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Daily Iowa State Register, Des Moines, Iowa
September 09, 1868

Transcribed and Contributed by: Cathy Danielson

The first brick building in Nashua, Chickasaw county, is now being put up.

Mr. Manasseh Reeves, 65 years of age, a resident of Buchanan county, committed suicide by hanging one day last week.

Thirty-seven buildings have been erected in Grinnell the present season, and sixteen more are under process of erection, as we learn from the Herald.

Henry Baker of Delaware county, got his arm so badly injured in a mowing machine a few days ago, that amputation became necessary.

The Burlington Argus tells its readers about seeing an ox which weighted 4,500 pounds, and then gravely informs its readers that “4,500 pounds are equal to two tons and a quarter.”

J. R. Myers, of Shell Rock, Bremer County had eighteen wheat stacks, supposed to contain eighteen hundred bushels of grain, burned a few evenings since by an incendiary.

The quiet region of Richmond, Washington County, was thrown into a spasm of excitement the other day by one John Gross, a man of years and family, attempting an infamous outrage upon the person of a Miss Snyder, who, while riding horseback was met by the villain, in the woods, where he made the devilish attempt, but failed. He was arrested, and pronounced, “not guilty” by twelve of his countrymen. The record also has an account of a domestic tragedy, consequent upon the discovery by a husband of several years standing that his wife was faithless, and his children some other man’s.

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