Iowa Union Medical Society

This Association convened at Lisbon, Iowa on June 1st, 1875. Dr. G.L. Carhart, President, in the chair.

Upon motion of Dr. Edes, Drs. J. Dolan, M. Cook and W.T. Plumb were appointed a committee to investigate charges against Dr. Owen, of Marion, for violating the code of ethics, by preparing and selling secret medicines and advertising the same in newspapers, etc. Committee reported the charges sustained, and upon the call for the ayes and nays, Dr. Owen was expelled from the society.

Dr. Burd made an interesting report of a case of vesico-vaginal fistula following instrumental delivery, and also of polypus of the uterus successfully removed. On motion of Dr. Skinner, the society tendered Dr. Burd a vote of thanks for his report.

Dr. Skinner, of Cedar Rapids, reported cases in which ext. of ergot and solution of ergotine had been used hypodermically with gratifying results in post-partum hemorrhage, menorrhagis, etc. Also the successful treatment of a fibroid tumor of the uterus by the same method.

Dr. Boyd gave an account of a case of hematuria treated successfully by means of large and often repeated injections of astringents and cold water.

Dr. H. Ristine read an able essay on “conservatism in Surgery” giving a large number of statistics and proving by an array of figures that the surgeon of to-day is much less destructive than those of former years, and many limbs are now saved that formerly would have been sacrificed to the knife.

Dr. Carhart gave an account of a case of gangrene which he thought might have been caused by the prolonged use of ergot.

Dr. J.R. Kinney reported cases of bronchocele and nasal polypus successfully treated by the hypodermic injection of iodine.

The secretary read a letter from Dr. A Reynolds, of the insane hospital at Indepence, regretting his inability to be present, and upon motion he was unanimously requested to be present at the next meeting of the society, with an essay on “Medical and Home Treatment of the Insane.”

Also a letter from Dr. Keith, of Mathew’s C. H., V.A., enclosing some recipes from a dispensatory a century and a half old, that if not valuable in a scientific point of view, afforded no little amusement.

The annual election of officers resulted as follows:

President – Dr. M. Merdith, Vinton
First Vice President – Dr. J.S. Love, Springville
Second Vice President – Dr. Carson, Mt. Vernon
Secretary – Dr. Skinner, Cedar Rapids
Treasurer – Dr. Carhart, Mt. Vernon

[The Medical and Surgical Reporter, Philadelphia, August 21, 1875. D.G. Brinton, M.D., Editor.
Transcribed & submitted by Linda Rodriguez]

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