Iowa Soldiers Listed
Old Fort Sully Graveyard Reburials
Hughes County, South Dakota

Raising The Dead

Soldiers Who were Laid to Rest in the Old Fort Sully Graveyard Are Taken to Fort Sully
The Remains Carefully Exhumed Under the Direction of Lieutenant Handforth

The citizens of Pierre will remember the little graveyard four miles below Pierre. The old weatherbeaten fence has for many years protected the graves of the dead soldiers who died while protecting settlers on the frontier from Indians.

The department recently issued an order that the remains of those buried there should be removed to the post cemetery at Fort Sully.

Lieutenant Handforth has been in town with a detail from the post for the past week engaged in exhuming the remains of the soldiers. Unfortunately there is no record of the exact burial place of those who died, so that it is impossible to identify any of the remains. Lieutenant Handforth has prosecuted his work with a great deal of care and completed his labors yesterday. He furnished the Journal with a roster of the dead which we herewith append:

List of soldiers who died in the post hospital at Fort Sully, compiled from the monthly reports of that hospital from December, 1863 (first on file) to July 1866. Place of burial not stated:

John Nevin, private Co. K, 6th Iowa cavalry, died March 4th, 1864.
John Can, corporal Co. K 7th Iowa cavalry, died March 20, 1864.
Wm. W. Burmington, Seargent Co. M 7th Iowa cavalry, died March 20, 1864.
Michael McNamara, private Co. D, 30th Wisconsin, died April 16, 1864.
Prescott Getchell, Co. D 30th Wis., died April 25, 1864.
Geo. Tinkle, 7th Iowa cavalry, died April 30, 1864.
Abner C. Wolf, Co. L. 7th Iowa cavalry, died June 14, 1864.
M. D. Organ, Co. H, 16 Iowa cavalry, died January 22, 1865.
Jno. F. M. Clark, Co. B, 6th Iowa cavalry, died March 29, 1865.
Daniel Law, Co. C, 6th Iowa cavalry, died June 17, 1865.
M. L. Clayton, Co. E, 4th C. S. died August 28, 1865.
Sewal Bliss, Co. K 30th Wis., died October 8, 1865.
Joseph Hewitt, Co. E, 4th U. S., died March 4, 1866.
David Jones, Co. #, 4th U. S., died March 16, 1866.
George Histe, corporal Co. H, 1st battalion 13th U. S. died May 29, 1866.
John Scott, private, Co. A 3d battallion 13th U. S., died June 8, 1866.
William Muldoon, Co. C, 2d battallion 18th U. S. died July 7th, 1866.
Albert Kelso, Co. H 2d battallion 13th U. S. died July 11, 1866.


List of soldiers who died at old Ft. Sully, or who belonged to commands garrioning Fort Sully at the time of their death:

Charles N. Winter, Co. D, 30th Wisconsin, died Crow Creek, March 6, 1864.
James Turkelson, Co. D 30th Wis died at Fort Rice, July 27, 1864.
James A. Hassock, Co. B, 6th Iowa cavalry, died at Sioux City, December 1, 1864.
William Gleaton, Co. #, 4th U. S. died September 6, 1865.
Calvin Wall, Co. E 4th U. S. died at Sioux City, October 14, 1865.

[The Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) 26 Nov 1885, contributed by Karen Seeman]

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