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Jackson County, Iowa was formed December 21, 1837;
it was named after U.S. President Andrew Jackson and
is located in Eastern Iowa bordering the Mississippi River.


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Andrew -- Baldwin -- Bellevue -- La Motte

Maquoketa (county seat) -- Miles -- Monmouth -- Preston

Sabula -- St. Donatus -- Spragueville -- Springbrook -- Zwingle

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Latest Updates:

OBITS: John Streets
DIVORCE: Jennie Mae Springer Bremmer and Arthur H. Bremmer
HISTORY: Reminiscences - Old Log Houses
NEWS-BIRTHS: Warren Harding Redmond, Mary Magdeline Schulte, Cecilia Bickford Schmidt, Homer Moore, Jr.
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. J. W. Mack, J. T. Ayres, A. B. Bowen, Mildred Poole, Julia Truax, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bean
NEWS-CRIME: George Patterson, 1923-Joseph Kelso Indicted, Chester Correll Shoots Former Wife

OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - Henry Collinson, Philip Albery, Patrick Brennan, Mary L. G. Barker, Sophia Becker
OBITS: Mrs. John Said, Pheobe Sweesey, Mrs. S. A. Shattuck, Ansel P. Simpson
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. M. Barker, Mrs. B. J. McDonald, Addison Drake, Fred Gurius, Marion Erb

DIRECTORIES: 1908-Maquoketa Residents Aged 70 and Up
MILITARY: 1909-Veteran Reunion, bio for Andrew Clark
OBITS: William Orr - Contributed by Ken Wright
OBITS: Mary E. Briggs, Adelia Barnes, Fredrick C. Bauman, H. W. Beidler, Chas. Becker, Isaac Barrett, Alfred Barrows, Anna E. Benjamin, W. E. Richardson, F. N. Rhodes, Eliza Reeves, Calvin L. Ripple, Sarah J. Ripperton, William Richardson, Harvey Reid (2), John Cook, Mary E. Carnahan, John Abrams, Mrs. Chas. Follett, George W. Vine
HISTORY: Reminiscences of Anna Wilson, Charles Wyckoff
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1868-Sheriff and deputy killed at Alma Iowa, 1860-Two girls hang themselves
NEWS-VISITS: Eben B. Allen, Curtain Landis, Florence Lovejoy, Ruby Lovejoy, Sterling Lovejoy, Mrs. M. Majors, Walter Purling, Burr Van Schrader, Jessie Scott, Joseph Glanant Morgan
NEWS-BIRTHS: Frances Joseph Thomas Wall, Lester William Meyers, John Peter Sprank, Kathleen Fern Stuart, Edward William Marburger
PEOPLE E. H. Levsen, A. D. Lawrence, P. L. Lake, John Leslie
TOWNSHIPS The Settlement of Brandon Township
CRIME Jack Preston, Elam Rulston, Fred Kelsal
COURT Fletcher vs. McCarron, Leonard D. Wherry, 1921-New Cases Court, 1874-Saloon Lawsuit

OBITS: George C. Heberling, Catherine Campbell, Florian Schmidt, Clara Catharine Whitley, John Carter, Mary E. Seamonds, Anita Maxine Sutton, Abraham Degear, Triatje De Fries, Joseph Friedmann, Malachi Gleason, Anita M. Schmidt, Mary Rhodes, M. W. Rhodes, Fannie M. Haight, Olinda Hackman, Nancy Porter, Dennis Pool, Emma Bohnson, Alvina Broderson, George Watters, Sr., H. A. Warren, J. C. Murray, Michael Mahony - contributed by Ken Wright.
QUERIES: Elijah Clark Mears and Sally "Caroline" (Averill) Balcomb Mears
MILITARY-PENSIONS: German S. Wright, Joseph Anderson, Jacob Lay, Martin J. Esty, Isaac B. Smith, John Niblock, Mary-Mother of Harrison W. Day, Jacob Babcock, Frederick Miller, T. W. Morgan, S. J. Palmer, F. Tionan, S. Atherton, W. C. Morden
OBITS: Mabel Miller, Dee V. Miller, Margaret Morrow, Leroy Manderscheid, Elizabeth Manders, Veronica Manders, Erich Manders, Raymond Markus, Frank C. Montgomery, Edith Majors, Mrs. Miller, Frank P. Mitchell, Hugh Means, W. B. Hunter, Susanna Buchner Martin, Mrs. Eliza McMeans, Emma P. Sisler Miller, Thomas McMurray
PEOPLE: J. E. Shannon (2), Myrl Sizer, J. T. Sargent, R. M. Stockey, Mrs. Frank Sears, George F. Sexton, H. B. Sessions, W. M. Stephens, William N. McClintock, Lulu Moulton, J. B. Murray With Howard Phillips, Mrs. Murray & Eleanor Mathias, The Chester Turney Saga from imprisonment to release and more.
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1882-Train Fares
MARRIAGES: Woods-Richardson, Levsen-French, Cavin-Rowley, Morton-Edwards, Wilcox-Longman, Lambert-Seidlinger, Lawrence-Stewart, Lovejoy-Wherry

JULY 2015
OBITS: Nicholas Kieffer, Mrs. J. P. Davis, Benjamin B. Wynkoop, John Moran - contributed by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Walter Kerns
WILLS & PROBATE: S. M. Shattuck
NEWS-TEMPERANCE: Elizabeth Eugelker
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1894-Robbers Arrested, 1906-Oil Excitement, 1876-Plenty of saloons
CHURCHES: 1910-Methodist Revival, 1906 M.E. Conference
NEWS-ILLNESS: Monroe Shoup, Harriet Raab, Gertrude O'Niel, Henry Hoerschlman, Fred Giesel, Schaefer Boy, Cecilia Schmidt, Mrs. John Loewen
BIRTHS: Helen Maria Shrig

JUNE 2015
CEMETERIES: Codfish Hollow Cemetery-25 burials
NEWS-VISITS: Hattie Grant, W. W. Tannery, A. D. Lawrence, Mrs. Dr. Loose, Kate Covell, B. F. Thomas, Laura Smith, Mrs. W. S. Goodenow, C. Gallagher, Anderson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905-Storks High Record, 1883 Religion and Politics . . .
OBITS: Chris Wurster, Edward Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Hugo White, Wynkoop Son, Alfred Wright, C. Wynkoop, Mrs. Charles Wyckoff, Josiah Wittemore, Philip Potter, Mary Weber
OBITS: Henry W. Foster contributed by Dwight Furleigh
NEWS-BIRTHDAYS ETC.: Raymond Family, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lawrence
BIO: Harrison Holt
MILITARY: Civil War Bios - Michael Malony, George William Macomber, DeForest B. Marikle, George W. Pate, John A. Wright, George Prussia
MARRIAGES: Harrison-Lutz, Dell-Priaux, Bailey-Cunningham, Pease-Edwards
NEWS-PEOPLE: Annie R. Avery, Jerome Allen, Archie Banks, Otto Breeden, John W. Campbell, John Coverdale
BIRTH-NEWS: Burleson, Ernest, Till, Babcock, Newcomer
QUERIES: Sarah Foster, Jessee Sparks

MAY 2015
OBITS: A. B. Dobson, Jacob Vicks, John T. Nicholson, Melvin Meloy, Hannah Burns, John C. Werden, Mrs. John Seimmers, G. E. Seeber, Mary O'Donnell, O. E. Elithorpe, Viola Charlene Duhme, Patrick Dwyer, Margaret Wacker, Charles Weede, Aaron Hute, Esther Doty Hoovler, John Heath, Nicholas Remakel - submitted by Ken Wright
OBITS: Nathan Balch, Gladys Banghart, Dwight Comstock, Mary Jane Twiss, Mary E. Ames Rigby, Lavina Listen Roush, Theodore Roorick, Mrs. George Rathbun, Eva Green Ryan; George A. Smith, Willis A. Rice, L. M. Rice
MILITARY: WWI News of John J. Ingalls
MARRIAGES: Graaff-Clark, Klein-Deyen
NEWS-VISITS: James Tilton, Glen Ponsler, Flora Streets, J. Prindle, Mrs. W. T. Smith, Mrs. W. S. Graham
NEWS-CRIME: Chester Correll Jailed.
CHURCHES: 1909 Congregational News
QUERIES: Sisler Diary has been reunited with Sisler relatives!!! McCard Query.

APRIL 2015
OBITS: Eliza Wilson, Napolean E. Austin, Lillian Spoo, Rev. Robert Holzhammer, John Welsh - Submitted by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Frank C. Alling, Catherine Herrig, John Herrig, Clara Hoffmann, Sidney Hobbs, Mary Victoria Horan, Henry Hodges, E. A. Huff, Bert House, R. W. Henry, Henry Bull Hammond, M. Hoffman
NEWS-VISITING RELATIVES: Harry Reigart, W. P. Nims, Helen Hurst, Verna Walter, Ross Williams, Robert Davenport, Henry Atzen, Mrs. John Applegate, Earl Eminger, John H. Meyer, Ruth Morey, Oscea Goodnow, Curtis Landis, Christa Pence, W. T. Pence, Mrs. J. M. Swikart, W. B. Swigart, Clyde Tilton, George Walker, Catherine Wilms, F. L. Huff
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Iowa Firemen's Tournament, 1903-Town Flooded, 1901-Death Threatened, 1912-Flood Receding, 1870-Too Many Potatoes, 1912-Higher Saloon License
MARRIAGES: Campbell-Swigart, Emerson-Dixon, Smith-Suthers, Miley-Pence, Wells-Haight
NEWS-CRIME: 1926-War on Bootleggers - submitted by Ken Wright

MARCH 2015
BIOS: Eben W. Martin, William Trout
OBITS: Sarah Cort, Nathan E. Corbett, Sophia Moltzen, Keeney Family, Ida E. Hull, Eva Hall, Homer V. Butt, Mabel Chrest, Jerry Downey, Mary B. Goucher, Stephen Schwager, Carrie Wilke - Submitted by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Henry Corbisler, W. F. Comer, Lena Cowing, Mrs. Thomas Dow, A. J. Dougherty, Tom Dinnen, Thomas Dow
PEOPLE: Jesse Franklin Perkins, Mrs. E. W. Pfeiffer, Benjamin Phelps, Elizabeth Manders, J. P. Manders, Charles Nigg
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1866-Jackson County Republican Convention, 1895-Jackson County Republicans, 1895-party changes
NEWS-VISITING RELATIVES: Mrs. W. D. Hiner, Hugh Barnes, H. R. Crawford, J. W. Ellis, A. J. House, W. H. Keeley, Mrs. W. T. Lushbaugh, G. L. Mitchell, Virginia Mann, Mrs. Helen Sleigh, Dee Struthers, A. S. Chase
NEWS-FIRES: 1920-L.B. McDonald Fire Scare, 1920-Clarence Sackrider Fire

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