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Iowa County, Iowa


Iowa County, Iowa Schools

Name Latitude Longitude
Amana Elementary School 414754N 0915352W
English Valleys Elementary School 413048N 0920448W
English Valleys Junior - Senior High School 413055N 0920516W
HLV Elementary School 414347N 0921744W
HLV Junior - Senior High School 414347N 0921744W
Iowa Valley Elementary School 414809N 0920409W
Iowa Valley Junior - Senior High School 414756N 0920403W
Ladora Public Schools Unknown Unknown
Lutheran Interparish School 413929N 0920034W
Mary Welsh Elementary School 413940N 0920141W
Millersburg Elementary School 413418N 0920939W
North Pilot School 414028N 0920728W
Saint Johns School 413722N 0921511W
Williamsburg Elementary School 413940N 0920025W
Williamsburg Junior / Senior High School 413947N 0920110W
Source: GNIS - Submitted by Dennis Danielson


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