Four-Horse Concord Stage

An old-time four-horse Concord stage ran out from Burlington, through Mount Pleasant, Fairfield, Agency City (so named because an Indian agency was here),.0ttumwa, Eddyville, Oskaloosa, and on up to Fort on the border and a kind of Indian town, but now the capital of the State.

The early-day drivers of those four-horse Concord stages were personages of vast importance; they carried a great tin horn, which was blown long and loud when entering a town or starting down a big hill. And when the country boy, trudging along by the side of his oxen, heard this horn, he would make frantic efforts to get his oxen out of the way before the great lumbering stage, swaying from side to side, came thundering down the hill.

[Reminiscences of Pioneer Life, 1912]
Submitted by Cathy Danielson

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