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Grundy County Iowa


Grundy County, Iowa

Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Ackley Christian Reformed Church 423323N 0925800W Aplington
Alice Church 421838N 0925259W Ivester
Assembly of God Church 421334N 0925205W Conrad East
Bethany Presbyterian Church 422143N 0924603W Grundy Center
Colfax Center Church 422542N 0924940W Holland
Conrad United Methodist Church 421338N 0925221W Conrad East
East Friesland Church 422908N 0930016W Steamboat Rock
First Baptist Church 422134N 0924533W Grundy Center
First Baptist Church 421924N 0923600W Reinbeck
First Christian Reformed Church 422604N 0925828W Wellsburg
First Presbyterian Church 422137N 0924627W Grundy Center
First Presbyterian Church 421328N 0925222W Conrad East
First United Presbyterian Church 421921N 0923553W Reinbeck
Holland Christian Reformed Church 422356N 0924802W Holland
Holland Reformed Church 422358N 0924735W Holland
Ivester Church 422021N 0925637W Ivester
Liberty Baptist Church 422751N 0923742W Dike
Lutheran Church 422146N 0924642W Grundy Center
Methodist Church 422138N 0924618W Grundy Center
New Life Assembly of God Church 421925N 0923558W Reinbeck
Pleasant Valley Reformed Church 422906N 0924841W Holland
Pleasant Valley U M C Church 422905N 0925404W Wellsburg
Queen of Heaven Catholic Church 421850N 0923546W Reinbeck
Reformed Church of Stout 423135N 0924243W Stout
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 422141N 0924553W Grundy Center
Saint John's Lutheran Church 422555N 0925530W Wellsburg
Saint John's Lutheran Church 421922N 0923545W Reinbeck
Saint Mary's Catholic Church 422751N 0923742W Dike
Saint Marys Church 422526N 0923534W Zaneta
Saint Paul's Church 422746N 0925312W Wellsburg
Saint Peter's Church 423010N 0925804W Aplington
Saint Peter's United Church 422605N 0925536W Wellsburg
Salem Church 423050N 0924606W Parkersburg
United Church of Christ 421926N 0923553W Reinbeck
United Methodist Church 422751N 0923742W Dike
United Methodist Church 421901N 0923601W Reinbeck
United Methodist Church 421317N 0924919W Conrad East
United Reformed Church 422600N 0925534W Wellsburg
Wellsburg Reformed Church 422604N 0925524W Wellsburg
West Freisland Presbyterian Church 423238N 0925908W Aplington
Westfriesland Church 423238N 0925903W Aplington

Source: GNIS

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