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So much attention is paid to the material endowments and advantages of Iowa, people often forget the artistic and literary achievements of the state. The fact remains that while Iowa leads in corn and hogs, and has factories in large number, turning out finished products which go around the world, Iowa is likewise in the vanguard of the states which have given, and are giving, the nation its best literature. The Iowa honor roll of authors is a notable one.

In a literary sense, Iowa is divided into two camps: the native born and those who have spent part of their lives here, but who, no matter where they may have roamed, have always considered Iowa at least partially their home and have been glad to return to it whenever possible and to pay every honor to it.

A dozen years ago, at a Homecoming of Iowa Authors, more than a score of notable men and women, either born in Iowa or reared here, came back to Des Moines and participated in a three-day Homecoming which opened the eyes of the nation to the literary achievements of the state.

Prominent among those who were here at that rally were Hamlin Garland, Herbert Quick, Emerson Hough, Rupert Hughes, Arthur Davidson Ficke and Alice French, better known as Octave Thanet.

Bess Streeter Aldrich Dr. G. Walter Barr Robert Burdette
Ellis Parker Butler Major S. H. M. Byers Samuel Langhorne Clemens
George Cram Cook Edna Ferber Arthur Davison Ficke
George Fitch Alice French Hamlin Garland
Susan Glaspell James Norman Hall Emerson Hough
Rupert Hughes MacKinlay Kantor Cornelia Meigs
Honore Willsie Morrow Herbert Quick Phil Stong
Ruth Suckow

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