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Decatur County, Iowa


Decatur County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Baker Cemetery 404239N 0933755W Leon
Beaver Cemetery 404233N 0933754W Leon
Bethel Cemetery 403957N 0934616W Davis City
Bucy Cemetery 404126N 0935322W Lamoni North
Campbell Cemetery 404120N 0934421W Leon
Campbell Cemetery 403521N 0934548W Akron
Cash Cemetery 404347N 0935254W Lamoni North
Chase Cemetery (historical) 403800N 0934631W Davis City
Chastain Cemetery 404129N 0934117W Leon
Clinton Cemetery 405140N 0935001W Van Wert
County Home Cemetery 404130N 0934206W Leon
Cowles Cemetery 403621N 0934201W Pleasanton
Creveling Cemetery 403750N 0935356W Lamoni North
Dale Cemetery 403716N 0934138W Pleasanton
Davis City Cemetery 403830N 0934907W Davis City
Decatur City Cemetery 404437N 0935022W Davis City
Doze Cemetery 405140N 0933831W Garden Grove SW
Elk Cemetery 404315N 0935621W Lamoni North
Elm Cemetery 403535N 0933425W Lineville
Franklin Cemetery 404656N 0934157W Garden Grove SW
Fugate Cemetery 403520N 0933621W Lineville
Gammill Cemetery 403625N 0934110W Pleasanton
Garden Grove Cemetery 404950N 0933545W Garden Grove
Gatliff Cemetery 403530N 0933343W Lineville
Gore Cemetery 403940N 0934751W Davis City
Grand River Cemetery 404855N 0935831W Grand River
Green Bay Cemetery 404935N 0933144W Garden Grove
Hamilton Cemetery 403544N 0934453W Pleasanton
Hatfield Cemetery 404120N 0934301W Leon
High Point Cemetery 404534N 0933527W Garden Grove
Hollen Cemetery 403544N 0940034W Pawnee
Johnson Cemetery 404928N 0934253W Garden Grove SW
Kline Cemetery 405330N 0934431W Weldon
Lentz Cemetery 404131N 0933653W Woodland
Leon Cemetery 404442N 0934526W Davis City
Lillie Cemetery 403924N 0935630W Lamoni North
Logan Cemetery 403704N 0933349W Lineville
Manchester Cemetery 404229N 0934536W Davis City
McCullough Cemetery 404815N 0933837W Garden Grove SW
McKee Cemetery 405153N 0935143W Van Wert
Meek Cemetery 404217N 0934223W Leon
Metier Cemetery 405251N 0933902W Weldon
Miller Cemetery 404210N 0935153W Davis City
Millsap Cemetery 404400N 0935701W Lamoni North
Morman Cemetery 405000N 0933721W Garden Grove
Mount Tabor Cemetery 404304N 0934056W Leon
Munyon Cemetery 404905N 0935324W Grand River
New Buda Cemetery 403612N 0934957W Akron
New Salem Cemetery 403750N 0934242W Leon
Oak Hill Cemetery 404755N 0935525W Grand River
O'Grady Cemetery 405152N 0935927W Grand River
Old Funk Cemetery 404800N 0935526W Grand River
Palenstine Cemetery 404432N 0934744W Davis City
Rose Hill Cemetery 403731N 0935649W Lamoni North
Saint Marys Cemetery 404034N 0933921W Leon
Shields Cemetery 403932N 0933557W Woodland
Shy Cemetery 404631N 0934744W Van Wert
Sweet Home Cemetery 403540N 0935723W Lamoni South
Tennessee Cemetery 405233N 0935517W Hopeville
Terre Haute Cemetery 404101N 0935248W Lamoni North
Trullinger Cemetery 404658N 0933800W Garden Grove SW
Union Cemetery 403620N 0933831W Pleasanton
Van Wert Cemetery 405146N 0934741W Van Wert
Waller Cemetery 404400N 0934901W Davis City
Warrick Cemetery 405346N 0935523W Hopeville
West Cemetery 405041N 0935158W Van Wert
Westervelt Cemetery 405148N 0935834W Grand River
White Oak Cemetery 403715N 0933435W Lineville
Winters Cemetery 405141N 0933913W Garden Grove SW
Woodmansee Cemetery 404426N 0935340W Lamoni North
Young Cemetery 404932N 0935632W Grand River

Source: GNIS

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