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Davis County
1850 Mortality Schedule

Persons Who Died During The Year Ending 1st June, 1850

Enumerated by Saml. T. Caldwell

Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Disease or Cause of Death # of Days Ill
Jefferson Jordan 45 M     M Ky. April Farmer C.  
Sarah Jones 42 F     M Va. Feb.   Inflam. Brain 5
Nancy Miller 19 F       Ohio Oct.   Lung Fever  
Harry Oconee or Sconee 3/12 M       Iowa May   Inflam. Head 6
Brillence Oconee or Sconee 20 F     M La. May   Typhoid Fever 3
James M. Wilkison 1 M       Iowa Sept.   Inflam. Brain 9
John Mark 8 M       Iowa March   Neuralgia 2
Zebulon Cowell 29 M     M Ohio Dec. Farmer Breast Com. 3 months
Hanna Tressel 27 F     M Ohio Feb.   Dropsy 6 months
Mary Robins 26 F       Indiana Sept.   Drowned  
Benjamin F. Phelps 6/12 M       Iowa May   Croup 1 day
Samuel T. Evans 22 M       Tennessee Sept. Farmer Fever 25
Henrietta A. Dorr 1 F       Tennessee Feb.   Inflam. Brain 60
Flora A. Phelps 2 F       Indiana April   Measles 4
Elizabeth Phelps 6/12 F       Iowa April   Inflam. Brain 35
Mary F. Gant 8 F       Indiana Feb.   Inflam. Bowels 26
Rosanna Keller 1/12 F       Iowa May   Measles 9
Ernest Hathaway 4/12 M       Ohio June   Croup 2
Charles M. Godard 2/12 M       Iowa May   Sudden  
Isabella Godard 31 F     M Ohio May   Measles 10
Anna Earnst 43 F     M Pennsylvania Sept.   Con. Fever 10
Alvin N. Earnst 1 M       Indiana May   Measles 5
Catharine Moughler 3 F       Ohio July   Flux 11
Almira Moughler 2/12 F       Ohio July   Flux 14
Harriet M. Greenleaf 3 F       Maine Feb.   W. Fever 7
Mansel B. Woolridge 18 M       Kentucky June Farmer Lung Fever 2 mos.
Rosswell Streeter 50 M     M Unknown April Farmer W. Fever 6
Amanda Fate 1 F       Iowa Sept.   C.  
William H. Cortney 4 M       Indiana July   Cholera Sudden
Arthur W. Graham 1 M       Indiana April   Measles 2
Aaron Peyton 37 M     M Ohio August Brick Layer Cholera Sudden
Avila B. Clark 1/12 F       Iowa August   Unknown 4
James Reede 15 M       Ohio July Farmer Unknown Sudden
Jane Walker 24 F     M Illinois Nov.   Fever 10
Mary M. Walker 3 F       Iowa Nov.   Ensyfalis 10
Herman Cramer 3/12 M       Iowa Sept.   Diarrhea 8
Samuel Clark 8/12 M       Iowa Oct.   Diarrhea 12
Clarissa Hosick 37 F     M Ky. Nov.   Unknown 14
Margaret Williamson 63 F     M Ky. July   C.  
Williamson Miller 1 M       Iowa Oct.   C.  
Caroline Stefflebeam 7 F       Iowa May   Sc. Fever 5
Jacob Spears 10 M       Ill. Jan.   Erysipalas 5
Elihu Hockensmith 14 M       Mo. April   C.  
Robert C. White 2/12 M       Iowa Feb.   Croup 5
Lucy Ann McCoy 11 F       Ohio May   Inflam. Lung 28
Joseph W. Scott 1/12 M       Iowa Dec.   Croup 1
Mary Holenbak 7/12 F       Iowa Dec.   Unknown 21
Monarchy C. Rollings 60 M     W Md. April   Colic 2
Elizabeth J. Furman 26 F       Md. Nov.   C.  
Mary E. Niblak 11/12 F       Ky. August   Unknown 5
Eliza J. Waggoner 16 F       Va. April   Burnt Sudden
Florinella Wagoner 13 F       Va. April   Burnt Sudden
George Wagoner 3 M       Va. April   Burnt Sudden
William Henson 1 M       Iowa Dec.   C.  
William Simons 22 M       Ill. Dec. Farmer C.  
William Russell 42 M     M N.Y. Dec. Farmer C.  
Elizabeth Finley 32 F     M Ky May   L. Fever 12
Mary Thompson 33 F     M Unknown March   Unknown Sudden
Larkin T. Harris 18 M       Mo. Dec. Farmer W. Fever 14
Nancy Arvatt 5/12 F       Iowa August   C.  
William H. Swaney 1 M       Iowa Sept.   Flux 7
John Cetchum 37 M     M Va. May School Teacher Inflam. L. 23
John B. Smith 57 M     M N.Y. Sept. Farmer Flux 10
Ann E. Smith 7 F       Iowa Sept.   Flux 23
Oliver Smith 6/12 M       Iowa Aug.   Flux 4
Eliza A. Smith 6/12 F       Iowa Aug.   Flux 4
Asa Brewer 64 M     M N.C. Aug. Farmer C.  
Lucille Fongate 10/12 F       Iowa Aug.   C.  
Martha J. Stone 1 F       In. Sept.   Measles 10
Amanda A. Fraely 2 F       In. Sept.   Flux 6
Sarah C. Fraely 9/12 F       Va. Sept.   Flux 8
William S. Ship   M       Va.. Oct.   C.  
John Bright 2 M       Ill. April   Measles 16
Margaret M. Denison 11/12 F       Iowa April   Measles 11
Elijah S. Carpenter 2 M       Iowa April   Measles 4
Henry S. Lawton 2/12 M       Iowa March   Croup 1
Margaret Huffman 11 F       Ia. May   Inflam. 5
William A. Neal 1 M       Iowa June   Head Dropsy 21

Submitted by C. Anthony

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