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Clinton County

Name Latitude Longitude
Allison School (historical) 414641N 0903919W
Ashford University 415107N 0901157W
Bald Face School (historical) 414655N 0902117W
Bluff Elementary School 415004N 0901310W
Buell School 415255N 0901043W
Calamus - Wheatland Elementary School 414919N 0904534W
Calamus - Wheatland Junior High School / High School 415015N 0905019W
Camanche Elementary School 414729N 0901521W
Camanche High School 414713N 0901541W
Camanche Middle School 414717N 0901543W
Center School (historical) 415039N 0901601W
Central High School 414930N 0903128W
Central Intermediate School 414930N 0903137W
Central Middle School 414933N 0903133W
Clinton Community College 415003N 0901240W
Clinton High School 415012N 0901221W
Clinton High School Lincoln Campus 414957N 0901345W
Delwood Elementary School 420009N 0903619W
Eagle Heights Elementary School 415240N 0901151W
Ekstrand Elementary School 414953N 0903252W
Elvira Elementary School 415138N 0902125W
Flannery School (historical) 415343N 0901030W
Franklin School (historical) 415017N 0901234W
Goff School (historical) 415109N 0903253W
Gove School (historical) 415016N 0902739W
Grand Mound Elementary School 414917N 0903843W
Griebel School (historical) 415038N 0904142W
Harding School 415123N 0901310W
Hawthorne School (historical) 415117N 0901116W
Hess School (historical) 415134N 0901325W
Horace Mann School 415206N 0901056W
Irving School (historical) 414946N 0901147W
Jefferson Elementary School 415039N 0901211W
Kirkwood School 415101N 0901131W
Langbehn School (historical) 415040N 0903811W
Liberty School (historical) 414801N 0902433W
Lincoln School (historical) 414710N 0903404W
Longfellow School 414944N 0901234W
Lyons Middle School 415249N 0901109W
Maple Grove School (historical) 414510N 0902338W
Mater Dei High School 415014N 0901144W
Meints School (historical) 414826N 0903922W
Midland Middle School 415738N 0904856W
Northeast Alternative High School 415805N 0902251W
Northeast Elementary School 415808N 0902235W
Northeast Middle / High School 415758N 0902227W
Our Lady of Angels Seminary 415212N 0901104W
Prince of Peace Catholic School 415035N 0901137W
Quinn School (historical) 415133N 0902814W
Red Oak School (historical) 414709N 0905253W
Rural Home School (historical) 414749N 0903219W
Saint Irenaeus School 415241N 0901037W
Saint Joseph Catholic School 414912N 0903223W
Seymour School (historical) 414943N 0901452W
Sodus School (historical) 414523N 0902009W
South School (historical) 415153N 0901109W
Stemple School (historical) 415042N 0903956W
Trinity Primary School 415054N 0901117W
Trinity School 415034N 0901132W
Turner School (historical) 414925N 0902814W
Unity School (historical) 414933N 0903513W
Wartburg College (historical) 415006N 0901351W
Washington Middle School 415038N 0901215W
Welton Elementary School 415429N 0903543W
Whittier Elementary School 415045N 0901300W

Source: GNIS

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