Iowa Hospital For The Insane
Independence, Buchanan County

A bill providing for an additional hospital for the insane passed the General Assembly in 1878, making an appropriation for that object of $125,000. Subsequent appropriations made by succeeding Legislatures have amounted, with the sum above named, to $775,000, all of which has been expended, except the amount appropriated by the last General Assembly, 1880, amounting to $34,800. The building, when finished, will have cost $900,000, with a capacity for 600 patients. The plan of the building was made by Col. H. B. Shipman, of Madison, Wis.

Maturin L. Fisher, of Clayton Co., E. G. Morgan, of Webster Co. and Albert Clark, of Buchanan Co. were appointed Commissioners to locate and supervise the erection of the building. Mr. Clark died about a year after his appointment and Hon. Geo. W. Bemis, of Buchanan Co. was appointed to fill the vacancy.

Maturin L. Fisher died in 1879, and J. B. Case, of Floyd Co., was appointed to fill the vacancy. The Board of Commissioners of Construction is now His Excellency Gov. Jno. H. Gear, Hon. Geo. W. Bemis, Hon. E. G. Morgan, Hon. J. B. Case.

The Board of Trustees, consisting of Maturin L. Fisher. T. W. Fawcett, Dr. C. C. Parker, E. G. Morgan, Geo. W. Bemis. Mrs. P. A. Appellnan and Rev. Jno. M. Boggs, met for the first time July 10, 1872, and organized by electing Maturin L. Fisher, President, Jno. M. Boggs, Secretary, and Geo. W. Bemis, Treasurer. The Board met Oct. 2d. Dr. Jno. G. House, in the meantime, had been appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Rev. Jno. M. Boggs. He was appointed Secretary by the Board.

Dr. A, Reynolds was at this meeting appointed Superintendent, Geo. Josselyn, Steward, Mrs. Anna B. Josselyn, Matron. The Hospital was opened for patients May 1, 1873. In September of the same year Dr. Willis Butterfield was appointed Assistant Physician.

In December, 1874, Dr. Gershom H. Hill was appointed Assistant Physician, in place of Dr. Butterfield, resigned. In June, 1870, Dr. Henry G. Brainard was appointed Second Assistant Physician.

Dr. Jno. G. House, of Independence, who has served continuously since the opening of the Hospital as Trustee and Secretary, died Jan. 1, 1880, and Hon. Jed. Lake, of Independence, has just been appointed to fill the vacancy.

The Board of Trustees now consist of Hon. E. G. Morgan, President, Ft. Dodge; Hon. Lewis H. Smith, Algona; Hon. David Hammer, McGregor; Dr. S. E. Robinson, Secretary, West Union; Hon. Jed Lake, Independence.

Dr. Robinson's term of office expires July 4th, 1880, and Mrs. J. C. McKinnie, of Decorah, is appointed to fill the place.

Hon. Wm. B. Donnan, of Independence, is Treasurer.

The number of patients is 460; No. of officers and employees, 85.

Resident Officers.

A. Reynolds, M. D, Superintendent; Gershom H. Hill, M. D., First Assistant Physician; Henry G. Brainard, M. D., Second Assistant Physician; Noyes Appelman, Steward; Mrs. Lucy M. Gray, Matron.

[The Medical & Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa for 1880-1881, submitted by C. Danielson]

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