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Iowa County, Iowa


Iowa County, Iowa

Name Latitude Longitude
Armah Church 413153N 0921243W
Baptist Church 414339N 0921727W
Champion Hill Church 413304N 0920218W
Christian Church 413058N 0920447W
Church of the Nazarene 414752N 0920352W
Community Church 413445N 0921257W
First Baptist Church 413050N 0920435W
First Christian Church Unknown Unknown
First Lutheran Church 414343N 0915952W
First Presbyterian Church 413940N 0920028W
Franklin Church 413134N 0915204W
Fundamental Gospel Church 414024N 0920946W
Immanuel Church 414049N 0915455W
Iowa City Bible Fellowship 414801N 0915211W
Ladora Methodist Church Unknown Unknown
Ladora Presbyterian Church Unknown Unknown
Marengo Presbyterian Church Unknown Unknown
Methodist Church 413936N 0920031W
Methodist Church 413055N 0920447W
Methodist Church 413430N 0920939W
Methodist Church 414751N 0920414W
Methodist Church 414517N 0921101W
Methodist Episcopal Church Unknown Unknown
Oak Lawn Church 414858N 0921206W
Ohio Church 414212N 0921057W
Open Bible Church 413940N 0920033W
Pleasant Grove Church 413445N 0920724W
Presbyterian Church 414752N 0920407W
Saint Bridgets Church 414354N 0921727W
St. James Episcopalian Church Unknown Unknown
Saint James Lutheran Church 414244N 0921749W
Saint Johns Church 414336N 0915322W
St. John's German Reformed Church, Marengo Unknown Unknown
Saint Johns Lutheran Church 414748N 0920411W
Saint Josephs Catholic Church 413058N 0920518W
Saint Marys Catholic Church 413934N 0920026W
Saint Patricks Church 414754N 0920429W
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Unknown Unknown
Saint Pauls Lutheran Church 413942N 0920047W
Swedenborg Church 415051N 0915544W
Trinity Church 414303N 0920728W
Trinity Lutheran Church 414343N 0915952W
United Methodist Church 414348N 0921752W
Upper Deer Creek Church 413227N 0915026W
West Union Church 413345N 0915146W
Zion Church 413852N 0920946W
Source: GNIS - Transposed by Dennis Danielson


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