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Grundy County Iowa

1911 Grundy County, Iowa Plat Book

Many thanks to Alice Horner for transcribing this book for us!

Page Information
67 1911 Farmers Directory
85  Advertisements
103 and 104 Grundy County Officials, Mrs. W. M. Blough, Court House Square, E. A. Crary,
M. Galbraith, A. M. Gray, Mrs. Charles H. Johnston, E. V. McBroom, W. C. Morrison, J. W. Pepperman, E. L. Pieper,W. F. Benz, James Black, George Bleeker, W. M. Blough, Dr. L. H. Carpenter, John Dieken, E. G. Ensminger, E. L.Finlayson, George L. Frost, Grundy County Jail, Charles H. Johnston, Ellet Lepley,
R. D. Roberts, Frank Smith
Citizens of Grundy Center, E. H. Beckman, Billings Brothers, J. C. Bourne, C. L. Converse, Rev. J. C. Curry, GrundyCenter Basket Ball Team, Grundy Center Championship Debating Team, 1910, Rev. P. Hogan, H. B. Kelly, Daniel Kerr,W. G. Kerr, Hotel Columbia, Robert Lindon, C. C. Price, A. L. Rowen, C. A. Schafer, L. B. De Seelhorst, C. Vanderwicken,A. F. Willoughby, Sr.
105 and 106  Page 105: Grundy Center Officials and Members of the School Board: H. S. Beckman, W. F. Benz, E. A. Crary,J. J. Dalgliesh, E. H. Dodd, R. M. Finlayson, F. J. Frost, C. I. Keiter, C. L. Kinney, R. V. Koons, E. V. McBroom,F. W. Reisinger, Theo Sours, John Stevens, R. J. Williamson, Hugh Willoughby, W. D. Wilson,

Page 106: Citizens of Grundy Center
Mrs. E. H. Beckman, James Black and Family, J. C. Bourne and Wife, Captain E. A. Crary and Family, Mr. and Mrs.William Dew, Eliza Adams Gulliver, E. V. McBroom and Family, M. V. B. Miner, Mrs. M. V. B. Miner, Rufus W. Wass.,Mrs. Rufus Wass, Residence of E. L. Bailey, Captain E. A. Crary, Dirk Harberts and Family, Jeff Morrison and Family,J. W. Pepperman and Family, John Stevens and Family, Mrs. J. F. Richmond.
107 and 108  C. P. Beardsley, Hon. Sherman W. DeWolf, William W. DeWolf, John Gethmann, E. K. Greene, Dr. L. B. Hathaway,ThomasE. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. August B. Lusch, Joe Maehrlein, Hermann Miller, Henry Mohr, J. D. Morrison, E. D. Roberts,G. E. Watson, A. M. Whaylen, Mrs. A. M. Whaylen, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Whitney, John Wilkins, Residence of H. R. Frei,Gethmann Brick and Tile Works, Residence of E. D. Roberts, Residence of J. R. Stewart, Whaylen Family

James A. Bawn and Family, J. W. Cirksena and Family., C. M. Forbes., Levi F. Hersey and Family., D. Jensen andFamily., Mausoleum., E. L. Pieper and Family., Rev. Daniel Schaefer., Residence of Daniel Schaefer, Sunny SideFarm., Rev. C. E. G. Voss., German Lutheran Church, J. P. Brown and Wife., Residence of J. P. Brown., Members ofGerman Lutheran Church, German Reformed Church, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hemmerling, Residence of D. Jensen, Sons ofHarm Konken, Family of E. L. Pieper, First School House
109 and 110  Page 109 - Residence of Andrew Bieber; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bovey and Mr. and Mrs. George Bovey; H. W. Averyand Family; Frank Bovey; Residence of John Ramsey; Carl Rickert and Family; H. T. Ohrt and Family; Henry Ohrt,Sr. and Wife; Thomas Mason and Family; J. Mumm and Family; Mumm's Hall; John Ehrig and Family; Residence of CarlRickert; August Strohbehn; Farm View of Owner, Gus Treimer; John Unrau.

Residence of John Price, Residence of Willis Daggett, Simon E. Daggett and Family, W.G. Daggett and Family, HermanBein and Family, John H. Cross and Family, Residence of John H. Cross, Four Generations of Cross Family, Barn ofJohn H. Cross, Simon E. Daggett and Family, Residence of Simon E. Daggett, Residence of L. J. Gohner, Residenceof Joseph Kittrick, Henry Klunder and Family, Herman Mundt, Residence of Herman Mundt, Moses W. Myers and Family,Residenceof Moses Myers, Residence of Sherman Simms, Henry R. Wiley and Family, Residence of Henry R. Wiley, Residence ofHenry Wiley, Residence of D. Cole McMartin, Residence of James Eggleston, Residence of Frank L. Miller
111 and 112  F. W. Alexander., Henry Dittmer and Family., Residence of Henry Dittmer., E. O. Ecklund., T. L. Evans., H.E. Frederick and Family., H.E. Frederick Residence, D. E. Longnecker and Family., W. G. Lounsberry., Duncan McMartin.,Mrs Duncan McMartin, Mr. and Mrs. Curt Wilhelm., Charles W. Wright,
Children of W.A. Clinite Conrad, Residence of W.A. Clinite
Conrad Croquet Association, Conrad High School Baseball Team, Directors of First National Bank, Ellet Lepley Residence,Fred C. Hess, Mrs. Fred C. Hess, J.W. Conrad
Mr and Mrs Clinite, Residence of Curt Wilhelm

Residence of G. A. Brindle., Residence of George Bristley., Residence of G. P. Bristley., Residence of Wm. J. Canon.,Wm. J. Canon and Family., Residence of G. L. Clapsaddle., Residence of H. W. Clay., Residence of John Clemens.,Residence of B. B. Dighton., Farm of P. T. Evans., Residence of P. T. Evans., Residence of Richard Harris Estate.,Residence of A. S. Haxton., Residence of Grant Hurlbutt., Residence of E. S. King., Residence of Ray M. King.,Residence of Joseph Klar., Residence of J. R. Landes., Residence of John Rohwer.,Residence of Charles R. Stubbs.,Residenceof Calvin Vinton., Residence of H. R. Wiley., Residence of F.W. Alexander,
Residence of W.A. Clinite
113 and 114  O. B. Anderson and Family., Residence of O. B. Anderson., J. W. Bartholomew and Family., Residence of HenryClarke.,Charles Crouse and Wife., Residence of C. F. Gohner., Gould -- Four Generations., William C. Gurnsey andFamily., Residence of William C. Gurnsey., George H. Haskin and Family., Residence of George H. Haskin., Louisa(Banks) Haskin., Morris Haskin., Charles P. Kauffman and Family.,Residence of Levi Kauffman., Forney A. Klinefelterand Family., Residence of Forney A. Klinefelter., H. H. Lau and Family., Residence of James A. Lister., Residenceof John Lister., James H. Moore and Family., Residence of J. H. Moore., E. O. Stover and Family., C.W. Callawayand Family

 Rev. J. E. Drake., Mrs. C. Floter and Family., C. G. Franken and Family., Mr. Asjen W. Freese , Mrs. AsjenW. Freese,Jacob J. Kiewiet and Family, Four Generations of Knock Family., A. J. Kruse., John P. Meyer., O. A. Ontjesand Wife.
Cornelius Poppenga and Wife., John R. Smit., John R. Smit and Family
115 and 116 Edward Bisdee and Family, W.C. Behrens and Family, Theo Juhland Family, Residence of Peter Knudsen, Residence ofOle Johnson, Residence of J.O. Johnson, Residence of Christian Krog, Residence of Chris H. Guldager, Old Residenceof W.C. Behrens, Old Log Cabin of M.W. Roadman, Norman O. Chase Residence, M.W. Roadman Residence, Log Cabin ofNorman Chase, Levi Stout, Jeppe Slifsgaard, H.P. Jacobsen, George J. Boysen and Wife., John Cowie and Family.,Eli F. Crouse and Family., C. M. Eliasen and Family., Ole Johnson and Wife., Andrew Pruisner and Family., PeterPruisner and Family., Franz Tostlebe and Family.

Forsamlingshus,J. Jensen Mylund, R. Thomsen, A. S. Nielsen, P. Götke, C. H. Fechtenburg, Adam Dan, S. D. Rodholm,Rasmus
117 Coming Soon
118 Anton Syndergard and Family, Carl Henningsen and Family, Chris H. Guldager and Family, Chris Krog and Family, E.J. Thuesen and Family, Edward Holm and Wife, George Boysen and Family, Gerlow Jensen, Hans Johnson Residence, HansKelsen, Hans P. Holm and Family, J. J. Schultz, Jens J. Christensen and Family, Jorgen J. Thuesen and Family, NeilsFredericksen and Family, Niels Boysen and Family, Niels P. Miller and Family, P. J. Henningsen, Residence and Familyof J. O. Johnson, Residence of Mrs. Peter Larsen, Rev. Rasmus Jensen, W. L. Jensen
Bast, Holme, Johnson, Murphy, Volberding, Nielsen, Christensen, Jacobsen, Thuesen, Theimer, Condon, Shearn, Bagley,Buol, Campbell, Capper, Gutknecht, Jensen, Knudsen, Koch, Lorenzen, Pedersen, Philpot, Porter, Squier, Thomas,Thompson, Vought, Liebsohn, Dike City Council, High School, Catholic Church, ME Church, McKinder, Lumber Yard ofTownsend and Merrill, Porter and Campbell Lumber Yard
121 and
Adolph Steffen and Family, Barn of L.L. Bausman, Barns of Charles Schultz, C. A. Buffington and Family, C. H. Meyers,C. Hayenga, C.F. Doescher, Charles Schultz Family and Home, Christian Trepp and Family, Church of the EvangelicalAssociation, City Council of Morrison, D. E. Aukes and Family, D.E. Aukes,Dike School Board, Dr. W. N. Moffet,Edze B. Aukes and Family, F. H. Linder and Family, H. C. Buffington and Family, H.L. Henningsen and Family, HeikoJ. Muller and Family, Helena Falk, Henry Bulthuis, Henry H. Dekker, Home of John H. Bonn, J. H. McKinder, JohannaDekker, John W. Dewand Family, Mr and Mrs Haje Kruse and daughters, Mr and Mrs Niels A. Nelson, Mrs R.J. Lindaman,Mrs. C. Hayenga, O. W. Downey and Family, Otto Renken and Family, Residence and Family of James L. Doorley, Residenceof Barney Hook, Residence of F.C. Eberline, Residence of H.A. Schuck, Residence of Helmer deBerg, Residence ofHenry Hook, Residence of Henry Mahanke, Residence of L.L. Bausman, Residence of Mr and Mrs Fred Lüdemann,Residence of T. D. Murphy, Sons of Haje Kruse, Stephen Doorley and Wife, W. H. Philpot.
Andrew Stork and Family, Barn of D.H. Dieken, Ben Ackerman and Wife, C. L O. Robinson and Wife, Callahan BrothersResidence, Cara Brewer and Family, Charles L. Conradi and Family, Chris Neessen Farm, Chris Neessen Residence,D.H. Dieken Residence, Dave Marks, G. M. Bakker and Wife, G. W. Thorndike, H. E. De Buhr and Family, H. F. Mahankeand Family, Heye Dieken and Wife.
Imported Percheron Stock Farm, J. H. Dieken and Family.
James Mooty Residence, Jesse Whiting, John A. Thompson and Family, John Copley and Wife, Jurgen Bruns and Wife.
Klaus J. Muller and Family, L. J. Morrison, Lars Sorenson and Family, M.E. Hunter and family, Mathias Benz andWife, Otto Dirks and Family, Residence of Geo and Renko Schmidt, Residence of J. H. Dieken, Residence of R.W. Geiter,Residence of W.A. Meyer, Rev. J. B. De Beer, Sons of John Schultz, Theo Schaa Residence, Thomas Mooty and Wife,William Buchan, Wumke Wumkes

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