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Iowa County, Iowa


Iowa County, Iowa Cemeteries

Name Latitude Longitude
Ambrose Catholic Armah Cemetery 413153N 0921245W
Bishop Cemetery 414906N 0920130W
Brown Cemetery 414813N 0915044W
Calvary Cemetery 414345N 0921717W
Calvary Cemetery 414717N 0920315W
Campbell Cemetery 413314N 0920540W
Champion Hill Cemetery 413256N 0915452W
Clothier Cemetery 413208N 0920227W
Community Cemetery 413445N 0921255W
Conn Cemetery 415053N 0920132W
Dane Cemetery 413945N 0915637W
Dayton Cemetery 415120N 0921034W
Dedmore Cemetery 413530N 0921001W
Dover Cemetery 415030N 0921731W
Genoa Bluffs Cemetery 414140N 0920840W
German Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel Cemetery 414050N 0915457W
German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 413430N 0921601W
Harrington Cemetery 413945N 0915234W
Immanuel Cemetery 414001N 0921646W
International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 414340N 0921721W
International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 414719N 0920321W
Iowa County Home Cemetery 414115N 0920358W
Kitchen Cemetery 414525N 0920756W
Koszta Cemetery 414852N 0921208W
Kumer Cemetery 414631N 0915746W
Ladora Cemetery 414446N 0921003W
Lenox Cemetery 415049N 0915541W
Linwood Cemetery 415140N 0915320W
Longstreth Cemetery 413736N 0921517W
Maas Cemetery 414647N 0915656W
Maas Cemetery 414710N 0915902W
Maple Tree Cemetery 414640N 0920851W
McArtor Cemetery 413256N 0915311W
Millersburg Cemetery 413430N 0920921W
Mitchel Cemetery 414850N 0915931W
Mount Zion Cemetery 413155N 0921206W
Nelson Cemetery 414600N 0915951W
Niles-Sprague Cemetery 414540N 0915241W
North English Cemetery 413107N 0920512W
Norwegian Cemetery 414511N 0920023W
Oak Hill Cemetery 413912N 0915956W
Odd Fellow's Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Old Marengo Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Old Scotch Cemetery 414510N 0915731W
Piersol Cemetery 413226N 0915744W
Pilot Grove Union Cemetery 413748N 0920507W
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 414049N 0915656W
Ricord Cemetery 413515N 0915241W
Saint Bernards Cemetery 413540N 0920909W
Saint Johns Cemetery 413707N 0921507W
Saint John's German Lutheran Cemetery 414335N 0915320W
Saint Josephs Cemetery 413510N 0915942W
Saint Marys Cemetery 413909N 0915949W
Saint Michaels Catholic Cemetery 413525N 0915449W
Saint Pauls Cemetery 413905N 0915956W
Sayers Cemetery 415052N 0920930W
Seventh Day Adventist Church Cemetery 414520N 0921421W
Smith Cemetery 414026N 0921321W
Spicer-Spooner Cemetery 414540N 0915101W
Titler Cemetery 414946N 0920459W
Trinity Cemetery 414327N 0915948W
Union State Line Cemetery 432934N 0945457W
Yankee Point Cemetery 413300N 0920105W
Zion Reformed Church Cemetery 413853N 0920944W

Source: GNIS


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