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Hancock County Iowa


First Tax Payers for Hancock County

This is a representative list of some of the earliest settlers in what is now Hancock County.
From the original tax records at the county court house the following names of the first tax payers are taken.

1859 found the following names of:

Avery, Anson Bernard, John Church, Cephas
Church, Charles Church, Orick Church, Reuben
Counsel, H. Cowen, Cornelius Cox, Abner
Gilpin, William C. Haskins, Benoni Haskins, Jessie
Hitchcock, Freeman Holway, Edward Hunt, Andrew
Hunt, David F. Irwin, Robert Louppe, George
Magill, Malcolm Magill, Thomas Overacker, Henry
Parker, Perry Rosecrans, M. P. Rother, F. M.
Stamp, Abner Wheelock, Thomas Williams, Abraham

1860 names that were added:

Gilpin, Samuel Gilpin, Stephen Pritchard, C. D.
Savogue, George Thorp, Edgar

1861 names that were added:

Brockway, H. N. Buffin, C. W. Butterfield, Andrew
Culver, B. W. Forbes, William Troy, A.

(Source: History of Winnebago County & Hancock County, Iowa, 1917)

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