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Early German Settlers in Iowa

German travellers

Transcribed by K. Torp
[Transcriber's Note: This is obviously a partial list, and is not meant to be a listing of every German settler in every county in Iowa.
There is also probably more info in this publication that the transcriber doesn't have access to]

This information was presented in the Illinois State Genealogy Society Publication, starting in Spring 1975 (Vol. Vii, No. 1, pp 33-35 with continuations), sent in by Clifford Smith, who says that the data was originally "abstracted from a series of articles by Wilhelm Hauth, entitled "Deutsche Pioniere im Staate Iowa der USA" in the periodical Familiengeschichtliche Blatter, volume 31 (1933). Herr Hauth apparently assembled much of his material from both American and German sources."

The oldest German settlement in Iowa was in Marion Township of Lee County, where the first German church was built in 1838.

Name Birthplace in Germany Residence in Iowa from Date
ACHTEMEIER, -- Lippe-Detmold Jasper Co., 1847
AMEND, Konrad Steinau, Kurhessen Des Moines, 1869
ANDRESEN, H.G. Gulde, Kreis Felsenburg, Holstein Davenport, 1855
ANEN, Heingrich Capelln, Luxemburg Dubuque Co., 1847
ANKERSEN, P. Rantrum, Schleswig Scott Co., 1852
ANROLD (ARNOLD?) Christoph Niedernhall, Wurttemberg Ft. Dodge, 1854
ANSCHUETZ, H.K. Unknown Keokuk, 1845
APPEL, Wilhelm Budingen, Hessen Des Moines, 1896
ARMBRUSTER, Louis Unknown Marshalltown, 1845
ARNEMANN, Alfred Eldingen, Hannover Guttenberg, 1860
ARP, Klaus Krumbach, Holstein Scott Co., 1851
AULMANN, Adam Muhlen, Nassau Burlington, 1844; Ft. Madison, 1849; Ottumwa, 1864
BANK, Heinrich Adensen, Hannover Ft. Madison, 1849
Bank, Henry Adensen, Hannover Ft. Madison, 1849
BARTH, F. Unknown Waterloo; Sioux City, 1877
BAUMANN, John F. Crailsheim, Wurttemberg Marshalltown, 1850
BECHTELE, Peter Kempten, Bavaria Council Bluffs, 1861
BECK, Konrad Hemmendorf, Wurttemberg Des Moines, 1862
BECKER, Gustav Tschirnau, Kreis Guhrau Davenport, 1876
BECKER, Nikolaus Ed. Wormeldingen an der Obermosel Dubuque, after 1854
BEITER, Nikolaus Strassberg, Hohenzollern Clarence, Bedar Co., 1870; Carroll, 1874
BERG, Heinrich Schleswig Scott Co., 1852
BERGMANN, Ignaz Wormeln, Kreis Warburg Ft. Madison, 1875
BERNHARD, eduard Unknown Burlington, 1854; Ft. Madison, 1857
BERWALD, -- Unknown Scott co., 1845
BICKLEN, Gottlob H. Wurttemberg Burlington, 1854
BIERMANN, Gustav Gross -Wanzleben Marshalltown, 1894
BITTMANN, John Unknown Dubuque, 1858
BLAUL, John Debbs? Hessen Burlington, 1856
BLEIK, Peter Insel Sylt (Island off north coast) Scott Co., 1852
BLOHM, Georg A. Schleswig Madison Co., 1870
BODEKER,_____ Lippe-Detmold Jasper Co.
BOEDECKER, Karl Unknown Waverly, 1850
BOEHLER, Karl A. Waldshut, Baden Des Moines, 1864
BOKE, August Asendorf, Lippe Hardin Co., 1875
BORMANN, Christian Pirmasens, Pfalz (Palatinate) Sioux City, 1868
BRANDES, Heinrich K. Braunschweig James Twp., Pottawattomie Co 1874
BRICKWEDDE, August Furstenau, Hannover Ft. Madison, 1837
BRODBECK, ---- Canton Baselland, (Switzerland) Dubuque, before 1860
BRUTSCHE, A. Unknown Carroll Co., 1856
BURCKHARDT, John G. Unknown Carroll, 1874
BUTZ, Caspar Hagen, Westphalia Des Moines
CARSTENS, J. H. Schleswig-Holstein Davenport, 1869
CARSTENSEN, Edlef H. Stedesand, Schleswig Clinton, 1872
CLAUSEN, Hans Reimer Fedderingen, Schleswig-Holstein Davenport, 1851
CLAUSSEN, Ernst Heide Davenport, 1854
CONRAD, Christian Unknown Coffin Grove
CONRADI, Georg Michelbach, Hessen-Nassau Des Moines, 1868
CONRADI, Philipp Michelbach, Hessen-Nassau Des Moines, 1868
DESSEL, H. A. Waldeck Holstein, Ida Co., 1883; Ossian, 1869
DIETSCH, Gustav Treuen, Saxony Postville, 1894
DIETZ, Philipp Echzell, Hessen Walcott, Scott Co., 1855
DOERR, Karl Sonnenberg, Hessen-Nassau Ft. Madison, 1855
DOMANN, Paul Barwin, Hinterpommern Clinton, 1899
DREHER, Wilhelm Freidrich Krotoschin, Posen Spirit Lake, 1899
EBERLE, Philipp Untermutschelbach, Baden Sioux City, 1869
ECKERMANN, Gustav Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein Scott Co., 1852
EDENS, John Busum, Schleswig Davenport, 1854
EIBOECK, Josef Breitenbrunn, Hungary Dubuque, 1849
EICKHOFF, Anton Westphalia Dubuque, 1849
EMMERT, Georg Hunsruck, (Pfalz) Boone, 1868
von ENDE, Ferdinand Kurhessen Burlington, 1851
FABRICIUS, Robert Frankfurt/Oder Scott Co., 1852
FICKE, H. E. Boitzenburg, Mecklenburg Scott Co., 1852
FISCHER, Friedrich Hessen Maquoketa, 1899
FOSSELMANN, P. Unknown Waverly, 1860
FRAHM, Claus Jurgen Gulun, Schleswig Cleona Twp., Scott Co., 1848
FRAHM, Mathias Gulun (Schleswig) Davenport, 1850
FRANK, Franz Joseph Waidsee, Wurttemberg Buffalo, Scott Co., 1855
FREITAG, Jakob Wurttemberg near Davenport, 1836
FRIUDDEN, A. F. Tostum auf Fuhr (island in North Sea) Dubuque, 1879
FREYMANN, John Olm, Luxemburg Dubuque Co., 1847
FUNK, Henry Unknown Muscatine, 1863
GEHLEN, Peter Olm, Luxemburg Dubuque Co., 1846
GEHRIG, Josef Wallenstadt, Canton St. Gallen,(Switzerland) Dubuque, 1846
GEHRIG, Josef, Jr. Wallenstadt, Canton St. Gallen,(Switzerland) Dubuque, 1851
GEISE, Konrad Kohlstadt, Lippe-Detmold Council Bluffs, 1858
GEISLER, Emil N. J. Lunden, Holstein Davenport, 1852
GENESER, Frank Unknown Des, Moines, 1855
GERTZ, Christian Obernwohlde, Holstein Scott Co., 1855
GLICK, Dr. Georg Otterberg, Pfalz (Palatinate) Marshalltown, 1856
GNIFFKE, Friedrich A. Neufahrwasser, Danzig Dubuque, 1856
GONNER, Nikolaus Luxemburg Dubuque, 1872
GRAESER, Dr. Bernhard Erfurt Battle Creek, 1866; Des Moines, 1870
GRANNER, Heinrich Asendorf, Lippe Hardin Co, 1875
GRESE, Albert A. Niedersachswerfen, Hannover Des Moines, 1856
GRIMMEL, Dr. F. C. Unknown Des Moines, 1854
GRONEWEG, William Lemforde, Hannover Council Bluffs, 1861
GRONINGER, August Elsfleth, Oldenburg Sioux City, 1857
GROSSMANN, Georg unknown St. Sebald, Clinton Co., 1854
GULISCH, Theodor Unknown (Schleswig-Holstein?) Davenport, 1850
HAAREN, Franz Junkersfeld bei Koln Sioux City, 1884
HAERLING, Gustav zeitz Davenport, 1854
HAFNER, Adam Kurhessen Des Moines, 1858
HAGEMANN, Eduard Korbach, Waldeck Burlington, 1855
HAHNEN, Henry Wurttemberg Des Moines, 1857
HAIST, Adam Wurttemberg Iowa Co. 1869; Audubon Co., 1876; Anita, Cass Co., 1891
HALLER, Frit Wettin/Saale Scott Co., 1850
HANSEN, Louis Itzehoe, Holstein Scott Co., 1850
HARBACH, Karl Michelbach, Nassau Des Moines, 1861
HARBACH, Friedrich Michelbach, Nassau Des Moines, 1857
HARBACH, Wilhelm L. Michelbach, Nassau Des Moines, 1883
HARTGE, Fred Unknown Dubuque, ca. 1838?; Elkport, Clayton Co., ca. 1840
HARTGE, Louis Unknown Elkport, Clayton Co.?; before 1843
HEBBE, Friedrich Rendsburg Davenport, 1854
HEER, Josef Fridolin Wallenstadt, Canton St. Gallen (Switzerland) Dubuque, 1868
HEGER, H. Lippe-Detmold Alamakee Co., 1847
HEIDERSCHEID,_(Brothers) Luxemburg Dubuque Co., 1846
HEIL, Caspar Forchheim, Baden Des Moines, 1866; Burlington, 1872
HEINS, Unknown Davenport, 1850
HEMPEL, Unknown Girard, 1850
HENKELS, Peter Luxemburg Dubuque Co., 1846
HENNINGSEN, Martin Insel Pelefarm? (probably the island of Pellworm) Clinton, 1885
HEPNER, Georg Unknown Des Moines Co., 1837
HERMANN, Adolf Ulm Dubuque, 1870
HERMANN, John Hengstfeld, Oberamt Gerabronn Boone, 1866
HILMER, Peter Bargfeld, Hannover Unknown
HOFFBAUER, Friedrich Kopenhagen Davenport, 1852
HOFFMANN, Christian, or Christoph) D. Olm, Luxemburg Jackson Co., 1846; Le Mars, 1870
HOFFMANN, Nikolaus Bern (Switzerland?) Dubuque, 1834
HOFFMANN, Oskar B. Provinz Sachsen (Saxony) Sioux City, 1884
HOLDERBAUM, Michael Hunsruck (Pfalz, Palatinate) Dexter, 1870
HOLST, B. P. Unknown Iowa, 1866; Boone Co., 1888
HOLTKAMP, Henry Unknown Marion Twp., Lee Co., 1837
HOTTINGER, A. Unknown Guttenberg, 1845
HUGLIN, Johann Georg Konig-Schaffhausen Des Moines, 1882
HUTTENLOCHER Lorenz F. Hegensberg, Wurttemberg Des Moines, 1854

Hereinafter follows a continuation of the list of early German settlers in Iowa which began in the Spring 1975 issue (Vol. VII, No. 1, pp. 33-35), and was continued in the fall, 1975 issue (Vol. VII, No. 3, pp. 145-147).
LAHRMANN, Bernhard H. b. Hilter bei Iburg, Hannover on 5 Sep. 1822, d. Davenport 1 June 1898. Lived in St. Louis by 1843, came to Davenport in 1856; owner of "Lahrmann's Hall." Married Wilhelmine BERGFELDT 3 Mar. 1843; she was born in Germany and died in Davenport in 1899. Had the following children: Julius in St. Louis; Otto, owner of the "Unter den Linden" Restaurant in Davenport.
LAMBACH, Heinrich b. near Essen 7 July 1815, d. Davenport 19 Jan. 1899. He was a railroad surveyor in Hamm, Germany, and a refugee after the abortive Revolution of 1848. Arrived in Davenport 1849 and became surveyor for the Union Pacific Railroad in Nebraska and further west; since 1869 an instructor in industrial drawing in Davenport. He married Mathilde SCHMIDT in Hamm in 1848; her birth and death dates unknown. Had following children: Lina, married Julius LEHRKIND in Bozeman, Montana; Hugo, in Le Claire; Fritz, owner of the Parisian Gardens in Davenport; Tillie, teacher in Davenport.
LAMBERT, Peter born in Trier 24 Aug. 1835, death date unknown. He was a flower gardener; in Astoria, New York, in 1853, and participant in an Indian expedition, thereafter in Wyoming, Minnesota; in Keokuk by 1857; participant in Civil War from 1862 to 1865; in Des Moines by 1868. He married Lucie COMPTON at Summerville near Keokuk in December 1859. She was born in Hancock County, but nothing further is known of her. Their children were William N., Oscar, George F., John D., Rudolf, Therese, and Frank.
LAMP, Kluas born Lutterbek, Holstein in 1838; death date unknown. In 1846 he was a farmer in Scott County.
LANGE, Paul born in Lauban, Silesia, on 4 Aug. 1828; death date unknown. He was a teacher in Frankfurt/Oder. In 1854 he was a music teacher and dealer in musical instruments in Burlington. He married Emilie DUPUIS in 1853, about whom no further information is given. Their children were Hermann, Otto, Karl, and Paul.
LEHMANN, Fred W. b. in Germany; was a lawyer in Des Moines by 1853 and an important political figure.
LEHNER, Michael b. Teunz, Bavaria, in 1808, d. in Des Moines 1 Dec. 1893. By 1869 he was the owner of a men's tailor shop in Des Moines called "M. Lehner & Son."
LEHNER, John, son of Michael above b. Teunz, Bavaria, 21 Nov. 1845, death date unknown. By 1869 he was in his father's business. He married Anna OSTERMEIER (birth and death dates unknown) and they had a daughter, Margaretha who married Ernst HORNBOSTEL.
LERCH, William b. Nierstein/Rheinland 28 March 1841; death date unknown. Came to U.S.A. in 1864; by 1868 was in Sioux City as restaurateur. He married first Luise BLUMER 6 May 1876 and, after her death in Sioux City in 1884, he married second Klara HOESE in 1888, about whom no further data is given. His children [presumably by first marriage] were: William H., a medical doctor in Sioux City; Kate A.; Frank; Herold.
LESSENICH, John J. b. Muenstereifel, Rheinland, 28 Nov. 1826, death date unknown. In New York in 1854 where he worked as a fur dealer, thereafter in Geneseo, Illinois, where he owned a hotel. In 1867 he was the owner of a restaurant called the "Chicago House"; married Mary A. KUHRE in Geneseo, Illinois in March, 1861; her birth and death dates unknown. Their children were: John Friedrich; Leonard C.; a daughter (unnamed) who married Karl SELZER; another daughter (unnamed) who married Louis SELZER.
LEUDERS, Georg b. Jaemstad on 30 Jan. 1861; d. New Liberty, Iowa, on 24 Jan. 1919. He was in Davenport by 1875 and in New Liberty, as a lumber dealer in 1887, then as cashier and president of the German Savings Bank. He was mayor from 1909 to 1915 and in 1914 member of the House of Representatives.
LIESSEN, Hans F. T. b. in Schleswig-Holstein. He was an engineer in Burlington around 1865.
LIETZ, John, b near Luebeck on 29 Nov. 1847; death date unknown. Came to the U.S.A. in 1867; he was publisher of the Clinton, Iowa, Volks-Zeitung [People's Newspaper] by 1878.
LINGELBACH, John birth and death dates unknown. Apparently arrived in the U.S.A. in 1845 and was the first German in Ottumwa, Iowa, in that year.
LISCHER, Henry, b Weingarten/Pfalz on 10 July 1828; d. Davenport 1903. He was in St. Clair County, Illinois by 1835 with his parents; he was one of the best known and most successful newspapermen in the west; in St. Louis he was editor of the Anzeiger des Westens; in 1856 he became editor and publisher of the Democrat in Davenport and president of the H. Lischer Printing Co. He married Anna VOLIMER in 1855. She was born in Bremen and died in Davenport in March, 1891. Their children were: Oskar; Eduard and Fritz, partners in H. Lischer Printing Co.; Julius, b. Davenport 1 July 1866, lawyer and states attorney of Scott County since 1896.
LITTIG, August b. Spichern 24 Nov. 1818; death date unknown. Came to U.S.A. in 1836; in Rock Island, Illinois in 1837 and in Davenport in 1845. Married Maria E. KILLING in Rock Island 14 June 1840. Her birth and death dates unknown, but they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 1900. They had a daughter, Caroline, b. 1841, who married Philipp TRITSCHLER in 1858 and lived in Lyons, Clinton County.
LUEBBERS, John b. in Germany; d. in Lyons in 1885. He was a lieutenant in the German Navy in the war against Denmark and was taken prisoner of war. In 1850 he was in Sandusky, Ohio, and by 1854 a farmer in Lyons. He was a colonel in the U.S. Civil War. He married Johanna FUHRMANN, about whom nothing further is known. His son Paul, b. in Lyons on 5 March 1858 was a businessman and county treasurer in Lyons; the latter married Caroline HAUSEN on 3 Dec. 1884 and they had a son Albert, b. in 1886 in Lyons.
LUHMANN, Heinrich b. in Lippe-Detmold. In 1847 he moved from Wisconsin to Allamakee County, where he was a farmer.
LUHMANN, C. F. b. in Lippe-Detmold. In 1847 he moved from Wisconsin to Buena Vista County, where he was a farmer.
LUND,Vitus b. in 1837 the first German settler in Lyons.
LUSCH & Adolf T. b. Reinbek bei Hamburg, 25 Jan. 1841; death date unknown. In 1859 he was the head of a land mortgage bank in Waterloo, Iowa, and in 1895 he was head of the Iowa Trust-Savings Bank in Dubuque. He married Emma M. EVANS in Feb. 1865, and they had two sons: Harry B., a businessman in Chicago, and Eduard F., cashier of the Iowa Trust Savings Bank in Dubuque.
LUTZE, A. K. b. in Einbeck, Hannover, on 23 April 1862; death date unknown. He was in Davenport by 1870 and in Omaha in 1875 as editor and publisher of the Sioux City Courier. He married Helena WIRTZ in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1882.
MAGNUS, Christian b. Giessen on 19 Mar. 1834, death date unknown. In New York in 1857 and in 1858 in Winnesheik County; in 1859 in Cedar Rapids, where he was brewer for the Magnus Brewing Company.
MAHRAUN, H. b. in Allenstein on 15 Jan. 1851; death date unknown. In U.S.A. by 1879 and printer with newspaper publishing companies in Nebraska and Iowa; in 1893 editor and publisher of the Iowa City Post and in 1899 of theIowa Banner.
MANDERSCHEID, John b. Neudorf, Luxembourg, on 6 June 1849; death date unknown; 1856 in Jackson County, 1871 LeMars, owner of the Farmer's House, 1888 Sioux City, owner of a liquor wholesale distributorship. Married Josefine KIES in 1870 in Jackson County; she was born in Allzingen, Luxembourg. Their children were Heinrich, Katie, Lizzie, John H., and Lilly.
MANGOLD, Franz Xavier b. Selz, Alsace, on 4 Oct. 1817; death date unknown. In Pittsburgh in 1836 as restaurateur; in Dubuque in 1840 as baker; in Dubuque County in 1857 as farmer. Married Maria Eva BERG in Pittsburgh on 14 Nov. 1840; she died in Dubuque County on 23 April 1899.
MARTENS, August Detlef b. Lunden, Schleswig on 17 June 1847; death date unknown. In Wisconsin in 1874; in Sioux City in 1878 as miller. Married Augusta WILLNER in Germany on 16 June 1874; she was born in Mecklenburg. They had six children but only two lived, Mamie and Elsie.
MAST, August F. b. Gruenenplan, Braunschweig on 1 Oct. 1819; death date unknown. In Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1833 with parents, then a steward aboard Mississippi and Ohio River steamboats; in 1849 he became a tobacco and cigar merchant in Davenport. He married Johanna WITTE in 1846, about whom nothing further is known. Their children were as follows: (all in Davenport) Emilie, married --- SCHOMBURG; Wille? H., Phoenix-Miller ?; Clarence, businessman; Lee, telegraph operator; Julia; Ferdinand, bookkeeper; Charles A., bank official; Franklin Pierce, railroad agent.
MATHES, Christian b. Ludwigshafen am Bodensee on 31 Aug. 1833; death date unknown. In 1849 in Engen, Baden, as post office secretary; in 1852 in Alton, Illinois, then Buffalo, New York; in 1857 in Burlington as head of the Granite Brick Co. He married Rosa SEIBEL 5 May 1849, about whom nothing further is known. Their children were Hermann and Ottilia.
MATHIES, Karl Leopold b. Bromberg, Province Posen, on 31 May 1824; died in Burlington date unknown. He was a Prussian officer and resigned in 1848. In Burlington in 1849 as a businessman. In1861 he organized the First Volunteer Company, later became colonel of the Fifth Iowa Regiment and division general; in 1864, he was commander of railroads.
MATTES, Paul b. Nendingen, Wuerttemberg, on 13 Feb. 1841; d. Des Moines on 10 Dec. 1897. In 1864 in Burlington and in 1866 in Brookfield, Missouri, as beer brewer. In 1876 he founded the Mattes Brewery in Des Moines. Re married Ursula ALLEMANN in 1868 in Des Moines, about whom nothing further is known. Their children were as follows: Frank P., general agent of the Moerlein Brewery, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mary, who married --- WHITTIE; Pauline, who married --- BOELTER; Rosa, who married --- KRAEMER; Hoyt, who married --- TRISLER; Francis; Lotte.
MATTES, John, brother of Paul b. Nendingen, Wuerttemberg; death date not given. In 1864 in Burlington; in 1876 in Des Moines as partner in the Mattes Brewery; in 1886 in Nebraska City as brewery owner.
MATTES, John Junior, nephew of John born in Nendingen, Wuerttemberg in 1859; death date unknown. In 1879 in Des Moines in the Mattes Brewery; in 1886 in Nebraska City as partner with his uncle John in a brewery; mayor, member of the House of Representatives and Senate of Nebraska; agent of the Department of Agriculture under President Cleveland. He married Katie SCHAEFER in Des Moines. She was born in Indiana. They had a daughter Nora Angeline, b. 1 Dec. 1883.
MATTHEY, Heinrich Senior b. in Muehlberg/Elbe 20 Feb. 1825; d. in Davenport in 1913. In Berleburg, Westphalia, as bookseller and publisher; in Milwaukee in 1873 and in Davenport in 1876 as publisher of the Sternenbanner. Married to a woman who died in Davenport, 9 July 1914. Their children were: Karl, a physician, b. Berleburg 20 Oct. 1852, who practiced in Davenport; Hilda, b. Davenport, married --- MUELLER; Rudolf; Emma; Anna.
MAUTHE, C. b. in Baden (Schwarzwald). He was a watchmaker and optician in Des Moines by 1865.
MENZ, John b. Allbrechts bei Suhl 12 June 1829; death date unknown. He was a Prussian forester. In 1853 he was a businessman and justice of the peace in Highland, Illinois. In 1876 he was in Keokuk as owner of the Adler Hotel and thereafter tax assessor and county treasurer. He married Christine STEINER on 31 Dec. 1855 and they had the following children: Luise, m. --- HAINES in Logansport, Indiana; Emma, m. --- KRAFT in Burlington; Milda, m. --- KRAFT in Keokuk; Ella; unknown daughter, m. -- ALTWOOD in Keokuk; Robert J., who lived in Minneapolis.
METHFESSEL, Adolf b. in Germany, birth and death dates unknown. In 1877 he founded the town of Reinbeck, Iowa. He married --- LUSCH, b. in Reinbek, Holstein, Germany.
METZ, Christian b. in the Palatinate; d. at Amana, Iowa County in 1867. In 1842 he was the leader of the "Wahren Inspirationisten" (True Inspirationists) and in 1843 founded the Eben Ezer Colony near Buffalo, New York and in 1855 the Amana Colony, a communistic community.
METZ, Jakob b. in Marienfels, Nassau in 1790; d. in Des Moines in 1865. In 1833 he was a farmer near Des Moines and one of the first white men in Iowa. He married --- HAREL [HAXEL?] in Marienfels, who was born in Marienfels in 1790 and died in Des Moines in 1881. Their children were as follows: Wilhelm, b. Marienfels in 1823 and d. in Quincy, Illinois, in 1873 where he had been a pharmacist since 1847. He married Anna Katharine KIENTZLE, b. in Moeglingen, Wuerttemberg in 1823 and died in Quincy in 1897; Hanna, who married --- MICHEL in California.
METZGER, Georg b. Stetten/Pfalz (the Palatinate). In 1850 he was in Troy, New York with his parents and in 1869 in Princeton, Scott County, as a businessman. In 1875 he became a piano manufacturer in Davenport. He married Sarah E. KUEHN (COON) on 1 Aug. 1864 in Troy; she was a direct descendant of the famous Dutch woman Anneke JEAN. They had nine children, of whom the following lived: Georg Lincoln; Sarah E.; Robert J.; John H.; Mabel M.
MEYER, Karl b. Hamburg on 10 Nov. 1863. In 1883 in Chicago as an actor, and in 1890 in Sioux City as head of the German Theater. He married Phoebe SCHUDELL, a widow, about whom nothing further is known.


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