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Greene County Iowa


Greene County, Iowa Cemeteries

Feature Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
German Cemetery 415449N 0942241W Bagley NW
Greenbrier Cemetery 415423N 0942520W Bagley NW
Highland Cemetery 420912N 0942810W Churdan
Willow Cemetery 415424N 0943424W Coon Rapids NE
Franklin Cemetery 415537N 0942021W Cooper
Saint Marys Cemetery 415241N 0941856W Cooper
Old Rippey Cemetery 415516N 0941526W Cooper
Van Horn Cemetery 415431N 0941706W Cooper
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 415803N 0941752W Cooper
Bower Cemetery 415156N 0941042W Dawson
Angus Cemetery 415157N 0941040W Dawson
Mount Calvary Cemetery 420136N 0941353W Grand Junction
Grand Junction Cemetery 420125N 0941535W Jefferson East
Jefferson Cemetery 420048N 0942134W Jefferson East
Fair Oaks Cemetery 420208N 0942647W Jefferson West
Golgotha Cemetery 420144N 0942256W Jefferson West
Wright Cemetery 420122N 0942653W Jefferson West
Headly Cemetery 420015N 0942601W Jefferson West
Paton Township Cemetery 420945N 0941437W Lanyon
Dawson Cemetery 420956N 0941943W Paton
Rippey Cemetery 415518N 0941208W Rippey
Dillavou Cemetery 420449N 0943651W Scranton
Scranton Cemetery 420150N 0943443W Scranton
Thompson Cemetery 420230N 0943006W Scranton
Saint Patricks Cemetery 420938N 0943305W Wightman
Old Cedar Cemetery 421115N 0943231W Wightman

Source: GNIS

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