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Happenings in Iowa of Late Occurence
Condensed into Short Paragraphs

Daily Iowa State Register, Des Moines, Iowa
May 21, 1873

Transcribed and Contributed by: Cathy Danielson

Bremer County has its cheese factory.

Dubuque will have a circus Saturday.

Decoration day will be observed in Webster County.

Dr. Beardsley hopes to be at work on the Hawk-Eye again in a few days.

John F. Duncombe has seven farms under cultivation, and proposes to have more.

H. M. Congar, an old time resident of Delaware County, has removed to St. Louis.

The Methodists of Fort Dodge have about concluded to build a church to cost $15,000 or $20,000.

A den of faro gamblers was broken up in Burlington the other night, and “six respectable young men were arrested.”

Little Gussie, 2 years old, daughter of Superintendent Parker, of the Illinois Central Railroad, died at Waterloo on Friday of the measles.

The Marshall Times gives notice to exchanges that hereafter fail to receive the Times that they have been cut off. This against the day of postage.

Mrs. Johnson, of Marble Rock, has resorted to the law with a claim of $1,500 damages against a saloon-keeper for selling her husband strong drink.

We see that Nellie F. Granger, of Sibley, has entered the lecture field. We trust she may win glory. Of one thing we feel sure: she can take care of herself without the aid of a man.

The Iowa Staatz Zeitung, at Dubuque, which has run a variable career since 1856, is dead. The material goes to Lansing to be used in publishing a German paper to be called the North Iowa Post.

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