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Jackson County, Iowa was formed December 21, 1837;
it was named after U.S. President Andrew Jackson and
is located in Eastern Iowa bordering the Mississippi River.

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Our glossary word of the month is - "MOBOCRACY"

. . . Rule or domination by the masses.
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Cities and Towns

Andrew -- Baldwin -- Bellevue -- La Motte
Maquoketa -- Miles -- Monmouth -- Preston
Sabula -- St. Donatus -- Spragueville -- Springbrook -- Zwingle

Abandonded Towns and Post Offices of Jackson County

County Seat is Maquoketa, Iowa


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Latest Updates:

JULY 2014
CENSUS: 1850 Census, 2 Pages, Richland Township.
NEWS - BUSINESSES: Harris Opera House, D. O. Shaw, Northrup & Glaser, B. G. Haskell
LANDOWNERS: Over 3,400 Landowners in 1878 from Jackson County Gazetteer.
OBITS: George Dyas
QUERIES: Charles N. Sisler's diary discovered at an antique store.

JUNE 2014
BIOS: O. W. Joiner, George O. Johnson, M. D., August Kahler, G. E. Kegley, Walter C. Kelso, Arthur Kucheman, Gasper William Knapstein, O. C. Kucheman, George F. Kranz, Frank P. Kirk, John Krumvieda, William S. Keeley, Joseph Kueter, J. N. Kieffer, Winfield S. Kellogg, Hans Koll, John and Michael Kilburg, John H. Krumvieda, Henry Krabbenhoft, Nicholas Kass, John F. Kunau, Lucius T. Kimball, Detlef Kirchhoff, John Kurt, Nick G. Kilburg, Charles F.Kukkuck, Louis Kunkel, John Kilmo, Henry Klemme, William Laing, Thomas J. Lambe, Perry Lamborn, Frank Laffey, L. L. Littlefield, John Lundin, John Lenz, Thomas Lambert, William L. Mangler, H. R. Miller, Mike J. McLaughlin, W. C. Martin, Hans Mohr, John N. Manderscheid, William Moran, Milo W. Moulton, M. D., John H. Miller, Samuel McNeil, John Merkle, Francis Thomas McGovern, Xavier Mueller, George Meyer, George H. McClellan, Frederick Mohr, James McKitterick, Henry Mildenstein, Robert McVey, Charles W. Miller
DEATHS: Over 1400 Death Records from 1931 through 1937.
TOWNS: La Motte History, Maquoketa News - barber request.

MAY 2014
BIOS: Orson F. Osburn; C. H. Patterson, Jr.; Lyman Bradley Parshall; Sherman Paup; A. M. Phillips; Henry Prusia; Kim Robinson; Michael Regenwether; J. M. Ryan; John Reistroffer; William Reel; Claus Ringen; Mortimer Rice; John D. Streets; William M. Schoop; Willard Buchanan Swigart; G. A. Otto Schmidt; Floyd L. Sunderlin; Ralph Stinton; John H. Schroder; Fritz Staemmele; Henry Schaper; Asa Struble; A. F. Schmidt; H. W. Sanger; Edward Sommers; Frederick H. Storm; Robert Swan; Riley Struble; Isaac B. Smith; E. M. Stoll
NEWS - BUSINESSES: Field & Sutherland, John Whitfield, Spencer & Knittle, N. A. Hamley, W. M. Stephens, T. E. Cannell, C. M. Sandborn, G. S. Martin, H. B. French, A. Hurst, M. Majors, Trout & Munger, S. Williams, William Sears, John Dostol, C. C. Young, M. Rice, A. Fellows, King Steear, Louis Cohn, Arthur Nott, Poff & Nickerson, S. T Holmes, Tinker Bros., Gurius Bros., N. F. Bechtel, R. N. Blair, G. W. Barrett, Mott Watson, D. P. Smith, H. H. Griffin, Dalzel & Calverwell, G. F. Bradley, P. N. Kimball, Henry & Wynkoop, A. J. Dorchester & Co., J. G. Wilson, W. W. Wilson, J. P. Roche, J. P. Mann, Dierkes & Rolling, Ambrose Breese, A. W. Weber, Kegler & Weinschenk, W. O. Evans, F. C. Young & Co., R. A. Schroeder, C. E. Chandler, P. G. Stiles, J. C. Day, Harvey Reid, O. W. Heynen, Legg & Allen, G. W. Kelsall, U. V. Atkinson, D. A. Waterman, W. A. McCarty, Mrs. D. C. Mishler, A. B. Lake, Barnes & Brundage, James Scholl, Day & Hobart, Henry Specht, Henry Thill, John Peters, J. S. Prior
CHURCHES: St Paul's - La Motte
OBITS: Contributed by Jim Dezotell - - Asa T. Hunt
OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - - Helen Head, Mary Anna Kirsch, Henry Hagedorn, George Cooper, Sr., A. W. Kegler, Clyde L. Van Patten, Hannah Barrows Lyman, Carlton Harford, Louis Hoerschelman, George Krumviede, Lotus Schwartz, Sr., Basil Tracy, Cora Evans, Matthias Goetz, Sr., Reuben P. Conery, Milo J. Doyle, W. P. Markland
TOWNS: Old Towns Histories Canton, Fulton, Ozark and Van Buren. 1878 Histories of each Jackson County town.

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