Iowa March
Mirasmas 7 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Hale, Sarah E. 24 F

M Conn May
Constriction of Lungs 4 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Pooler, Ida 4 months F

Iowa Feb
Constriction of Lungs 5 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Gilman, Franklin 8 months M

Iowa Feb
Constriction of Lungs 10 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Blackman, Cynthia 22 F

M New York May
Apoplexy 1 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Blackman, Cynthia 1 month F

Iowa May
Whooping Cough 3 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Helma, Phebe 40 F

M VT March
Child Birth
Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Jackson, Solomon 25 M

Ohio April Farmer Bilious Fever 4 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
McConnell, C. 5 M

Iowa Feb
Scalded 3 Bradford, Chickasaw 1860
Cagley, Melissa 1 month F

Iowa April
Whooping Cough 3 Chickasaw, Chickasaw 1860
Connelly, Patrick 42 M

M Ireland July Farmer Fever and Ague 158 Chickasaw, Chickasaw 1860
Stearus, Judson 1 month M

Iowa Sept
Diarhea 14 Chickasaw, Chickasaw 1860
Allen, Mahalia 56 F

M CE Sept
Bilious Fever 10 Chickasaw, Chickasaw 1860
Morris, Fanny 57 F

M England Sept
Dysentary 8 Deerfield, Chickasaw 1860
Rothwell, Andreas 32 M

Hanover Nov Farmer Inflamation of Lungs 8 Washington, Chickasaw 1860
Parks, Emma 1 F

Iowa Oct
Scrofula 30 Richland, Chickasaw 1860
Parks, Baby 1 month M

Iowa Feb
Rash 7 Richland, Chickasaw 1860
Baily, Asa 6 months M

Iowa Nov
Consumption 72 Richland, Chickasaw 1860
Herford, Martin 23 M

M Ohio Sept Farmer Inflammation of Bowels 7 Richland, Chickasaw 1860
Stow, Edgar 3 M

N Y May
Consumption 9 Fredericksburg, Chickasaw 1860
Van Orsdoll, Philip 1 M

Iowa Sept
Diarhea 28 New Hampton, Chickasaw 1860
Maston, Jason 65 M

M Maine Jan Shoemaker Despepsia 180 New Hampton, Chickasaw 1860

Submitted by Vicki Hartman

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